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Posted By Topic: book review-at-tuwayjeree's radd on aboo bakr al-jazaa'iree

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Asslaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaah,

Allaah reward you, Yaa Abaa 'Ubaydah, for this extremely important and beneficial topic you have uniquely chosen.

Wassallaam 'alaykum.

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JazaakAllaahu Khayran for this beneficial series, Yaa Abaa `Ubaidah. Look forward to more reviews. If you were to make the reviews slightly lengthier and also give the translations of the titles in full (such as in the reviews for Shaykh Fawzee's books), it will prove more beneficial inshaaAllaah.


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section two - reviews

I?ve put the reviews in this section as I did not notice it last time and all future articles to do with gaining knowledge will, inshallaah, be posted here.
The aim here is that students of knowledge can see what is available and for them to cut the info and paste it onto a ?salafi booklist file?.
Contributions can be sent to me; amrbasheer at

3-Tanbeehaat ala risaalatayn
by shaikh hamoud at-tuwayjereee rahimullaah. 48 pages, 1405/al-ma?aarif, Riyadh.
He goes through two books of aboo bakr al-jazaairee and discusses his mistakes, mainly in aqeedah, and hadeeth. The first radd is on 'ahaadeeth an-nabawiyyah ash-shareefah fi a?aajeeb al-mukhtaraat al-hadeethiyah' [hadeeth about today?s amazing inventions] and the second radd is on 'al-luqtaat fi bad maa dhahara lilsaa?ah min alaamaa' [what we can understand from some of the signs of the last hours]. He mentions his baseless understanding exposing his ignorance on hadeeth and its sciences, false manhaj in tafseer, ignorance of the sunnah, ta?wel of the matters of the unseen and where he agreed with the jahmiyya in a issue.

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