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Posted By Topic: Shaikh al-uthaymeen?s advice on how to utilise books and to collect them

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In his book ?kitaab ul-ilm? the shaikh, rahimullaah mentioned 3 points on how to utilise books. Here are the titles for each point, which can be referred to for details [pages 87-89].

1-knowing its content

2-knowing its terminology

3-knowing its style and mode of expression

then he mentions that the study of books may consist of either two points [89-90],

1-to read carefully with reflection and trying to understand or

2-to find a certain piece of information [by going through the book quickly to see what it contains]  

then he mentions [89] how important it is for the student of knowledge to collect books starting with the most important ones in relation to their subject.
Aboo ubaidah

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