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Posted By Topic: Book review-2 books by shaikh ahmed ash-shihee and 1 by shaikh saalih al-bakree on manhaj

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7-al-wasaayaa as-sanayyah lil-taa?ibeen ila as-salafiyyah.
الوصايا السنية التائبين إلى السلفية
By shaikh ahmed bin Muhammad ash-shihee
43 pages, 1422/al-furqan

the shaikh says that he has noticed many people, who have made tawbah from being upon the manhaj of the ahl ul-bidah and hizbiyyeen, still carry many doubts, errors and confused ideas. So he decided to write this piece of advice which was checked by shaikh rabee? and shaikh abd ul-maalik ar-ramadaanee.
In it, he advises them to thank Allaah, then to seek knowledge starting with the fundamentals of ahl us-sunnah. Then to take this knowledge from those who are known to be upon the sunnah and to return the difficult affairs always to the senior scholars.

8-hiwaar hadi ma?a ikhwaanee
حوار هادئ مع إخواني
By shaikh ahmed bin Muhammad ash-shihee and introduction by shaikh muqbil bin haadee, rahimullaah.
75 pages, 1415/no publisher mentioned [I think it is from yemen]

In this book the shaikh has written advice directed towards an ikhwaanee, who is going with the ikhwaan muslimeen, being hidden from the reality of their falsehood and who generally agrees with ahl ul-sunnah in aqeedah and manhaj. So he brings all the arguments and proofs for this type of individual in order for him to see the truth and then to abandon this group.
He talks about the condition of its leaders, its hizbiyyah and the portrayed secrecy behind the organization. Then he mentions how to reply to their doubts and lastly he brings some rulings from shaikh al-albaanee and shaikh ibn baaz, rahihumullaah.

9-fasl al-khitaab fi at-tahdheer min fitnah taddud al-jamaa?aat wa al-ahzaab
فصل الخطاب في التحذير من فتنة تعدد الجماعات والأحزاب
By shaikh saalih bin abdullaah al-bakree
79 pages, 1420/daar al-haramayn

he brings proofs from the quraan, the sunnah and the statements of the companions, warning against splitting and differing and adhering to one group, the jamaa?ah. he mentions in the introduction that there are 3 types of differing and one of them is forbidden. Then mentions what is the jamaa?ah and the reasons why people split from the jamaa?ah.

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