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Posted By Topic: Books recommended by Shaikh muqbil bin hadi for the beginner

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The shaikh was asked [in his book ?tuhfat ul-mujeeb? p.156], which books should a student of knowledge begin with, then after, he wants to widen his study.

He answered by saying,

the books, which a student of knowledge, who is a beginner, should start reading with [if he can read and write well] are,
Fath ul-majeed sharh kitaab ut-tawheed, which is a mighty book
Aqeedat ul-waasitiyyah by shaikh ul-islaam ibn taymiyyah
Qawl ul-mufeed by our brother Muhammad bin abd ul-wahaab al-wasaabee
Bulugh al-maraam
Riyaadh us-saaliheen
When you have read these books you yourself will crave for more.
If you could, start with the memorization of the qur?aan, and this more good and desirable. As for the issue, regarding the Arabic language, for our foreign brothers, then it is very important. If there is a foreign person who does not speak the Arabic language well, then a person may come to him in his Islamic appearance and then he begins to explain the qur?aan to him other than how it ought to be. as happened with the mu?tazilah.

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