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Posted By Topic: Lessons in the manners of seeking knowledge-Point 2

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Point 2 ? having taqwaa of Allaah is the key to knowledge

Allaah says,
O you who believe, if you have taqwaa of Allaah, He will grant you a furqaan

ibn katheer said;
muhammad bin ishaaq said, ?furqaan? it is to distinguish between the truth and falsehood.

Aboo anas said;
If one has taqwaa of Allaah by carrying out Allaah?s orders and to leave off what he has told us to abandon, [ab- which is the definition of taqwaa], then he will be blessed with the ability to understand the difference between truth and falsehood.

Imaam maalik said to as-shaafi?ee when they met for the first time;
Indeed I see that Allaah has put light into your heart so do not extinguish it with the darkness of disobedience.

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