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Posted By Topic: Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis - Recommendations

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unspecified unspecified (Birmingham, UK)
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Subhanallah, it may not be hidden to you my brothers and sisters that those who come with the whisperings of the devils who hide behind nicknames on websites, these unknown slanderers and tale-carriers who attack the honor of the people of sunnah and salafiyyah and accuse them of unthinkable evils have found a home in the hearts of some who are weak amongst us. This has hurt us much but all praise is due to Allah our brothers are doing an excellent job of repelling this evil and enlightening them as is evident on salafitalk:

I want to bring to your attention some lies that have been spread on the net by some UNKNOWNS who do not have any shame.

The slander that I want to unveil is a lie that has been spread for sometime by the unknowns that our brother Abu Hakeem is not recognised as a student of knowledge by the scholars of Madeenah. Bearing in mind that our brother Abu Hakeem has studied under the scholars of Madeenah for 10 years.

Anyone who attends the live-links with the scholars at masjid as-salafi will know the respect the scholars have for our brother Abu Hakeem. How many a times we hear our Shaykh, Shaykh Ubaid al-Jaabiree referring to Abu Hakeem as my student and companion  as the saying of the Arab goes she accused me of having her illness then she departed! Allahul mustaan.

Just to put those lies to an end I would like to quote some of the recommendations that our brother Abu Hakeem Bilaal has had with him for many years but has kept to himself.

They were written by these scholars while our brother was still a student in the university and it was requested of him to support an application he made for a family related issue with recommendations from scholars.

The point I wish to highlight is the falsehood of those who say he is unknown to the scholars or he is not known with the scholars to be a student of knowledge

The brother was reluctant to give me access to them but I see that it is important that people know of them.  If anyone wants to see the original, handwritten recommendations please contact Abu Hakeem.

Shaykh Abdur-Razaaq bin Abdul-Muhsin al-Badr

Indeed the brother Bilal Abu Hakeem is from those who I taught in his second year in the Faculty of Hadeeth and I see he is deserved of being helped

Shaykh Ubaid al-Jaabiree

To whom it may concern&Indeed Bilal Abu Hakeem is known to us for having good character and mannerism and being upon uprightness upon the Sunnah

Shaykh Muhammed ibn Haadi al madkhali

Indeed our brother for the sake of Allah Bilal Abu Hakeem is from the brothers that I have known from Britain and I have likewise taught him in his third year of study in the Faculty of Hadeeth in the Islamic University.  He is a student of Knowledge who has good character and religion and he is from those who deserve to be aided

Shaykh Ibraheem Ruhaily

Indeed the brother the Student Bilal Abu Hakeem who is of British nationality is from the students of knowledge who are well known to me as he was from those who used to arrange my duroos in sharhus-sunnah of Barbahaari. Just as he is in contact with me from time to time.  Indeed, I have found him to be a student of knowledge who is ardent about seeking knowledge who adorns himself with noble Islamic manners alongside being established upon the Manhaj as-Salafi inshallah. This is how I see him&

Shaykh Abdul Maalik Al Ramadhaanee

Indeed the student&.Davis Abu Hakeem Bilal who is of British nationality is from Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jamaaah and a possessor of good manners  this is what is apparent to me over the period of time he has frequented me&

The above will suffice but our brother Abu Hakeem Bilaal has many more recommendation stretching over 8 years.

We do not say that he (Abu Hakeem) is shaykh ul-Islaam but we say as the scholars have stated  a student of knowledge who is ardent about seeking knowledge who adorns himself with noble Islamic manners alongside being established upon the Manhaj as-Salafi inshallah. And all praise is due to Allah the All-Knowing All-Hearing.

Written by Abu Habibah Raashid bin Ali

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unspecified unspecified (Birmingham, UK)
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I would like to add to the above what our brother Abu Hakeem wrote before in the post re: Shaykh Ubayd

Abu Hakeem stated:

"To add to the list of books mentioned earlier that our shaikh has taught, during the time that i made mulaazama of the shaikh in Madina(from 1994 till 2004)while i was studying in the university, our shaikh taught the following:

1.Sharhus sunnah of imaam barbahaari more than once
2.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of sharh usool i'tiqaad ahlus sunnati wal jamaa'ah of al-lalakaa'ie
3.As sunnah of Ibn abee 'aasim
4.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of Al Ibaanatul kubraa of Ibn Battah
5.Mukhtasir saheeh muslim
6.Umdatul ahkaam more than once
7.Al 'Udah in Fiqh.
9.Qasbus sukr in Mustalah(science of hadeeth)
10 Talkheesul hamawiyah
11.Fathul majeed (the explanation of kitaabut tawheed) more than once
12.Lumatul i'tiqaad of ibn qudaama
13.Vol 1 of sharh ibn 'Aqeel (The explanation of Alfiyah ibn maalik) in nahw (arabic grammer)
14. The masaa'il and rasaa'il of Imaam Ahmad
15.'Al Mudhakirrah (in usoolul fiqh) of Sh Muhammad Ameen Ash-Shanqitee

To name but a few, and even though our shaikh at that time was the only one teaching these great works, the like of which any sunni taalib ilm would race to attend...none of them were anywhere to be seen!

And to add insult to injury... they were similarly not present at the circles of the scholars we hear them now extolling the virtues of!

They were not in sh Abdul muhsin's explanation of sunan an nasaa'ie or his explanation of sunan abi daawood neither were they present at the circles of shaikhunaa Ali naasir al faqeehi, his explanation of al aqeedatut tahaawiyah in the masjid of the university (As sunnah of ibn abi aasim and kitaabul imaan of ibn mandah and tafseer as sa'dee and others in the prophets masjid) except rarely!

Similarly the duroos of Shaikanaa Rabee' ibn Haadi in his home in Madina (before the shaikh moved to Makka) Kitaabut tawheed, Nuzhatun nadhar of Haafidh ibn Hajr (science of hadeeth), Mukhtasir Zaadul ma'aad of ibnil qayyim/Muhammad ibn abdil wahaab, Waabilus sayib of ibnil qayyim...absent!

Our sittings with Shaikhanaa Hamaadul Ansaari in his library, the duroos of Sh Muhammad Haadi, the sharh of Sunan Abi Daawood, and Tafseerul qur'aan of Shaikh 'Umar Fallaata...ghaa'ibeen!

Yet Yaasir Qaadhi (a former classmate of mine and one i debated with some 12 or so years ago on more than one occasion, in class and outside of class about the very same issues we read in his recent bayaan) when he started a circle in his house they attended regularly!

So it is not a shock to us that we hear of these disparaging remarks concerning our shaikh (Hafidhahul maulaa wa ra'aahu) because it is clear from their track record that the scholars to them are nothing but a utility, the one that supports them is the 'aalimul kabeer' and 'imaamul jaleel' and given titles like 'his eminence' and the one who goes against them is not from the kibaar, oh in fact not a scholar at all, in fact when did he even become a student of knowledge! even if he has been commissioned with being the head of the fatwa committee of Madina!

We ask Allah to protect us from the following of Hawaa, the like of which leads to this type of extreme, indiscriminate, venom spitting oppression, filled with Ghuloo(extremism) on the one hand and negligence on the other, that they ironically accuse us of!"

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unspecified unspecified (Manchester, UK)
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