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Posted By Topic: Who says Shaykh Ubayd has no recommendations?!

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Ash-Shaykh Falaah bin Ismaa'eel al-Mundikaar

Replies To Those Who Attack
Ash-Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Question: Some of the people speak ill and defame our Shaykh, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree and say that, ?He is not from the major Scholars? and that ?in fact, he is not from the Scholars at all? and ?He doesn?t have any recommendations from the Fatwaa Committee? and so on?

So what is your advice to us and to them?

Some Points From The Answer:

?If you were from the people that has some ?aql, we?re not speaking about virtue, but just ?aql, intellect then you would know about that which you are saying about Shaykh ?Ubayd.?

?If you were a person of intellect you would have sufficed to say that ?He does not have a recommendation from the Lajnah committee? but the fact that your saying that, ?He is not from the Ulamaa?. This is a ruling and a judgement upon him from yourself, and who are you to judge and pass a ruling upon our Shaykh, Shaykh ?Ubayd.?

?This statement of yours don?t forget that it is going to be written, as Allaah, The Most High has mentioned:


So Allaah is going to question you about this statement of yours about the Shaykh, and this verdict that you have passed upon the Shaykh (that he is not from the Ullamah)      


So prepare for yourself an answer for that day, prepare for yourself an answer for that day that you are going to be questioned regarding your statement concerning Shaykh Ubayd and how you passed this judgement upon him.?

?Concerning Shaykh Ubayd then it is sufficient for you to ask the Scholars that are present today, the likes of Shaykh Rabee? and others from amongst the Scholars. Likewise, what the Scholars that have passed away have said concerning Shaykh Ubayd, the likes of ash-Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaari, Shaykh ibn Baaz??

?He is from the first of those who graduated from the Islamic University of Madeenah. When the Islamic University was first opened and Shaykh Ibn Baaz was in charge, and the likes of Muhammad Ameen ash-Shanqeeti and al-Albaani were teaching, he was from those that graduated under the likes of these Scholars??

?As far as the Fatwaa Committee recommending the Shaykh, then if you have something by way of intellect and you have Taqwaa, then when you here what I am about to say you will return from what you have said about the Shaykh. Shaykh Ubayd was the head of the Fatwaa Committee?s department for ?Islamic Verdicts and Research? in Madeenah for a period over 10 years! The Fatwaa Committee in Riyaadh has a department in Madeenah that was established by Shaykh Abdul Azeez bin Baaz, and Shaykh Ubayd was the Head of that section for over ten years. So who put him in charge? Was it you or was it Shaykh ibn Baaz?! So is that a recommendation or not a recommendation? Is Shaykh ibn Baaz going to put someone in charge that doesn?t deserve it? Ask yourself, do you have a recommendation from the Fatwaa committee or from Shaykh Ibn Baaz?...?

Shaykh Falaah went on to mention a beautiful story of when he, himself was a student at the Islamic University. He mentioned that he went to visit Shaykh Ubayd at the Fatwaa Committee office along with a group of students from Kuwait. He met Shaykh Ubayd and introduced himself. Shaykh Falaah mentioned that although he wanted to visit the Fatwaa Committee again, he didn?t have the opportunity for the period of two whole years, due to him being busy with his studies. However after that period of two years he had to opportunity to visit them once again. He mentioned that when he entered upon Shaykh Ubayd, Shaykh Falaah said ?As-Salaamu ?alaykum wa Rahmaatullaah.? Shaykh Ubayd stood up and said ?Wa ?alaykumus Salaam wa Rahmaatullaah O Falaah O Ibn Isma?eel!? Shaykh Falaah said that he was amazed that he had only sat with him once for 15 minutes and then didn?t see Shaykh Ubayd again for two years and even though Shaykh Ubayd is blind, he still recognised his voice after that period of time.

?So he is blind and only recognised me from my voice! Shaykh ibn Baaz placed him in charge of the Fatwaa Committee? So fear Allaah o servant of Allaah, he is from the closest of people to Shaykh ibn Baaz, from the closest of people to Shaykh Ameen ash-Shanqeeti may Allaah have mercy upon them??

?Also remember that the flesh of the Scholars is poisonous??

Taken From: 'The Complete Guidance to Islaam' Lecture Series
The Annual National Conference Birmingham
Masjid As-Salafi

Audio to follow Insha Allaah...



"إن كان الكلام من الفضة فسكوت من ذهب"

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A Reply to those who belittle Shaykh ?Ubayd al-Jaabiree

Shaykh Rabee' Defends Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree Against Those who Say that He is Not a Scholar and Only a Student of Knowledge - The Imaam of al-Jarh wat-Ta'deel in our times, al-'Allaamah Rabee' Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee is asked if al-'Allaamah 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree is not in fact a Scholar, but merely a student of knowledge.  Listen as Shaykh Rabee' clarifies that this is from the methods of the hizbiyyeen in belittling the people of knowledge.

Email: CD@SalafiPublications.Com
"إن كان الكلام من الفضة فسكوت من ذهب"

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AbuUbaid Syed Imran bin Syed Shamsul Bari (New York City, USA)
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Assalamu ALikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkarkatuhu

Bismillah Hirrahma nirrahim

Wallahi, may Allah Tayala may Allah Tayala guide the beggers who speak of our scholars and their students. I was able to sit with the Shaykh (hafiduallah) in Madina at his house. And I have never seen or met anyone who effected me as much Shaykh (hafiduallah) did. I still remeber his face every time I hear his lecture. The same thing with Sh. Saleh Al Fawzaan And Sh. Rabee (hafidahumullah Ajmain). Subhanallah!

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أبو  عادل بن ع (Miami, FL : Madinah, Saudi Arabia)
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This is something that started about three or four years ago. We had some students here in Madinah that seemed to always be in a rush.
In a rush to become serious students.
In a rush to have the first and last word in any sittings.
In a rush to show they are competent.
In a rush to flex any scholastic muscles they might have formed.
In a rush to arrange talks and telelinks.
In a rush to be the gatekeeper of the Scholars.

It's a sick, sick, sick thing. Sometimes you pity these people, but in reality we should all just stay away from them. They are diseased, and on their way to being deceased. The flesh of the Scholars is toxic, yet they eat it by the kilo.

May Allah save us from this vile sickness and keep our hearts and tongues safe from coming upon this forbidden diseased fruit.

Abu Miftah
[url=]al-Madinah[/url], [url=]Saudi Arabia[/url]

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. Abdulilah Rabah Lahmami (Al Madeenah, S. Arabia)
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Alhamdulillah, this summer Sheikh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree had a dawrah in Jeddah, Dammam, Yanbu' and Khamees Mushayt busying himself teaching the people Ilm an-Naafi' while the hate mongers continue to benefit him with their backbiting and slandering.

In the past four years, the sheikh completed teaching the following books in Madinah:
1.     الؤلؤ والمرجان مما اتفقا به الشيخان
كتاب الإيمان.  
كتاب الطهارة.
كتاب الصلاة.
كتاب الصيام.
2.     رياض الصالحين أول خمسة عشر بابا
3.     شروط وأركان وواجبات الصلاة للشيخ محمد بن عبدالوحاب رحمه الله.
4.     كتاب التوحيد للشيخ محمد بن عبدالوحاب رحمه الله مرتين.TWICE
5.     منهج السالكين للشيخ عبدا لرحمان بن ناصر السعدي رحمه الله
6.     كتاب الطهارة, كتاب الصلاة, كتاب الصيام, كتاب الزكاة.
7.     مقدمة ابن أبي زيد القيرواني.
8.     أصول السنة للإمام أحمد.FOUR TIMES
9.     بهجة قلوب الأبرار للشيخ عبدالرحمان السعدي.
10.     صحيح آداب المفرد (بعض الأبواب الأولى).
11.     شرح لمعة الإعتقاد للشيخ محمد بن صالح العثيمين رحمه الله

Some other duroos he did in Madinah during this time:

1.     شرح أصول الثلاثة للشيخ عبدالعزيز بن باز رحمه
2.     الأربعين النووية
3.     تنبيه ذوي العقول السليمة شرح ستة الأصول العظيمة للشيخ عبيد بن عبدالله بن   سليمان الجابري.
4.     فضل الإسلام للشيخ محمد بن عبدالوحاب رحمه الله.
5.     شرح العقيدة الواسطية للشيخ صالح بن فوزان الفوزان
6.     متن في العقيدة للمزني.
7.     متن أصل السنة للإمامين الرازيين مع شرح الشيخ عبيد بن عبدالله بن سليمان الجابري حفظه الله.
8.     شرح قواعد الفقهية للشيخ عبيد بن عبدالله بن سليمان الجابري.
9.     عمدة الفقه لإبن قدامى كتاب الطهارة, كتاب الصيام.  
10. Asl Sunnah Abu Hatim and Abu Zur'ah ar-Razee

Add to this the internet duroos weekly, duroos to various countries weekly, duroos to the Haram of Madinah sister's section in which the sheikh prepares their exams and marks them with grades and more.

May Allaah keep us focused on learning and spreading the deen of Allaah. Ameen

Sheikh Ubayd began teaching kitaab Siyyam from Umdatul Fiqh after Jumu'ah last week.

Every night until he finishes, the sheikh will begin from Saturday 15th Sept kitab Siyyam from Lulu wal Marjan translated 10:30 saudi time 8:30 uk time inshaallaah. This will be on paltalk saladuroos room inshaallaah.

Sheikh Saalih as-Suhaymi is in the haram teaching kitaab Siyaam Bulugh al-Maram every night half an hour before Isha prayer.

قال تعالى:{إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون}
قال الشيخ السعدي - رحمه الله - في تفسيره (3/31): " فلا يحرف محرف معنى من معانيه( القرآن ) إلا وقيض  الله له من يبين الحق المبين وهذا من أعظم آيات الله ونعمه على عباده المؤمنين".

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Umm AbdurRahmaan S.bint Ahmed ibn Suleimaan (U.K)
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I cannot believe that people can have the audacity to pass such words from their lips about our beloved Shaikh (hafidhah ullah). Such words just bring pain to the heart and tears to the eyes. May Allah protect and preserve all of our scholars grant them long lives and righteous deaths, without them we will be at the behest of the ignorant.As was said upon the death of Shaikh al Albani (Rahimah ullah)
"Only people of virtue recognise people of virtue".

Umm Abdur Rahmaan

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Aboo 'Aaisha Sa'eed Alam (Birmingham, U.K.)
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Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee Defends Shaikh Ubaid

Question: O Shaikh, what is your view concerning Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiree, and is he not a Scholar, but just a student of knowledge?

Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee: By Allaah, the one who reviles him and says that he is jaahil, then he follows the paths of the devils. And he follows the way of Hizbiyyah in reviling the Scholars of the Salafee manhaj. Shaikh Ubaid is from the most excellent of the Scholars of the Salafiyyeen, and he is known for wara' and zuhd (piety and abstemiousness) and for speaking the truth - may Allaah bless you - and no one who (truly) desires the face of Allaah the Blessed and the Most High would revile him.  And we have known these methods to be the ways of the Hizbiyyeen.

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Aboo Abdillaah Umar Bryant (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)
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It has been spread amongst some of the people claiming Salafiyyah that Shaykh Ubaid and others are not considered from the Kibaar (major scholars).

I ask, what is the intention behind such a statement? Why would anyone attributing himself to Salafiyyah actually spread such a statement and much worse, spread it amongst individuals and laymen in the west?

What do they hope to gain? What do they hope to achieve? Today it is Shaykh Ubaid and once that has been firmly planted in the hearts of the innocent, they will surely move on to others. Their goal is one and that is to divert the people from the speech of the Ulamaa.

In response, I present to you some excellent words from Shaykh Muhammad ibn Umar Bazmool. Because he is not considered from the "kibaar" with aforementioned group, such speech may be rejected - WALLAAHU MUSTI'AAN!!

?This Shaykh is not from the major scholars?
By Shaykh Doctor Muhammad ibn Umar Bazmool
Taken from: Ibaaraatun Muhimatun (Misleading Statements)
Translated by: Aboo Abdillaah Umar Bryant

?This Shaykh is not from the major scholars?

This statement is said by some people who want to reject speech that is said by one of the mashaayikh or keep another from hearing the speech of the shaykh himself or from taking from him. Especially if it deals with the matters of forbidding evil, warning from innovation, and pointing out error.

This is from baatil (falsehood) and from the extracts of the Shaytaan which serves to prevent (people from) listening to the truth or accepting it.

This statement is rejected from the following angles:

  • The foundation is that we do not reject speech simply because of the individual, rather speech is either accepted or rejected based upon its agreement with the truth or its opposition to it. If it agrees with the truth then we accept it and if it opposes the truth then we reject it. As for rejecting it simply because the one stating it is not from the major scholars then absolutely not as it opposes the principle that is: The truth is not known by men.

  • The one stating the speech being from the major scholars does not denote that all of his speech is haqq (correct) and likewise, him being from amongst the mashaayikh who have not reached the level of ?major scholar? does not indicate that all of his speech is baatil (false). It has come on the authority of Imaam Maalik - rahimahullaah ? who said, ?There is none from amongst us except that his statement is accepted or rejected except for the one in that grave (referring to the Messenger of Allaah - sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam). So the matter should be returned to researching the evidence of the one making the statement and his level of agreement with the truth or opposition to it.

  • Within this statement is an effort to keep the people away from the scholars as well as a belittlement of their rights so long as the scholar is unknown to them, doesn?t assist them, or has no popularity.

  • This statement contains bad mannerisms regarding the rights of the scholars. It is incumbent to preserve their rights which takes into consideration their situation in relation to the Book and the Sunnah and that which the Salafus Saalih were upon.

  • This statement has become a tool of destruction amongst the people of innovation in order to discard the speech of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama?ah. Thus, every scholar who warns against innovation, they insult him and if warns against error they oppress him and repel his speech. He is then cautioned against simply because he is not from the ?major scholars?! So it is a must that there be an opposition to the people of innovation as well as a cautioning from their ideologies which serve only to fight the truth and its people.

  • The meaning of such a statement is that there is no right to repel an error in which these ?du?aat? (referring to the hizbee callers) fall into, be they individuals or groups, except that he be (according to them) from the major scholars and this is incorrect. It contradicts the general statement of the noble Messenger - sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam ? when he said, ?Whoever from amongst you sees a munkar (evil deed) then let him change it with his hand and if he is unable to then with his tongue, and if he is unable then with his heart and that is the weakest of faith.?

  • Allaah has commanded returning to the people of knowledge of the Book and the Sunnah ? Ahlu Dhikr ? and has not made it a condition that they be well known (popular) or from the major scholars. He says,
    ?And We sent not before you any but men, whom We inspired, So ask of those who know the Scripture if you know not. With clear signs and Books (We sent the Messengers). And We have also sent down unto you (O Muhammad - sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) the reminder and the advice (the Qur'aan), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to them, and that they may give thought.?(An-Nahl 43-44)

  • When a scholar mentions to you that something is an innovation or an error that such and such a man has fallen into then he is indeed informing you of his affair and the narration of a trustworthy individual is accepted unless a similar statement (from a scholar) contradicts it. There is no condition that suggests that this individual be from the well known scholars or be from the major scholars. Such (a condition) has never been mentioned by any of the scholars regarding the acceptance of a narration and thus suggesting it would be abandoning that which the people of knowledge have already affirmed.

  • The reality of the one making this statement indicates that he only wants to affirm innovation and leave off repelling (evil). Even if you were to bring a statement from the major people of knowledge refuting an innovation, a false statement, or clarifying and error of such and such a man he would reject it as well but with other statements such as:

    o Akhi, this Shaykh is influenced by those around him
    o Akhi, do not look into the beliefs of the people or their mistakes
    o Akhi, bringing down (by refuting) well known figures is not an easy task
    o I am not obligated to followed the speech of that Shaykh

And other similar comments.

And the outcome: falsehood will continue, calling to a particular individual and his innovation will continue, the callers of falsehood will teach and shine over the Sunnah and its people which will deceive them. The people of knowledge will then return and subsequently, the people will not know them nor seek what they hold from truth. The people will not know the Sunnah and therefore that which is good shall be considered evil and that which is evil shall be considered good.

Wa Laa Hawla Wa Laa Quwata Illa Billaah Wa Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji?oon!

End of the Shaykh's kalaam
taken from

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Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis (SPubs Birmingham, UK)
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'The shaikh is not from the major scholars'...

Shaikh Baazmool mentioned as quoted in an earlier post...

'...This statement has become a tool of destruction amongst the people of innovation in order to discard the speech of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama?ah. Thus, every scholar who warns against innovation, they insult him and if he warns against error they oppress him and repel his speech. He is then cautioned against simply because 'he is not from the ?major scholars?!'

This no doubt is something that isnt new from these people rather it re-occurs from time to time and from scholar to scholar. It was hurled against shaikh rabee' and before him shaikh muhammad ammaan and others, and as the shaikh mentioned '......This statement has become a tool of destruction amongst the people of innovation in order to discard the speech of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama?ah.

The ironic thing though is that the same set of individuals who rant and rave about 'the scholars! the scholars! the scholars!' are the ones that practice the most zuhd (abstinence) with regards to the circles and gatherings of the scholars!

To add to the list of books mentioned earlier that our shaikh has taught, during the time that i made mulaazama of the shaikh in Madina(from 1994 till 2004)while i was studying in the university, our shaikh taught the following:

1.Sharhus sunnah of imaam barbahaari more than once
2.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of sharh usool i'tiqaad ahlus sunnati wal jamaa'ah of al-lalakaa'ie
3.As sunnah of Ibn abee 'aasim
4.Vol 1 and some of vol 2 of Al Ibaanatul kubraa of Ibn Battah
5.Mukhtasir saheeh muslim
6.Umdatul ahkaam more than once
7.Al 'Udah in Fiqh.
9.Qasbus sukr in Mustalah(science of hadeeth)
10 Talkheesul hamawiyah
11.Fathul majeed (the explanation of kitaabut tawheed) more than once
12.Lumatul i'tiqaad of ibn qudaama
13.Vol 1 of sharh ibn 'Aqeel (The explanation of Alfiyah ibn maalik) in nahw (arabic grammer)
14. The masaa'il and rasaa'il of Imaam Ahmad
15.'Al Mudhakirrah (in usoolul fiqh) of Sh Muhammad Ameen Ash-Shanqitee

To name but a few, and even though our shaikh at that time was the only one teaching these great works, the like of which any sunni taalib ilm would race to attend...none of them were anywhere to be seen!

And to add insult to injury... they were similarly not present at the circles of the scholars we hear them now extolling the virtues of!

They were not in sh Abdul muhsin's explanation of sunan an nasaa'ie or his explanation of sunan abi daawood neither were they present at the circles of shaikhunaa Ali naasir al faqeehi, his explanation of al aqeedatut tahaawiyah in the masjid of the university (As sunnah of ibn abi aasim and kitaabul imaan of ibn mandah and tafseer as sa'dee and others in the prophets masjid) except rarely!

Similarly the duroos of Shaikanaa Rabee' ibn Haadi in his home in Madina (before the shaikh moved to Makka) Kitaabut tawheed, Nuzhatun nadhar of Haafidh ibn Hajr (science of hadeeth), Mukhtasir Zaadul ma'aad of ibnil qayyim/Muhammad ibn abdil wahaab, Waabilus sayib of ibnil qayyim...absent!

Our sittings with Shaikhanaa Hamaadul Ansaari in his library, the duroos of Sh Muhammad Haadi, the sharh of Sunan Abi Daawood, and Tafseerul qur'aan of Shaikh 'Umar Fallaata...ghaa'ibeen!

Yet Yaasir Qaadhi (a former classmate of mine and one i debated with some 12 or so years ago on more than one occasion, in class and outside of class about the very same issues we read in his recent bayaan) when he started a circle in his house they attended regularly!

So it is not a shock to us that we hear of these disparaging remarks concerning our shaikh (Hafidhahul maulaa wa ra'aahu) because it is clear from their track record that the scholars to them are nothing but a utility, the one that supports them is the 'aalimul kabeer' and 'imaamul jaleel' and given titles like 'his eminence' and the one who goes against them is not from the kibaar, oh in fact not a scholar at all, in fact when did he even become a student of knowledge! even if he has been commissioned with being the head of the fatwa committee of Madina!

We ask Allah to protect us from the following of Hawaa, the like of which leads to this type of extreme, indiscriminate, venom spitting oppression, filled with Ghuloo(extremism) on the one hand and negligence on the other, that they ironically accuse us of!

And as the saying of the arab goes 'rematnee bi daa'ihaa wansalat' (she accused me of having her illness then she departed!)

Nas'alaallahas sallamata wal 'aafiya

Was sallallahu 'ala nabiyinaa Muhaamad wa 'ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'een

Abu Hakeem

Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Abu Lubaynah Abdul Ghanee ibn Michael Goodchild Al-Guyaanee (Birmingham, UK)
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When a man knows his ownself, speech of the people is of no benefit to him!

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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More recommendations for Shaykh Ubaid hafidhahullaah and his defence by the Salafee Mashaykh hafidhahumullah can be found here.

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