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Posted By Topic: Al-Maghrib Institute?

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11-11-2008 @ 11:32 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm Musa bint Muhammad (New York)
Posts: 260
Joined: Sep 2008

Can someone comment on this institute, its classes and teachers?

12-11-2008 @ 2:29 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu Shereen Rasheed bin Fred Abdullah (California)
Posts: 39
Joined: Oct 2008
I know that this institute relys on instructors such as Waleed Basyooni and Muhammad al-Shareef, and that should be enough as a deterrent.  They focus mainly on tawheed and they shy away from manhaj from what I have heard. Perhaps there are some brothers or sisters than can add more information.

Rasheed Abdullah

23-11-2008 @ 10:57 PM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Hasan bin Muhammad (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
Posts: 8
Joined: Feb 2008
Asalamu Alaikum,

I used to take Al Maghrib classes back in 2005, before I knew any better. Their instructors include Yasir Qadhi, Suhaib Webb, Muhammad Al Shareef, Yasir Birjas, and Muhammad Ibn Faqih. All of whom signed the pledge to unite upon falsehood.

Furthermore, Al Maghrib has a goal to cut off their students from the scholars and their instructors promote themselves as major scholars. Yasir Qadhi promotes the ideas of Salah As-Sawee in his classes and Muhammad Al Shareef during his classes often takes the time out to speak negatively of the scholars and to confuse his students.

Al Maghrib is big amongst the Muslim youth here in New Jersey and they have a cult like following at Rutgers and other Universities in the state. Their students often refer to salafees as Madkhalee Salafees and they have strong resentment for the scholars, which is something they learned from Muhammad Al Shareef.

During a class here in New Jersey, Yasir Qadhi made statements which were widely circulated amongst the youth. These statements show clearly what the goal of Al Maghrib is.

Yasir Qadhi's statement during an Al Maghrib class in New Jersey:

When youıre in charge of the Masjid or MSA you are not allowed to prevent them (Ahlul Bidah) from doing what they want to do. You can and should state that you disagree, but you do not have the right to bar them from access to the facility or to impose your positions on them.  In the situation we are in, the last thing we need is divisiveness. We donıt teach these subjects to cause division...

Al Maghrib students are taught during classes to aid, assist and have love for Ahlul Bidah.

24-11-2008 @ 8:23 AM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Hassan bin Waheed (Teaneck, NJ, USA)
Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 2008
Muhammad AlShareef, director of the institute, once said in a post about AlMaghrib:

Imagine a world without AlMaghrib
What would be missing in your life?
I was thinking about this ... if there were no almaghrib
> I would not have lived the last 5 years with such close connection with my muslim brothers and sisters
How many marriages happened because of AlMaghrib?
How many friendships were made?
How many happy memories were lived?
How much knowledge will forever be here on earth because of a seminar in your city ...
Imagine a world without AlMaghrib ... what would be missing in your life?
(and the scary part is this: for cities that don't have almaghrib, this is their reality!!! May Allah protect us.)

Students of the institute continued to talk about what would not have happened without AlMaghrib. One student said:

"Life without AlMaghrib will be like a:
--Tea without sugar
--Food without salt
--Flower without a fragrance"

Muhammad AlShareef also said:

However, maybe while you are here in the area, you'll get to visit the Al-Huda school community and ask Shaykh Salah As-Saawee yourself. It's about 35-40 minutes away from the seminar location.

Salaah As-Saawee said:

"There is no dispute in convention and there are no clear guidelines concerning what enters into Tawheedur-Ruboobiyyah, Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah and Tawheedul-Asmaa' was-Sifaat. Rather, we do not know of a decisive ayah or a followed Sunnah concerning this categorization...So it is befitting that it be accepted without making it a point upon which al-walaa wal-baraa' (allegiance and enmity) is made."

Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Abbaad said:

So he [Salaah As-Saawee] - may Allaah rectify him - made this categorization a categorization of conventional terminology and not a Sharee'ah reality adopted through following up and careful study of the texts of the Book and the Sunnah. Rather, he expanded in misguidance when he said, "So there is no dispute in convention and there are no clear guidelines concerning what enters in Tawheedur-Ruboobiyyah, Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah and Tawheedul-Asmaa' was-Sifaat."

Indeed, I have reached the utmost limits of bewilderment at how this can be said by someone who has occupied himself with leading the way to modern-day Islaamic work. Along with this, he clarifies about himself here, that he does not know of any distinguishing limits between the three categories of Tawheed. And which crime against the way to Islaamic work can be greater than spreading amongst the people of Islaam that the categories of Tawheed are not constants (thawaabit) and that they are not from the affairs upon which al-walaa' wal-baraa' (allegiance and enmity) is attached and that no decisive aayah or followed Sunnah has been mentioned concerning them. And how can it be said that there are no distinguishing limits between these categories and that they are merely conventional terms that some of the people of knowledge have coined and that there is no dispute with regards to conventional terminology?

Indeed, this is disjoinment of the ranks, neglectfulness for the 'aqeedah and a belittlement of the affair of Tawheed. So Allaah is the one from whom aid is sought, and He is sufficient for us and He is the best of those who are trusted. And the aforementioned book [the one written by Salaah As-Saawee] contains numerous errors of this type, but this is not the place to explain them.

(al-Qawl as-Sadeed 28)

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unspecified Hassan bin Waheed (Teaneck, NJ, USA)
Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 2008
Muhammad AlShareef and Yasir Qadhi, AlMaghrib's dean of academic affairs, both signed on to this pledge:

Also, regarding Yasir Qadhi:

Abu Hafsah Kashiff Khan - former student at the Islamic University of Medina and Imam of Masjidul Bayaan - mentioned that Yasir Qadhi conducted classes at Masjid An-Nabawee at the exact same time that the scholars conducted classes. Moreover, he would invite people to his own classes.

Abu Ismail Mustafa George - who graduated from the Islamic University of Medina, College of Hadeeth - said that those who'd accept his invitation would stop attending the classes of the scholars, instead sufficing themselves with books and recordings.

Abu Ri'aayah Abdur-Razzaaq - who graduated from the Islamic University of Medina, College of Hadeeth, and is the Imam of Masjid Ahlil Hadeeth in Philadelphia - said that he heard Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee say about him that he's a hizbee, a khabeeth, and anyone who assists him should be shown a strong rejection.

Yasir Qadhi also translated for Salmaan Al-Awdah, which has been videotaped and spread across the Internet.

Yasir Qadhi said:

Others whom I respect and would turn to for guidance in matters related to the situation of Western Muslims are Sh. Jafar Idris and Sh. Salah al-Sawi.

28-11-2008 @ 2:08 PM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Hassan bin Waheed (Teaneck, NJ, USA)
Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 2008
Muhammad Alshareef said about Suhaib Webb:


Please welcome our new AlMaghrib Instructor: Imam Suhaib Webb!

Yasir Qadhi said:


It is with great pleasure that I welcome my dear friend (and a valued
source of inspiration) Ustadh Suhaib Webb onto our team. I am looking
forward to co-operating with you and working on the same team as you in
furthering Islamic knowledge in this country.

Suhaib Webb said:

Instead of buying the [video] game do the following with the money:

...7. Enroll in an Islamic course [a-Maghrib, Zaytuna, Sunni-path]

Among Sunnipath's promotion of shirk:

"This hadith indicates that the Prophet knows about our actions
because they are being shown to him, and he asks Allah forgiveness on our
behalf for whatever wrong we may do. If this is the case, then it is
permissible for us to use him as a means to Allah and ask for his
intercession with Him

They claim that Shaykh Al-Albaanee declared this hadith to be weak, but
they deem him to be an "erratic innovator." Thus, they don't accept his

"The great Muhaddith, Abd al-Haq al-Dehlvi mentions the
permissible form of intercession at the graves, who states:


2- Secondly, the person in hardship may also call the wali and
ask him to intercede for him for the ease of difficulty

Additionally, Habib Ali Jifry (promoter of shirk) is an instructor for
Sunnipath. So is Nuh Ha Meem Keller (a refutation of this individual can be
found here:
subsecID=AQD06&articleID=AQD060009&articlePages=1 )

Attempting to mention all of the shirk, kufr, and
bid'ah of Sunnipath would require more time than I have.

10-12-2008 @ 7:51 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu Talha George Millington (Trinidad and Tobago)
Posts: 12
Joined: Sep 2006
I also was in the Islamic university and can vouch for what Mustafa George and Kashiff Khan said about him. In fact his classes were done more in secret than anything else. So you would find that his friends and their friends would attend. And they used to treat him as if he was one of the Kibaar Ul Ulama. Allahu Musta'aan

08-02-2009 @ 10:07 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006

By any chance, is this the same institute as that which is operating in parts of the north of the UK (with people like Tawfique Chaoudry and co) ?

Wa-AlaiKum As-Salaam

24-04-2009 @ 8:02 AM    Notify Admin about this post
NihalK1 NihalK1 (NJ)
Posts: 6
Joined: Apr 2009

25-04-2009 @ 11:42 PM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Hassan bin Waheed (Teaneck, NJ, USA)
Posts: 54
Joined: Jun 2008
I heard from him (Yasir Qadhi), and another brother has it in his notes for the aqeedah class that we took with him, that he said:

1) Ahl as-Sunnah have differed as to whether or not the dead can hear EVERYTHING in their graves.
2) Ahl as-Sunnah have differed as to whether or not seeking intercession from the dead at their graves is shirk, with some saying it's merely a bid'ah.

When I and another brother approached him about this, to verify that we understood correctly, he said some more strange things to justify the "other opinion" that it isn't shirk:

1) Since calling on someone when he's alive isn't du'a, then calling on the dead in their graves isn't necessarily du'a.
2) Before we approached him, I had already e-mailed him quotes from Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Qayyim regarding the same issue (they say it's shirk). He said that I was misquoting.

I should note that more than a few individuals have concluded from SOME, NOT ALL of the works of the two Shaykhs of Islam that they said the dead can hear everything. Shaykh Al-Fawzaan refuted this in his "Refutation of Faisal Murad Ali Ridha Regarding What He Wrote Concerning the Dead." Shaykh Bin Baaz wrote the forward/introduction to it.

Another detailed refutation of the opinion that it's a bid'ah can be found here:

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unspecified unspecified (Canada)
Posts: 35
Joined: Oct 2006
Muhammad alshareef and his love for Anwar Awlaki:


Originally Posted by *************
i got a suggestion...

for your international classes, you should use anwar awlaki for some classes. he is awesome, mashaAllah. i think he'd make an amazing almaghrib teacher

(he has so much potential, but no one is really marketing him correctly. thats sad.)

Muhammad alShareef:
I totally agree. I have already spoken to him at the JIMAS conference. He wouldn't be doing the class in the UsA though. He would be conducting the class in maybe Canada or the UK. So, we have to establish our presence in those countries first and pave the way for awesome teachers like him.

BTW: I have been offered the chance to teach Seerah 'on location'! Meaning, we would teach the history at the places that it occured: Badr, Khaybar, Ta'if, the moutain of light, the thowr cave, etc.

I did Istikhaarah,and I felt that there were more qualified teachers to teach Seerah. So, my heart is focused on getting Shaykh Anwar to do this!

Say: "Truly, my Lord has guided me to a Straight Path, a right religion, the religion of Ibrahim (Abraham), Hanifa [i.e. the true Islımic Monotheism - to believe in One God (Allıh i.e. to worship none but Allıh, Alone)] and he was not of polytheis

11-12-2009 @ 8:39 AM    Notify Admin about this post
ibn Ahmad Maher ibn Ahmad (U.S.A.)
Posts: 950
Joined: Nov 2006
Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu 'ala rasulullaah

Amma ba'd

Aside from the obvious Hizbiyah, it should be noted that istikhaara is to be made between halal matters. [Hizbiyah is defined as: loyalty and allegiance to an individual or group in opposition to the Qur`an and Sunnah, and having al-Walla wal-Barra (amity and enmity) for them.]

Some years ago, when people who attend al-Maghrib classes in our area were invited to the correct 'Aqidah and authentic classes of Kitab at-Tawheed taught by a genuine student of knowledge, one of the supporters of al-Maghrib rejected the invitation and all the proofs from the Qur`an and Sunnah given to them by saying, "I prayed istikhaara," [meaning, he made the du'aa and afterward felt he should learn from Yasir Qadhi instead.] Wallaahu musta'aan!

When the genuine student of knowledge heard about this, he removed this doubt beautifully by clarifying that
istikhaara is made between halal matters; istikhaara cannot be made between something haram and something halal.
[The preceding was not verbatim.] May Allaah reward this student of knowledge. Ameen.

Obviously, it is dangerous to one's akhira to attend al-Maghrib classes and the classes of the astray [url=]Yasir Qadhi[/url], [url=]Suhaib Webb[/url], Muhammad Al Shareef, Yasir Birjas, and Muhammad Ibn Faqih, due to their ignorance and errors in 'aqidah and manhaj, whereas learning the Deen authentically by the people upon the correct 'aqidah is what is legislated as well as what benefits, by Allaah Permission.

[Qadhi has been refuted by the genuine 'ulemma, and called a "Hizby" by Shaikh Muhammad bin Hadee al-Madkhalee, hafidhahullaah; Qadhi and other al-Maghrib teachers of falsehood are so ignorant of 'Aqidah and Manhaj that they actually invite their followers to the website of [url=]Habib 'Ali Jifri[/url] - a caller to shirk - and the institution of Hamza Yusuf, who is a translator of the Shirk-filled "Al-Burdah."] [url=]For Proof, click here: [/url]  

So Shaytan tricked the supporters of al-Maghrib not only into choosing Hizbiyah, bid'ah and possibly Shirk over the correct 'aqidah and the Sunnah, but also into paying money (in the range of $100) for unauthentic classes that are [url=]displeasing to Allaah[/url] instead of attending authentic classes, pleasing to Allaah, surrounded by angels - for free!  

Subhanak Allaahuma wa bihamdika ash-hadu anlaa illaaha illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk  

If I said anything correct, then it is from Allaah (subhanahu wa taa'ala), and if I erred, then that is from me and shaytan.

14-12-2009 @ 7:04 AM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified unspecified (Canada)
Posts: 35
Joined: Oct 2006
as-salaamu 'alekum:

Muhammad alShareef - weak memory or deliberately telling lies?

In a video by Muhammad (not so Shareef) - he goes about explaining the issue of Beard and says (in short) that it is permissible to have: "Miami vice beard" since the ruling is to "leave the beard" regardless of the length.

Then he goes onto say that: ""This is the statement of Muhammad al-Mukhatar - the usool ul fiqh teacher we had and there are other ulema - when I make statements like this these are not my opinions...I do not make up something like this"  "Muhammad al-Mukhtar ibn Muhammad al-Amin Shinqitee, his father was Muhammad al-amin shinqitee who was the Mufti before Bin Baaz""

There are three issues in this statement:
1) He took it from Muhammad Al-Mukhtar ibn Amin Shinqitee
2) He claims Shaykh Muhammad al-Amin (rahimullah) was a Mufti before Shaykh Bin Baaz (rahimullah)
3) Did Muhammad ibn Amin actually say what Muhammad (not so shareef) wants us to believe?

As for 1) - then statements pertaining to Muhammad ibn Amin can be found as he is not one from whom the knowledge must be taken from. Out of all the people of Sunnah - he found one person to name!

where as 2) the Mufti prior to Shaykh Bin Baaz was Shaykh Ibrahim
finally - 3) Muhammad Mukhatar ibn Muhammad al-Amin Shinqitee was asked regarding this - and he said - that "He did not say this".

Perhaps - Muhammad (not so shareef) has a weak memory;

perhaps all those years in Saudi - were not enough for a person to know who the Mufti of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was before Shaykh Bin Baaz rahimullah;

perhaps he did not have access to the books at Jami'a al-Islamia - so that he could have read that the 4 imaams are against what he claims, the ulemah of ahlus sunnah are against what he claims.

PS: I am not sure if it is okay to provide link or attach the mp3 file in which he states this.

Say: "Truly, my Lord has guided me to a Straight Path, a right religion, the religion of Ibrahim (Abraham), Hanifa [i.e. the true Islımic Monotheism - to believe in One God (Allıh i.e. to worship none but Allıh, Alone)] and he was not of polytheis

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