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Posted By Topic: UNITY - Yasir Qadhi or Ibnul-'Uthaymeen and al-Albaanee?

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Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen on Unity with the Islaamic Parties and the People of Innovation

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen on Working with the Islaamic Parties - The noble Scholar, Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen is asked if it is from wisdom to work with the parties that ascribe themselves to Islaam in order to confront the Secularists and Communists, or is it from wisdom to not work with such Islaamic parties and completely abandon political work. Though the answer was given years ago, we find it highly appropriate in light of the recent calls to participate in the electoral process and to co-operate with the people of innovation!

Truly, the aims mentioned in the question above to Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-'Uthaymeen are the same ones that Yasir Qadhi and his followers seek to achieve with their pledge of unity upon falsehood.

Yasir Qadhi wrote that from the aims of the recent pledge for unity upon falsehood is,

...and at a community level they should come together in order to counter any and all negative and false images of Islam.

He also wrote,

Therefore there needs to be a more pragmatic and realistic attempt at cooperation, one that retains our traditionalisms and respects our historical traditions, yet at the same time takes into account the context of our current political and social situation.

The fellow pledgee, Tawfique Chowdhury, hurried to chime in,

As far as I am concerned, I am convinced that the state of dawah that we are in, with our religion being insulted at every second article and our Prophet at every second cartoon editorial, the very future existence of muslims minorities at question and our own muslim countries being erroded day by day through the silent work of missionaries - it then falls upon the able, to unite in a manner and upon a platform that is possible to unite on, to present a more cohensive front to the intellectual, political and media onslaught on our way of life and our values and ideals.

So they wish to confront the political and media onslaught against Islaam by uniting with the people of innovation and getting involved in political work - thus leaving off the manhaj of the Salafus-Saalih - the manhaj of at-tasfiyah wat-tarbiyah (purification and education).  Rather, they seek to compromise and water-down the manhaj in order accomodate their friends from the people of innovation.

Previously, we had presented the words of Imaam al-Albaanee who said the same as Imaam Ibnul-'Uthaymeen about this superficial unity:

[url=]Shaykh al-Albaanee on Unity with the Ash'arees, Soofees and Maatureedees[/url]- The noble muhaddith, Imaam Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee rahimahullaah clarifies the futility of those who want to unite Salafees along with Soofees, Ash'arees and Maatureedees, with the argument that if we overlook our major differences, we will then be able to face the enemies of Islaam and the Muslims.  As the Shaykh explains, such people want us to abolish the Sharee'ah of Allaah for the sake of this superficial and ill-conceived unity.

However, the advices from the Scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah, such as al-Albaanee and Ibnul-'Uthaymeen, do not hold any weight with Yasir and his ilk, because he turns to others for guidance,

Others whom I respect and would turn to for guidance in matters related to the situation of Western Muslims are Sh. Jafar Idris and Sh. Salah al-Sawi. I spoke with both of these Shaykhs about cooperating on a public level with certain famous individuals (who have also signed the pledge)....

And Ja'far was way ahead of Yasir in uniting with the people of innovation in order to confront the western onslaught against Islaam...

Ja'far Idris said in a lecture entitled, "Unity Among Western Muslim Communities" delivered more than a decade ago,

I think it is very important for Muslims living in the West - let us just confine ourselves to the United States - it is very important for Muslims living in the West to be united, because, as I said, I think yesterday, whether we like it or not, we are all considered as Muslims. There is only one label, and sometimes even fundamentalist Muslims. And even those who don't go to the mosque, since they are Muslims they will be called fundamentalists. And someone said all Muslims are by definition fundamentalists. So there is no way of running away from this, we are all Muslims, we are all fundamentalists, according to some people, and we will be treated as such, so it is better for us to be united. The ideal thing is for all the Muslims, all over the United States, to have one organization, one leadership. And that organization will include all Muslims, whether they are Salafis, or people who have some deviation from the Sunnah, because the Prophet sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam said that this Ummah will be divided - you know the hadeeth of the Prophet - that they will be divided, but all those divisions are divisions of Muslims.

As for Yasir's other guide, the cowardly Qa'dee (sitter) known as Salaah as-Saawee - or Salaah al-Ghaawee (Salaah the misguided) as Shaykh Muqbil used to call him, then read below for an exposition of his covert Khaarijee manhaj:

[url=]Salaah as-Saawee and the Qa'diyyah: A Revolutionary Movement[/url]

The Khawaarijul-Qad'iyyah (sitters) are a revolutionary movement from ancient times, as well as the present.  They are those who sit atop the pulpits and in other places and incite the people to revolt against their rulers without actually revolting themselves.

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Read This Beneficial Article, Article ID:MNJ010001

The Principles Of The Hizbiyyeen In Da'wah Would Have Been Considered Taaghoots By Ibn Al-Qayyim

The Noble Shaykh,Ubayd al-Jaabiree,said:

'And as for today, then there have appeared such calamities upon the plains of da'wah, I think that if Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullaah) was alive (today) he would have considered them to be new (forms) of tawaagheet (false gods)'

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Read This Beneficial Article At Titled: Shaykh Rabee on the Reality of al-Ma'ribees Extensive Vast Manhaj To Accommodate the Whole Ummah (i.e. all the Innovators and Sects) Article ID: NDV180009


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