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Posted By Topic: About Hamza Yusuf : sufi or not?

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unspecified unspecified (unspecified)
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إبراهيم  البخاري
Ibraheem Bukharee
Ibn Sharefah Abdul-Qawiyy al-Michiganee

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Abu `Iyaad   (UK)
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Hamza Yusuf is amongst the `aqlaaniyyah (rationalists), mu`attilah (deniers of Allaah's Attributes), and mutasawwifah - and his collections of video lectures, audio lectures, and his own website (still operative and available online) is ample testimony to this.

The courses taught at his institute use the book "Jawharat ut-Tawheed" - the book that preaches and invites to the heresies of ta'teel and (false) ta'weel and tafweed, a book which is a base and pole for the Mu`attilah. His institute teaches al-Burdah of al-Busayree which is a poem that invites to Shirk with Allaah, invites to Istigaathah from other than Allaah, and which has been refuted by the Scholars of Tawheed and the Sunnah.

See the screenshot (taken from his website today) attached for a mention of these books used for his curriculum.

You can see some refutations of excerpts from al-Burdah here:

And I have also heard this person on a video lecture making the following two remarks, "This concern with `aqeedah is a sickness in the minds of the Muslims", and "I can go to the desert in Mauritania and learn Tawheed in five minutes", which gives further insight into his ignorance and misguidance.

There is much much more from his lectures, but to be honest, once you hear a few statements like this, and you realise what he is actively promoting, and you are someone who knows and understands the Salafee `aqeedah, you wouldn't want to waste any more time on him or his likes because the affair would be sufficiently clear already. My advice is to study and learn the Salafee `aqeedah using whatever is accessible to you from the speech and works of the Scholars of the Sunnah, and the prominent books such as al-Waasitiyyah, and at-Tadmuriyyah and Kitaab ut-Tawheed so you have a good grounding in these most important subjects.

أبو عياض أمجد بن محمد رفيق
-=amjad bin muhammad=-

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Hasan ibn Shaukat ibn Muhammed (London, UK)
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بسم الله الرحمنا لرحيم

الحمد لله و الصلاة و السلام على رسول الله و بعد

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

It is very easy to search topics that have been discussed on, All one has to do is go to and when they search type in  " Hamza Yusuf" as an example, by typing in the key part "" followed by your search, Google searches specifically for "Hamza Yusuf".

Here is what I found from this search,

There maybe more threads on this website where Hamza Yusuf has been mentioned and his alliances and enmities, aqeedah and methodology.

Otherwise an email or phonecall to the Du'aat in the West from amongst the Brothers @ Salafipublications, Troid and other than them, could explain/clarify the matter to you, Insha'Allaah.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

سبحانك اللهم وبحمدك أشهد أن لا إله إلا أنت أستغفرك وأتوب إليك

Imaam al-Awzaa'ee said, "Patiently restrict yourselves to the sunnah, stop where the people stopped, say what they said, avoid what they avoided. Take to the path of the salaf, for indeed what was sufficient for them was sufficient for you."

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UmmIdris Al Faransiyah bint Raymonde (London, UK)
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Joined: Sep 2002
Assalamou aleikoum wa Rahmatoullah wa Barakatou

I have heard a lot of rumours about Hamza Yusuf. When I was a new muslimah, I used to listen to some of his tapes, ages ago. Then someone told me he is not of Ahl us Sunnah and that he is a sufi in disguise.
He used to have a webpage but he took it down and in this webpage, Hamza Yusuf said that he had a lot of ennemies and they were spreading false rumours about him.
Recently, the question was asked again in one halaqah about him and his methodology.
Does anyone for sure knows if he inclines/adheres to sufism..?

I do not want to rely on rumours on even on articles taken from some islamic websites. I need facts and proof, please, if anyone has them, that we can either : clear his name or declare him a sufi officially (or any other hizb).

Slander carries a high penalty and I do not want to convey false informations about an individual, but i do not have any info about him..

Jazakallahu khayr...

Wa salam
Umm Idris

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