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Posted By Topic: Maghraawi promised Sheikh Muqbil to retract errors

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I went to see Sheikh Muqbil rahimahullaah before he passed away. He was in hospital in Jeddah and he said to me since i was from Morocco: "Tell Maghraawi that i am an advisor to him and to take back his error and he promised to do so, and i told him to do it in writing and to give me a copy and a copy to sheikh Rabee'. Tell him i am an advisor to him and it is from the blessing of Allaah that Allaah gives you strong students of knowledge who correct you. And how many times in Dammaj i will be corrected on the spot and i would take it back there and then. This is from the blessing of Allaah." Obviously i was not able to tell Maghraawi but this is for the record.

But later Maghrawee denied that he was to make any Tawbah or retraction of his errors. He decides to go against the truth and people of truth. About 15 scholars refuted him for his errors which until now did not take back.

So too Adnan Urur, Ahmed Sallam also refuted by the scholars and so too Abul Hasan also refuted by about 21 scholars.

We ask Allaah for Thabat and Ikhlaas.

التراجع إلى الحق فضيلة

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