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11-10-2009 @ 10:28 PM    Notify Admin about this post
aisha john (uk)
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Assalam aleykum brothers and sisters, i am a sister who reverted ti islam in 2001. As far as i know i have never followed a madhab but since a salafi mosque opened in my area recently i think i have been doing so but unknowingly. I put this down to being influenced by my husbands family ad friends. Alhamdoliallah the bros and sisters at the mosque are very good, and what they explain does make sense. I completely understand that i should only follow quran and sunnah, but what i am finding very difficult is how to differenciate between weak and authentic hadiths, how do i know which is which? I know bukhari, muslim, tirmindi, dawud are authentic but what about the rest? How can i as a person who does not understand the arabic language understand what is sahih. I know we should go back to the seerah, but sometimes we get 3 or 4 different hadiths saying different things about the same issue???please help...jazakallah khair

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