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Posted By Topic: The kiswer and displaying verses of the Qu'ran

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Asalaamu alaikum

Please advise me regarding the permissability of displaying verses of the Qu'ran on the walls of one's home. I have understood this to be frowned upon, due to the fact that the Qu'ran should be read and understood rather that for beautification. However, the kiswer (covering of the Ka'bah in Makkah) is embroidered with beautiful script of the Qu'ran for all to see. How can I understand this? I know of a person in the position of owning a piece of an actual kiswah from the Ka'bah, with Qu'ran on it in gold and silver lettering. Are they allowed to display it on the wall of their home?

Jazakallahu khairan wa barakallahu feekum.

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