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Abu Mustafa Sameer ibn ben (Brooklyn,NY)
Posts: 21
Joined: Mar 2003
As Salamu alaykum Rahmatullah

I have some children books on the sahhabas by this man Abdul-Basit Ahmad and Aqeel Walker checked them.
Firstly Does anyone know Abdul-Basit Ahmad
Secondly Can we take from these books They're on the Sahaba.
Thirdly If not does anyone know of any books on the sahaba's that's good for children

Sameer Abdul-Khaliq

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Aboo Husaam Shaheed ibn George Williams (Wichita, KS USA)
Posts: 297
Joined: Sep 2002
as-salaamu 'alaykum,

there is a list of authentic children's books at

here is what they say about their books:


All of the books at SalafiBookStore.Com are chosen for their conformity with the creed, methodology and worship of the Salaf us-Salih (Pious Predecessors), hence as a customer of SalafiBookStore.Com, authenticity, as well as quality, is guaranteed.

you could also check  i've found if you use kinko's or copymax's website you can save your paper and ink and just pick up the materials, you can even get them double-sided, hole-punched, and the whole nine.

aboo husaam shaheed ibn george williams
wichita, ks  usa

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