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Posted By Topic: GEMS FROM SILSILAH AD-DA'EEFAH- Is sleeping after Asr a cause of madness?

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From the magnificent book ?Silsilah al-Ahaadeeth ad-Da ?eefah wal Mawdoo?ah wa atharuhaa as-sai fil ummah? by the Noble Imaam, the Mujaddid, the Mujaahid, the Muhaddith Abu Abdur Rahmaan Muhammad Naasir ud-Deen al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah).

Narration No. 39, Page 112.

Is sleeping after ?Asr a cause of madness?


?Whoever sleeps after ?Asr, then his intellect is swiped away and he has no one to blame except himself .?

Weak. Reported by Ibn Hibbaan in ?Du?afaa wal-Majrooheen? (1/283) by way of Khaalid bin al-Qaasim, from al-Layth bin Saad, from Aqeel, from az-Zuhree, from Urwah, from Aishah in marfoo? form. Reported by Ibn ul-Jawzee in ?al-Mawdooaat? (3/69) and he said, ?Not authentic! Khaalid is a liar, and the narration belongs to Ibn Lahee?ah, so Khaalid took it and ascribed it to al-Layth.?    

The Shaikh then discusses the chain and some narrators.  

The Faqeeh us-Sunnah then says,


Marwaan said, ? I said to al-Layth bin Saad when I saw him sleeping after ?Asr in the month of Ramadaan, ?O Abul Haarith! What is wrong with you? You sleep after ?Asr while Ibn Lahee?ah has narrated to us?so he mentioned it?  So al-Layth said, ?I will not leave that which benefits me for the hadeeth of Ibn Laheeah from Aqeel.??

Then it was reported by Ibn Adee by way of Mansoor bin Ammaar, ?Ibn Lahee?ah narrated to us from ?Amr bin Shu?aib, from his father, from his grandfather.?

I say: I am amazed by this answer of al-Layth, for it indicates his understanding and knowledge, and this is not surprising since he was from the imaams of the Muslims and the well known jurists. And I know many mashaaikh of today who abstain from sleeping after ?Asr even if they need to, so when it said to one of them, ?The hadeeth contains a weakness.? He quickly responds, ?The weak hadeeth is to be acted upon when it is regarding virtuous actions.?

So contemplate on the difference between the understanding of the Salaf and the knowledge of the Khalaf.

The Shaikh then discusses another chain and mentions that it is also weak.

Abul Irbaad
Abid Zargar

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As-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for this post.  In an earlier post (in another thread) I had read that sleeping after Asr caused madness and after that I tried to abstain from this practice.  This caused me a great deal of discomfort (being pregnant and also running after an almost two year old plus keeping a house).  I would try and refrain but sometimes give in to my extreme tiredness and sleep after Asr, only to wake up extremely exhausted because of the mental stress of doing an act that is disliked.  So needless to say I am extremely grateful for this clarification and may Allaah reward you emensely.  And may Allaah protect us from living in a time when there are no scholars to clarify issues for us and may He protect us from the grave deed of turning away from the guidance of the scholars.  Aameen

Your sister in Islaam
Umm Aasiyah Inshirah bint Umar

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wa 'alaikumussalaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

JazaakAllaahu khayraa for this benefit.

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Being that it is established that it is disliked to sleep before eshaa (meaning after maghrib), it would be a hardship on many people in some areas to avoid napping from asr to eshaa, for the whole afternoon until the night.

But remember, something being disliked and something being haraam are two different things.  So if you are exhausted one day, and fall asleep before eshaa', while you normally avoid that, then there is no sin committed and no blame on you.

Al-hamdulillaah for the ease of Islaam.

ibn John

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