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Posted By Topic: Hearing impaired muslim.

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Shaheed bin Dale bin Russell Griffin al Amriki (Maine USA/ Melbourne Australia)
Posts: 33
Joined: Jul 2010
Assalaam alaikum wa rahmatulahi.

What should a muslim do if they are hard of hearing and the masjid they attend does not use a mic
for salat, and they are the only person in the last row? The masjid is big enough that you can't hear
the imam sometimes even if your hearing is normal.

This happened to me one time and I was extremely confused in how I should have dealt with this
when coming up from sujood. I ended up just estimating the time and it worked alhamdulilah but
are there any islamic references to this type of situation? Is it permissible for me to ask a brother in
the row in front of me to trade spots with me before the salat starts due to the hearing disability? I
am just trying to be better prepared for if this happens again in the future inshaaAllaah

Any help would be greatly appreciated and may Allaah reward those who assist me in answering

Assalaam alaikum
Shaheed Griffin Al Amriki

~SubhanAllaah. It's amazing how often
people oppose the sunnah even AFTER
being shown daleel~

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