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Posted By Topic: Shaykh `Alee al-Faqeehee on The Ways Used By the Khawaarij To Incite the Youth in Order to Recruit Them

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Abu `Iyaad   (UK)
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Shaykh `Alee al-Faqeehee on The Ways Used By the Khawaarij To Incite the Youth

Shaykh `Alee bin Naasir al-Faqeehee explained that what is said regarding the excellence of these miracles (karaamaat), then that is amongst the ways of stirring up the youth and he also said: Verily, the ideology of the Khawaarij which is exemplified in declaring the Islamic societies to be disbelieving (societies) has not ceased to spread, and it has its callers and those who organise for it to be spread. It is spread using these means by way of the Internet and the callers (to this ideology) spread it amongst the youth (in order) to employ their religious zeal. This is done by spreading what they claim to be miracles of the mujaahideen, and this is amongst the ways of stirring up the youth and using their zeal. It is for this reason that they approach them from the avenue of their religion, and there has come in a hadeeth of Abu Bakr for a hadeeth of `Alee bin Abee Taalib (radiyAllaahu `anhu) in description of the Khawaarij - and Ibn Hajr has related it in the explanation of the hadeeth - "Then Satan will come to them from the avenue of their religion". And this is happening today, because what is spread on the World Wide Web is from unknown (unidentified) people, not known for knowledge and nor for religion. And all of that (is done) in order to stir up the youth from the angle of their religion. The likes of this is not befitting for an intelligent person in that he turns to an unknown ignoramus (on the Internet), and such a one could be a plant (placed) by certain orientations who have goals that are enmitous to Islaam and which are not openly announced to the people. And when we notify the youth of the likes of this (affair), we do not (at the same time) reject the miracles of the Awliyaa (pious friends of Allaah), rather these affairs are established and they are from the creed of Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa`ah. And we do not also reject what Islaam and the Muslims are subjected to by its enemies. These affairs are well-known, and it is obligatory upon every Muslim to do what he is able towards this. However, Jihaad in the path of Allaah has conditions and rulings, and it is the Scholars and the Jurists of the religion who explain all of that.

اصطياد الشباب

وبين فضيلته ان ما يقال عن فضل هذه الكرامات انما هو من وسائل اصطياد الشباب وقال: ان فكر الخوارج المتمثل في تكفير المجتمعات الإسلامية ما زال منتشرا وله دعاته والمخططون لنشره. وانما ينشر في هذه الوسائل الانترنت ويروجه الدعاة للشباب مستغلين حماسهم الديني وذلك بنشر ما يدعون انه كرامات للمجاهدين هو من وسائل اصطياد الشباب واستغلال حماسهم ولهذا يأتون من قبل دينهم وقد جاء في حديث أبي بكر لحديث علي بن أبي طالب رضي الله عنه في وصف الخوارج وقد أوردها ابن حجر في شرح الحديث قال: (فيأتيهم الشيطان من قبل دينهم) . وهذا هو الواقع اليوم لان ما ينشر في الشبكة العالمية هو من أناس مجهولين غير معروفين لا بعلم ولا بدين وذلك لإثارة الشباب من قبل دينهم ومثل هذا لا ينبغي للعاقل ان يتلقفه من جاهل مجهول وقد يكون مدفوعا من جهات لها أهدافها المعادية للإسلام غير المعلنة للناس. ونحن حينما ننبه الشباب لمثل ذلك لا ننكر كرامات الأولياء بل هذه أمور ثابتة وهي من عقيدة أهل السنة والجماعة ولا ننكر ما يتعرض له الإسلام والمسلمون من أعدائه فهذه أمور معروفة ويجب على كل مسلم القيام بما يستطيعه نحوها ولكن الجهاد في سبيل الله له شروطه وأحكامه والعلماء والفقهاء في الدين هم الذين يبينون ذلك.
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أبو عياض أمجد بن محمد رفيق
-=amjad bin muhammad=-

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