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Posted By Topic: Brief Biography of Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhab al-Wassabi

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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Name: Abu Ibraheem Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhab ibn 'Ali ibn
Muhammad al-Wassabi al-Abdali al-Yemeni

Birthday: 12-Safar-1376 H


He learnt basic reading, writing and Qur'an from his father.
Studied at the Dar Al-Hadith in Madeenah from 1392 to 1396. Then he studied
at Ma'had in Haram al-Makki from 1397 to 1398. And then he went back to
Yemen to call to Tawheed and Sunnah and warn against Shirk and Bid'ah.

After that in 1408H he went to seek knowledge from Shaykh Muqbil in Dammaj
and remained with him till 1412H except during winter months when he used
to go back to his Masjid in the city of Hadeedah.

His Books:

He has authored quite a few books. The most famous books is Al-Qawlul
Mufeed fi Adilatu tawheed.

Shaykh Muqbil had introduced some of his books and praised him.

His Teachers:

Shaykh al-Wassabi hafidhahullah studied with some of the seniormost
mashaykh of recent times like Ibn Baz, al-Albani, al-Uthaymeen, Muqbil,
Hammad al-Ansari, Bakr bin Abdullah Abu Zayd and others.

His Students:

Shaykh Yahya ibn 'Ali al-Hajooree, Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih as-Somali,
Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali Maqbool al-Muhammadi, Shaykh Ali bin Muhammad
Kulaisi and many others.

Scholar's praise for him:

Shaykh Muqbil
referred to Shaykh Muhammad al-
Wassabee as the Mufti of Yemen in some of his
lessons. It is also reported that he referred to Shaykh Muhammad as 'my
khaleefah.' [1]
Shaykh Ahmed an-Najmi[/url] called him Al-Aalim al-
(great Scholar) in the introduction of the book al-Qawlul

The brother Sameer al-Hudaydee
mentioned[/url] that he went to
Shaykh Rabee'[/url] and said:
"The followers of Abul Hasan (al-Misree) say there are no 'Ulamaah in
Yemen!", so ash-Shaykh Rabee responded by saying "Ash-Shaykh Muhammad (Ibn
Abdulwahhab), what is he?! And Shaykh Yahya what is he?! And other then
them from their fellow brothers!"

Click [url=]
here[/url] to read about a recent meeting of Sh. Wasabi
& Sh. Rabee.

Shaykh al-Wassabi is also well-known to
Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiri[/url] as can be found

Some of the other Scholars of Yemen like [url=]
Shaykh Muhammad al-Imam[/url], Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-
Adeni, [url=]
Shaykh Abdullah al-Adeni[/url] and others continue to
speak highly of Shaykh al-Wassabee hafidhahumullah.

For full-biography refer [url=


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unspecified ساجد (Mumbai (India))
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Click here to read the posts of the Shaykh on Sahab.

Also the website has a lot of audio/fatawa of the Shaykh.

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