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Posted By Topic: NEW BOOK RELEASE: Tafseer Sooratin-Naba

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Umm AbdurRahmaan S.bint Ahmed ibn Suleimaan (U.K)
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Please find the attached promotional information on the book, which you are free to send out to others.


Tafseer Sooratin -Naba

Compiled and Translated by Aboo Talhah Daawood Burbank

Book size:

Dimensions: 17x24cm
Pages: 138


*Introduction on the importance and principles of Tafseer
*Explanation of the Soorah
*Biographies of the Scholars of Tafseer and the Salaf whose sayings are included
*Chains of narration from the Salaf
*Price: 7.50

For further information please contact:

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Abu 'Abdillaah Ozan ibn Bedir ( U.K.)
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Tafseer Sooratin-Naba
Author: Abu Talhah Daawood Burbank.
Publisher: Sharhus-Sunnah Publishers (01-Sep-09)
Pages: 123


The intent behind this series is to provide an aid to understanding the Book of Allaah the Most High, in light of its importance in the life of a Muslim, and because of the scarcity of works of Tafseer in the English Language.

Ibn Taymiyyah said whilst in prison: Allaah has opened up for me this time, regarding meanings of the Qur'aan and the fundamentals of knowledge, such things that many of the scholars would wish to attain, and I have come to regret having used up most of my time on other than the meanings of the Qur'aan.

For Orders & more info:
R.R.P 7.50 GB Pounds

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