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Posted By Topic: book review-three books on ahkaam by shaikh ahmed bin yahya aal-shabeer an-najmee and some other books explaining umdah al-ahkaam by ibn qudaamah

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40-risaalah al-irshaad ila bayaan al-haqq fi hukm al-jihaad
رسالة الإرشاد إلى بيان الحق في حكم الجهاد
140 pages 1422/al-furqan [it came out 10 years ago under daar ulamaa as-salaf]
introductions by shaikh al-fawzaan and shaikh zayd bin haadi al-madkhali

the shaikh first explains what is jihad and its ruling upon the individual. He brings many evidences to show that jihad is fard kiffayaah in this time, as he has noticed many of the youth have been excited by a false call to jihad and the ruling of it being far ayn [an obligatory duty upon the individual], which is the view of the khawaarij. He talks about the debate he had with abdullaah azzaam [a caller to this baatil manhaj] on this issue. They say that the one who abandons jihad has committed the major kufr and then the shaikh, hafidhullaah, ends by mentioning the merits of martyrdom and what are the true reasons for victory.

41-fath ar-rabb al-wadood fi al-fataawa wa ar-risaa?il wa al-rudood
فتح الرب الودود في الفتاوى والرسائل والردود
2 volumes 1423/al-furqan

this book contains fataawa which have been divided into chapters of fiqh, including 130 pages on aqeedah and 54 pages on fataawa for women. Altogether there are nearly 700 questions.

42-ta?sees al-ahkaam ala maa saha an khayr anaam bi sharh ahaadeeth umdah al-ahkaam
تأسيس الأحكام على ما صح عن خير الأنام بشرح أحاديث عمدة الأحكام
with notes upon the ahaadeeth by al-albaanee
part 1 - 166 pages, 1414/daar ulamaa as-salaf

this is an explanation of ibn qudaama?a famous book ?umdah al-ahkaam? which contains just over 400 ahaadeeth from al-bukhaaree and muslim to do with ahkaam. Abd ul-ghani [not the famous ibn qudaamah who wrote al-mughnee] ibn qudaama [d.600] was asked to make this compilation for the student of knowledge. Many of these comprise the usool for many rulings, therefore many scholars have recommended one to memorise these ahaadeeth.
This is the first part containing a simple sharh for each of the first 82 ahaadeeth. The shaikh talks about the meanings of the words and the general point about each hadeeth and he mentions points of benefits. He then gave it shaikh naasir in 1962 to write some notes about the ahaadeeth. [still no part 2 published]

other explanation of umdah al-ahkaam are,

43-ihkaam al-ahkaam by taqi ud-deen ibn daqeeq al-eid [d.702]
إحكام الأحكام شرح عمدة الأحكام
823 pages, 1414/maktabah as-sunnah

there are different versions available, but the best one is the checking by ahmed shaakir, rahimullaah.
Ibn daqeeq compiled his own book on ahaadeeth ul-ahkaam, titled  al-ilmaam which he did a sharh of called al-imaam. This sharh is one of the greatest books ever written, which shaikh ul-islaam ibn taymiyyah called kitaab ul-islaam. [seven hadeeth have been published from it in two volumes]

44-al-I?laam bi fawaa?id umdah al-ahkaam by ibn mullaqqin [d.804]
الإعلام بفوائد عمدة الأحكام
11 volumes 1417/al-aasimah introducton by shaikh al-fawzaan

a mighty book and one of the best books written in ahkaam. The explanation for the each hadeeth is a book in itself. just for the first hadeeth he brings 30 benefits over 71 pages. He brings the explantion point by point numbering and titling each one as a faa?idah.  

45-tayseer al-?allaam by abdullaah bin saalih al-bassaam
تيسير العلام شرح عمدة الأحكام
2 volumes, there are several versions available, but get the newer as it contains changes.
It is similar to shaikh an-najmee?s in that it contains a one to four pages for each hadeeth.

book 18 ? sharh kashf ash-shubahaat by saalih al-fawzaan. The number of pages is 127, 1422/mu?assasah ar-risaalah.
and you can add book number 39 to your lists, which is mullakhas fi sharh Kitaab ut-Tawheed, 400 pages, 1422/al-aasimah.

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a batch of manuscripts written by shaikh ahmed an-najmee have been given in for publishing at daar atlas. one of them is the rest of his book 'ta'sees al-ahkaam'.

[although one of the brothers said that one of the managers has hatred for the dawah and calls our scholars 'fitnah makers' and 'mutashadiddeen'. so we are not sure if they are going to play games with the shaikh. anyway the books are complete and will be with us soon, inshallaah].

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