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Posted By Topic: a mighty tafseer and 2 other books on aqeedah and manhaj by the allaamah ubaid al-jaabiree

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47- إمداد القاري بشرح كتاب التفسير من صحيح البخاري

imdaad al-qaaree bi sharh kitaab at-tafseer min saheeh al-bukhaaree
4 volumes, 1421/maktabah al-furqaan

this is a book of tafseer where the shaikh has explained the chapter headings, aayaat and ahaadeeth from the book of tafseer compiled and written by imaam al-bukhaaree in his saheeh.
It consists of 4 volumes. The shaikh has brought the sciences of tafseer and its usool, Arabic language, aqeedah, fiqh and its usool, hadeeth and its usool, and akhlaaq, in this book, making it a book of excellence and great benefit for the ummah ? showing his deep knowledge and understanding of our religion.

It further establishes him as one of the pillars of our ummah and a guardian of this blessed dawah, and may Allaah disgrace those evil ones who say he is a small, failed student. wallaahi he is from the ullamaa al-kibaar ar-raasikhoon. He derived rulings and benefit from the qur?aan, hadeeth and the statements of the salaf and has explained al-bukhaaree?s kitaab at-tafseer in a easy manner with many headings and sub-points, making it a book easy to read and study.

48-تيسير الإله بشرح أدلة شروط لا إله إلا الله
tayseer al-ilah bi sharh adillah shuroot laa ilaha ila Allaah
50 pages, 1414/maktabah al-ghurabaa al-athariyyah
the shaikh brings the proofs for the basis of each of the seven conditions of the kalimah, derived from the qur?aan and the sunnah, which were compiled by the imaam Muhammad bin abd ul-wahaab, rahimullaah. So this is a sharh of his book on the conditions of the kalimah.

[This book was translated by one of the hizbee organisations in the uk several years ago, but it wasn?t well done. It would be of great benefit if one of the salafi publishers could re edit it and print it, giving it the shaikh and the book their proper rank].

49- تنبيه ذوي العقول السليمة
tanbeeh dhuwi al-uqool as-saleemah ila fawaa?id mustanbatah min as-sittah al-usool al-atheemah
84 pages, 1414/maktabah al-ghurabaa al-athariyyah

this book was compiled after the shaikh taught the book ?al-usool as-sittah? by Muhammad bin abd ul-wahaab, rahimullaah, at a masjid in al-madinah.
It is an explanation of this very important book talking about six fundamental points, which our religion is based upon:

1-ikhlaas and avoiding shirk
the shaikh discusses proofs from the qur?aan and the sunnah on this obligation.

2-the order to unite upon this religion
here the shaikh explains the aayaat to do with uniting and what to unite upon, the reality of what is actual splitting and how is the relationship with the ruler in this topic.

3-and then to hear and obey those put in authority over the community
the shaikh explains this point with aayaat and ahaadeeth and he also explains what happened between aboo sa?eed al-khudree and the ruler of al-madinah, marwaan bin al-hakm in the story related by imaam muslim, as many ignorant ones use this a proof of their baatil satanic khurooji manhaj. And how many of them do we hear saying ?yes, Muhammad abd ul-wahaab is a mujadid and we follow his manhaj? yet we see them far from his teachings and call and in particular this principle ?number three- from one of his most well known books. [al-uthaymeen mentions in his sharh that some of those who ascribe themselves to knowledge are ignorant of this point, p.161]

4-spreading knowledge and who are the scholars
the shaikh defines who is a scholar and what kind of knowledge is intended here. He mentions some points on the manners of seeking knowledge [which I will translate and perhaps, inshallaah, one day, the whole book] and he discusses the problems, which took place amongst the scholars of banee israa?eel. Then he refutes the statement ?those scholars [our teachers who we take our knowledge from] have knowledge of the ahkaam etc. but they do not understand the present day situation regarding politics, rulership, jihad and the affairs of the ummah.?  The shaikh balances the reality of this issue and he criticises al-maudoodee, at-turraabee and al-ghazaalee.

[as for al-ghazaali, whilst he was delivering a speech in riyadh he was criticising the rulers and in the middle of his evil speech he collapsed and died, in the very land which took care of him. but he hated it for its aqeedah, tawheed and sunnah. So he died in a humiliating way upon this innovation].
5-about the allies [the awliyah] of Allaah and the difference between them and His enemies.
The shaikh talks about what does the love of Allaah mean and the six signs of the true ally of Allaah and that they are of three levels/degree.
a-they follow the obligations and recommended duties and leave off forbidden and disliked actions
b-the one who fulfils the obligations and leaves prohibited actions, but leaves some recommended actions and commits some disliked actions.
c-the one who leaves of some obligations and commits some prohibited deeds

(there is more detail to this issue of degrees as we know that all of the sons of aadam fall into error and sin ? refer to the shaikh?s book p.67-72)

6-fighting the doubts put by shaytaan in abandoning the qur?aan and the sunnah and replacing it with one?s own views and desires.
For example the statement says that people say only a mujtahid mutlaq understands the qur?aan and the sunnah, so abandoning much of the authentic sunnah.     
He defines what is a mujtahid mutlaq and then he brings six principles to show how to act with the sunnah.
the shaikh recently announced in a lecture at one of the salafi centres (sudayr, an-najd) last month that a new edition is paying being prepared.

Another explanation of this excellent book, which brings the some of the usool of the salafi manhaj, is by the imaam al-uthaymeen, rahimullaah.

50-sharh usool sittah by al-uthaymeen
43 pages 1418/daar ath-thurayaa

this book was printed with his sharh to kashf ash-shubuhaat [book number 16].
The content is similar and the shaikh brings other points of benefit, for example, a discussion on what is ijtihaad and taqleed.

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