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Posted By Topic: islamic bookshops in riyadh

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Compiled by Aboo Ubaidah Amr bin Basheer

Here is a list of some of the bookshops found in the city of Riyadh, with some advice and information, which I will try to update in the future.
These are the main book shops, which I?ve so far, come across. There many other stationary shops, with small selection of religious books, dotted around the city.
The addresses are a rough idea of location, but you can contact me if you need details or are looking for any particular books.

Zam-zam     Swaidee high street     Good selection

As-Sumayee     Swaidee high street     Good selection

Tayyibah     Swaidee high street     Department store with a tape shop next to it.

Dar atlas     Swaidee high street     Excellent new section and some good rare books

Ibn hazm     Swaidee high street     You can find all of aqeel az-zahiree?s books here and photocopies of manuscripts

Ath-thabbaat     Swaidee high street     Good selection

Balansiyah     Swaidee high street and uthman bin affan     Watch for the huge salman awdah portrait, at the bin affan branch, as you go in. there is a massive selection upstairs. Swaide branch is quite big as well. Good discounts.

Tasjeelaat minhaaj as-sunnah an-nabawiyyah     Swaidee high street     The only salafee tape shop and where you can find under the counter refutations. [yes, salafiyyah is very ghareeb here, amongst the general folk]

Al-kawthar     olayaa high street     Ok

Al-mughnee     Madinah road     Excellent collection upstairs

At-tadmoriyyah     Swaidee high street     The best in town for new books and the cheapest. Unfortunately they also host the biggest aa?id al-qarnee collection.

Al-aasimah     Ahmed bin hanbal     Excellent

Aalim al-kutub     Tahlia     Very good

Ar-rushd     Prince Abdullah bin abdur-rahmaan     Deparment store. Massive selection.

Ibn khuzaimah     Ahsaa     Very good

W.a.m.y.     Dabbaab     Very good

Jareer      Olayaa high street     Big stationary shop. They have a good selection upstairs

Al-ubaikaan     King fahd     Deparment store. Massive selection. The best in hadeeth and its sciences.[upstairs]

Ar-rayah     sitteen     Excellent bookshop

Al-ma?aarif     Near the grand mosque     Some good old stock. Publishers of many of al-albaanee?s and at-tuwayjeree?sworks.

Al-lawaa     Zaid al-khattaab and khurais road     Very good selection

Al-minhaj     Prince Abdullah, makkah road, king fahd road and khalid bin waleed     Excellent second hand bookshop with some new stock at good prices.

Al-muyaid     King fahd and rawdah-exit 11     King fahd branch is very good and the rawdah branch is excellent. [upstairs]

Al-juraisee     Behind washam     A huge warehouse open to the public. Next door you get your king fahd press quraans and tapes at rock bottom prices

tawbah     Arba?een     Small selection. Arbaa?een street is dominated by several tape shops.

Second hand shops     Makkah road [opposite home plaza, and one next door to it]     Excellent night out. You can spend hours if not days going through the tons of old and some new stock. There are about 10 shops here. Some have bargain corners.

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