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Posted By Topic: book review-3 books on manhaj by shaikh fawzee al-atharee

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section two - reviews

I?ve put the reviews in this section as I did not notice it last time and all future articles to do with gaining knowledge will, inshallaah, be posted here.
The aim here is that students of knowledge can see what is available and for them to cut the info and paste it onto a ?salafi booklist file?.
Contributions can be sent to me; amrbasheer at

4-an-nasr al-hatheeth lbiyaan an al-aimmah al-arba?ah min ahl al-hadeeth 69 pages 1422, al-furqaan, ajmaan.  
he talks about their manhaj in adhering to the sunnah and warning against the bid?ah of rejecting the clear texts from the book and the sunnah.

5-al-azhaar al-manthoorah fi tabayyin an ahl-hadeeth hum al-firqah an-naajiyah wa at-taai?fah al-mansoorah 239 pages 1422 al-furqaan ajmaan
he talks about the titles of the people of truth, the merits of the ahl ul-hadeeth and the signs of ahl ul-bidah.

6-al-ward al-maqtoof fi wajoob taa?atu wulaah amr al-muslimeen bil-ma?roof 169 pages 1419 at-tawbah Riyadh.
it contains issues to do with obeying the ruler and our duties towards him and sticking to the jamaa?ah.

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