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Posted By Topic: In Defense Shaykh 'Ubayd Required

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A brief biography posted earlier on SalafiTalk (posted by by brother Abu Sufyaan حفظه الله):

As for a bio of Shaykh 'Ubayd, this is a rough summary of what can be found on

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Please download Allaamah Dr. Saalih as-Suhaymee's defence of Allaamah Ubayd by clicking [url=]here[/url].

Please download Sheikh Dr. Muhammad al-Aqeel's defence of Allaamah Ubayd by clicking [url=]here[/url].

May Allaah protect all the mashaykh of Ahlul Athar. Aameen.

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Another student of Allaamah Ubayd hafidhahullah is
Shaykh Abdullah Sawaan al-Ghamidi (Jeddah).

Some books introduced by Allamah 'Ubaid
  • Kun Salafiyan 'alaal-Jaadah [Be a Follower of the Salaf in Earnestness] by Shaykh Dr. 'Abdus-Salaam bin Saalim bin Rajaa As-Suhaymee who is a former Dean of the Shariah college and currently a Professor at the Dept. of Fiqh in the Shareeah College (Islamic Univ. of Madeenah). This book was checked by [url=]Allamah Saalih al-Fawzaan[/url] and also has an introduction by [url=]Allamah Alee Naasir al-Faqeehee[/url].
  • Al-Fataawaa-ul-Muhimmah fee Tabseer-il-Ummah [Important Verdicts to Enlighten the Ummah] by [url=]Shaykh Jamaal al-Haarithee[/url].
  • [url=]Ijmaa'-ul-'Ulamaa 'alal-Hajar wat-Tah'dheer min Ahlil-Ahwaa (The Consensus of the Scholars in Boycotting and Warning against the People of Desires)[/url] by [url=]Shaykh Dr. Khaalid adh-Dhafiree[/url]. This book also has introductions by [url=]Allaamah Rabee' al-Madkhalee[/url] and [url=]Allaamah Zayd al-Madkhalee[/url].
  • Usul Manhaj-is-Salaf fid-Da'wah ilaa Allaah [Principles of the Methodology of the Salaf in Calling to Allaah] which also features introduction by [url=]Allamah Saalih al-Fawzaan[/url] and others.
  • Ta'keed-ul-Musallamaat-us-Salafiyyah [Confirming the Principles of Salafiyyah in Refuting the View that the Ash'arees are a Praiseworthy Sect] which also features introduction by [url=]Allamah Ahmad an-Najmee[/url] and was reviewed by [url=]Allamah Saalih al-Fawzaan[/url] and [url=]Allamah 'Abdul Muhsin al-'Abbaad[/url].

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Ash-Sheikh Ali al-Hudhaifi hafidhahullah has included Shaykh Ubayd's name in a list of Ulema' who have refuted Sayyid Qutb here. Among the names that he has listed are Shaykhs Ibn Baz, al-Albaanee, al-Jaamee, Hammad al-Ansaaree, Abdul Muhsin al-Abbaad, Ahmed an-Najmi, Zayd al-Madkhalee, Saalih aal-shaykh, Saalih al-Luhaydaan, Saalih as-Suhaymee, al-Ghudayyaan & others. The Shaykh mentions that the warnings of all of these Ulema' including Sheikh Ubayd are gathered in the book "Baraa'ah Ulamaa il-Ummah Min Tazkiyah Ahl il-Bid'ah wal-Mudhammah" of Isaam bin Abdullaah as-Sinaanee.

It should be noted that the above book, after compilation and authorship was sent to [url=]Allamah Saalih al-Fawzaan[/url] who checked over it and made recommendations, and also suggested an improvement to the title of the book. Then it was read by [url=]Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih al-Uthaymeen[/url], who made his own written notes on the pre-print copy that was sent to him. Thus, both of these scholars endorsed the contents of this book.

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The following is an extract from the biography of Allamah Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Marzooq al-Banna rahimahullah as mentioned by Br. Abdulilah Lahmami hafidhahullah,

He(Allamah Muhammad al-Banna) also praised Sheikh 'Ubayd whom he met in the
Haram of Makkah and Sheikh Muhammad said concerning Sheikh 'Ubayd that those
who speak against him are not grounded in knowledge (this was in the last
meeting with the Sheikh last year i.e. 1429 AH).


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Here are some of the students of Allamah Ubayd hafidhahullahu ta'ala

Shaykh Falaah ibn Ismaeel al-Mundikaar (Kuwait)
[url=]Shaykh Sultaan al-Eed[/url] (Riyadh)
[url=]Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukhari[/url] (Madeenah)
[url=]Shaykh Abdullah al-Adeni[/url] (Yemen)

May Allah protect all of them.

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Allamah Salih al-Luhaydan's defence of Allamah Rabi', Allamah Ubayd, [url=]Allamah an-Najmi[/url] & [url=]Allamah Salih as-Suhaymi[/url] -

[url=]Allamah Zayd al-Madkhali's[/url] mention of Allamah Ubayd along with a list of other Ulema' -

May Allah protect all the Ulema' of Ahlus Sunnah who are alive and have mercy on those who have died. Aameen.

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On the website of [url=]Imaam Ibn Baz rahimahullah[/url] a list of the Shaykh's prominent Students with their brief introductions is given. In that list the name of Allamah Ubayd is also mentioned and as his introduction it's mentioned, Teacher at Islamic University(of Madeenah).

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Another link showing the status Shaykh Ubaydhafidhahullah enjoys among the other mashaykh. Plz. click here

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Alhamdulilaah, we visited Sheikh Rabee' about 3 weeks ago and mashaallaah he was well, the sheikh asked about the da'wah in the UK since i had just come back and he asked specifically about the brothers in Birmingham such as Abu Hakeem and Abu Khadeejah. He later said when you return to Madinah give sallam to Sheikh 'Ubayd and he continued to ask about his recent fall and supplicated for the betterment of the sheikh.

He also said the youth should keep away from fitnah and leave those affairs with the scholars to sort out.

Abdulilah Lahmami

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- - (3/31): " ( )    ".

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When a man knows his ownself, speech of the people is of no benefit to him!

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Shaykh Dr. Abdullah al-Bukhaaree's hafidhahullah recent defence of Shaykh Ubayd hafidhahullah and his warning to those who speak ill of him to fear Allah can be listened/read [url=]here[/url].

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Q. ...some individuals in the west hold the view and spread that Sheikh Rabea' bin Hadee, and Sheikh Ubaid al Jabiree are not from the senior scholars, instead, the senior scholars are Sheikh Saleh al Fowzan and others on The Committee of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia.  What is your comment on this statement?

Reply of Allamah Ahmed an-Najmee rahimahullah:

If this person is ignorant, then it should be said to him: 'This is only your opinion'.  We hold them to be senior scholars.  This (incorrect) statement will not harm Rabea' nor Ubaid.  This is natural that people will speak against The People of The Sunnah, it will not at all harm Rabea' nor Ubaid.

source: The [url=]blog[/url] of Br. Mustafa George hafidhahullah.

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Sh. Muhamad Bazmool Praises and Defends Sh. Ubaid Al-Jaabiree in Rajab 1430H

The Arabic link that the brother has mentioned is a website under supervision of [url=]Shaykh Dr. Alee Ridha[/url]

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Today during the lecture on Asl As-Sunnah of Imaam Abu Haatim Al-Razi & Abu Zur'ah Al-Razi (rahimahumullah), Br. Abdulilah Lahmami gave some interesting information about Shaykh Ubayd hafidhahullah.

The Shaykh gives lectures over the phone in the ladies section of Masjid an-Nabawi from his home daily. In addition he also teaches & gives khutbah in his local masjid. He takes over 15 classes a week even at such an old age and even though he is blind! May Allah protect the Shaykh and enable us to benefit from him Aameen.

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  - Arabic website with collection of Shaykh Ubayd's articles/audios. - Some articles of Shaykh translated into English. - Posts on Sahab from Shaykh's user id.

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Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu

When Shaykh Falaah Isma'il(may Allaah preserve him) visited us last year he was asked a question concerning Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree (may Allaah preserve him).

Shaykh Falaah silenced the questioner and those who claim Shaykh Ubayd to be other than a scholar!

This link I believe to be a transcription of the answer:

If you contact Salafibookstore you maybe able to purchase the audio...

Rabbanaa aatinna fe dunya hasanaatan wa fe aakhiratee hasanaatan wa qiynaa athaaban narr

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Here is the updated biography of the Shaykh hafithahullaah from

The Biography of Shaikh Ubayd al-Jabiri [1]  

Translated by Abdulilah Lahmami

He is Ubayd ibn Abdillh ibn Sulaimn al-Hamdni al-Jbir. The tribe of Jbir is from the Harb tribe of the Hijz. He was born in the village of Faqr near the Far valley in the city of Madnah in the year 1357AH. In the year 1365AH, he moved with his father to Maad ad-Dahb. There he began his learning and studying. In the year 1374AH, he moved to Madnah and due to family reasons he stopped studying for a period of time. In 1381AH, he studied at Dr al-Hadth in Madnah, then he continued at the Mahadul-Ilmee (Center). He entered the Sharah college at the University. He graduated from there in the year 1392AH with excellent grades. He came first in his group. of Madnah of Knowledge

His Teachers

As for his teachers then all of them have grace after Allh in educating, cultivating and having the correct understanding of the religion of Allh. From amongst his teachers at Drul-Hadth (in Madnah, Saudi Arabia) are:

Shaikh Sayfur-Rahmn ibn Ahmad
Shaikh Ammr ibn Abdillh

His teachers at the Center of Knowledge in Madeenah, Saudi Arabia

Shaikh Abdullh ibn Abdul-Azeez al-Khudair
Shaikh Awdah ibn Talq al-Ahmad
Shaikh Dakheelullh ibn Khalfah al-Kulait
Shaikh Abdur-Rahmn ibn Abdillh ibn Ajln [2]
Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdillh al-Ajln

His teachers at the University of Madeenah

The Allmah Muhaddith Hammd ibn Muhammad al-Ansree
The Allmah Muhaddith Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbd
Shaikh Ab Bakr al-Jazir

His work

He used to be the Imm in Masjid Sabq in Madnah from 1387AH till 1392AH.
He was a teacher at an intermediate school in Jeddah called Umar ibn Abdul-Azz from 1392H till 1396H.
He was a caller at the Dawah Center in Madnah and would take charge when the head was away from 1396AH till 1404AH.
He was a teacher at the University from 1404AH to 1st Rajab 1417AH. Then he retired according to the retirement age in the law. During his stay there, he studied for and obtained a Masters degree in Tafsr.

His Character and love of Ahlus Sunnah

The Shaikh is very kind to his students, accepts people from all over the world to his house to ask questions and to benefit. He spends most of his time teaching either at his local mosque, his house, over the phone to the students in the Prophet's Mosque, and over the internet. Last year, the Shaikh mentioned that he has about fifteen lessons a week. His care and concern for spreading knowledge and teaching the books of the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah is very apparent. The Shaikh travels inside and outside the kingdom for dawah even though he cannot see. I have never heard him complain once about his loss of sight. Rather, he has excelled in what Allh has given him in terms of his knowledge, memory and understanding of this religion.

The Shaikh also has a good sense of humour. He takes a lot of interest and care with his family, always providing for them and taking time and effort to please them. The Shaikh has a lot of love for children and plays with them and also teaches them, maashaaAllh.

He loves Ahlus-Sunnah and particularly always asking about his brothers from the scholars around the Kingdom and elsewhere. Last year (1425AH), he met Shaikh Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab al-Banna in the Haram in Makkah and they both hugged each other. Shaikh Muhammad al-Banna cried when he saw Shaikh Ubayd for the love he had for him and invited the Shaikh to his house for dinner.

The scholars continue to praise Shaikh Ubayd al-Jaabiree and recognize his knowledge and understanding mashaaAllah. Shaikh Salih ibn Fawzan was asked about Shaikh Ubayd al-Jabiri and he said take benefit from him as he is known to be from the scholars. Other elder scholars such as Shaikh Dr. Salih as-Suhaimi, teacher in the Islamic University of Madnah and likewise teacher in the Prophetic Mosque has much love for the Shaikh and praises his knowledge and understanding. Likewise, Shaikh Rabi ibn Hadi advises the students to benefit from his knowledge and his understanding. He said recently, "benefit as much as you can, my son, for I am now 72 years old and I do not know when my time will come"

As to those who have spoken ill of him from the hate mongers, he said, "You do not expect innovators to put out flowers in front of you, don't worry about what they say, tread this path, the path of knowledge for the Prophet was not free from being insulted."

And he said, "knowledge without wisdom is destruction. It is upon the callers to have knowledge and wisdom and this comes from sitting with the scholars."

Recently he sent a letter to Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan thanking him for his efforts after reading an article of the shaikh on being upright.

His books

1. Taysrul-Ilh bisharh adilatish-shuroot l ilha illallh (Printed).
2. Tanbh Dawil Uqool as-Salma il Faw∙id Mustanbata mina Sitatil-Usool al-Athma (Printed by Dr al-Bukhr).
3. Imdd al-Qree bi Sharh Kitb at-Tafsr min Sahh al-Bukhr (Printed in four volumes).
4. Sharh Muntaqa ibn Jrood (not completed).
5. Fath al-Aliyil-Alaa bi sharh al-Qaw∙id al-Muthlaa (Printed).
6. Itihful-Uqool bisharh Thalthatil-Usool.
7. Qaw∙id al-Fiqhiyah of Abdur-Rahmn as-Sadee.

Books under publication

1. Haiyatul-Mubtadi bi sharh Mandoomat al-Qawid al-Fiqhiyah.
2. Rasil al-Jbir fid-Dawah ilal-Jamat as-Salafiyyah fi Tahdeer ath-Thowra Fikriyyah.
3. At-Tuhfatul Jaabiriyyah fi Mulakhas al-Aqeedatis-Salafiyyah.
4. Radd Ala Al Jiffrey (the Sf who is currently spreading shirk amongst Muslims). Printed.

His recent lessons in Masjid Nafa ibn mir in Madnah, Saudi Arabia

Shabn 1425
Sahh Sunan Ab Dawood Kitbus-Sunnah.
Meemiyyah of al-Hfidh al-Hakamee.

Ramadn 1425
Bulgh al-Marm Book of Fasting.
Majlis Ramadn from Shaykh Ibn Uthaimeen.

Shawwaal 1425
Bahjat Quloob al-Abrr by Shaykh Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sadee
Bulgh al-Marm Book of Hajj

Muharam 1426
Bulgh al-Marm Book of Tahrah (completed in Rab al-Awwal 1426AH).
Sahh Sunan Ibn Mjah Introduction (completed in Rab al-Awwal 1426).
Qawidul-Fiqhiyyah of Abdur-Rahmn Sad (completed in Rab al-Awwal 1426AH).

Safar 1426
The Four Principles Qawid al-Arbaa (completed).

Rab al-Awwal 1426
The Three Fundamentals Usool ath-Thaltha.

He has also completed thereafter:

Kitaabu Tawheed by Imam Muhammad ibn Abdulwahab twice in four years.
Muqadimatul Qirwaaniyyah of ibn Abi Zaid al-Qirwaaniy
Usool as-Sunnah of Imam Ahmed
Sharh Lum'at al-'Itiqaad of Ibn Qudaama by Shaikh ibn Uthaimeen
Lu-Lu wal Marjaan kitaab al-Eeman, Tahara, Salaat
Al-Adab al Mufrad 22 sittings.
Riyaadh us-Saliheen first fifteen chapters.
Menhajus Salikeen of Shaikh Abdulrahman as-Sa'di All of the chapters on worship.
Shuroot al-Salat of Imam Muhammad Abdulwahaab. (The conditions of the prayer).
As-Sunnah of Imam al-Marwazi

Currently, the Shaikh is teaching Al-Aqeedatul Wasitiyyah and Menhaj as-Salikeen kitaab al-Buyuu' (Book of Buying and Selling)


1. This biography originally appeared on the website but had mistakes. I read it to Shaikh Ubayd and this is the corrected version with the approval of the Shaikh himself, may Allh protect him.

2. He is presently teaching in the Haram in Makkah.

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Abu 'Abdil-'Azeez al-Misree
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Assalaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Can someone give the biography of Shaykh 'Ubayd hafidhahullah please. I could not find in any sites. I remember somewhere in this forum there was praise of some scholars like Shaykh Rabee' on Shaykh 'Ubayd but could not find now.

Barakallaahu feekum

wa'alaikum assalaam
abu ayyub al bukhari.

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