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Posted By Topic: I am writing in dire need of advice from the Du'aat of the West

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Abu Hamza Eesa bin Robert Cantley (portland, Or, USA)
Posts: 27
Joined: Aug 2008
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah ya ikhwaan.

Directed to Moosa Richardson, whom I met in Mina in 2002, Dawood Adeeb, who may remember us brothers back in Daytona Beach, and others of the Duaat in the west.

I am writing in dire need of advice.

I live in Portland Oregon, now, and have for the past 3 years. I go to a masjid that is considered the main one here, the [hub] if you will. The community is extremely diverse. Both in ethnicity and manhaj. We have it all:from Takfiree to Salafee, Hizbee to Tablighee, and in between. The members of committee that runs the whole show, for the most part, are what is often coined as [mainstream Muslim]. The Salafees (insha Allah) that are active number 5. Myself and 3 other brother attend salawaat regularly, the fifth brother works far away is around for isha and salatul jumua. There are other brothers there that share a love for the same scholars, feel the same about the bidaat there which is apparent and such, but I wouldnt call them [active] as they are very low key: attending to family and studies and such.

Now, I and one brother are sort of permanent here. The others have arrived over the past year and a haf or so. I have not the means to leave until, insha Allah, I finish some studies to try and accommodate hijrah. So, having said that, we have a vested interest in trying to give dawah here and making a legitimate attempt at showing the people how beneficial the correct deen really is. I have struggled at this, in open (very much so I may add), and more recently (past 1 yrs) rather quietly, almost covert, as open was getting almost dangerous. By the permission of Allah, the tableghees are no longer allowed to spend the nights here (for the most part), the takfirees are not so blazon in their hatful rhetoric, and many are genuinely enquiring and interested in Scholars, the likes of Shaykh Al Jabiree, Rabee, Al Fawzaan and others originally avoided in the past. The [Imaam] here, who used to often quote Al Qutb, now, reflects on his experiences spending time with Shaykh ibnul Uthaymeen during his last Hajj, rahimahullah, and now only reads from his books. So, from the outside it seems so much better.

No doubt problems still exist, both with the community as a whole, and the Imaam, who is often refuted for his past calls and lack of really connecting with the Ulema now.

Ok, I certainly hope I am not loosing you all.

As I had stated, 4 of us are actively attending salawaat. However only 2 of us seem genuinely concerned with continuing any dawah here. The other 2 brothers, who regular pray here, pray then leave. The fifth actively calls to avoid the masjid as a whole and its people and imam.  This is causing a huge fitnah now as we 2 brothers are now being thought of as deviant, as we are [mingling] with the others and in danger of becoming like them. One brother has openly made hujjah on the other and now we are split. The 5 fingers of the hand are in contention with each other and now things are very hectic.

I need to know, should one just abandon the community, even though some progress has been made. I have touched a few, actually helped rid the masjid of the tablighee filth, and now the masjid is bearable, but the others are criticizing me and it seems not far from them boycotting me as well. I have not the means of leaving, and the others are not active in study, so it seems my only alternative is to stick with what I am doing and have patience in any hardship my salafi brothers cause me. It pains me, and I know the risks of being there, but I believe I am diligent in avoiding any deviance and pray I am sincere in what I am doing.

I guess I just need some advice, and any criticism would be welcome. I have no thin skin and what only to see Allahs face on yauma maeez. Please, any advice from the students of knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Any queries in my (our) regard sent to the Ulema would be greatly appreciated. Help is needed.

Thank you, wa barakallahu feekum, ameen

Abu Hamza of Portland oregon

"It is enough knowledge that one fears Allah, it is enough ignorance that one be impressed by his own knowledge" Masrooq(rahimahullah)

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Abu Fatimah al engleezi (sheffield; United Kingdom)
Posts: 172
Joined: Jun 2009
May Allah grant you success in your dawah and give you guidance as to what pleases him.

I am not knowledgeable but I suggest praying istikara as a starting point and trying your best to contacting some knowledgeable brothers about your situation as this requires knowledge from the ulema and their students.

May Allah make things easy for you.

Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmah Tullahi wa Barakatuhu

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