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02-05-2003 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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All praise be to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon the most honorable of all His creation, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and Companion. To proceed.

There are a group of brothers in Austin,TX who are trying to establish themselves upon Ad dawah as-salafiyah. Living in Tx they has encountered an individual named Waleed Basyouni who claim to be a student of knowledge. This brother has been invited by masjid Ibrahim in Astin several times.I have told them not to take from this man nor sit in his lectures. He is not salafee. I have told them that we don't take from him because he sit with various deviants (Sayeed Adly, al-Aroor and Dr.J and their likes).
I'm not questioning their intention in any way they would just like something detailed so that they can better deal with the various grous in there area for they are new to the dawah and are struggling to gain an understanding of what it is to be salafee.
Anything for anyone would be welcomed barakallahu feekumu wa jazakullah khair.

Wa aliakum Salaam
Abu Jamilah Talibuddeen As-Salafee  
abu jamilah

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