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» hadith on insha allaah and prophet sulayman wish to have relation with his 99 wives, is it on one night?
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Posted By Topic: hadith on insha allaah and prophet sulayman wish to have relation with his 99 wives, is it on one night?

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abujameel sarwar rosun (mauritius)
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Joined: Dec 2008

i would like to have a precision on the hadith on need to say insha Allaah and prophet sulayman wish to have relation to his 99 wives, is it mentioned on one night?

jazaakallahkhair wa baarakallah feekoum



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Umm Aliyah Sakinah bint Ronald Jackson (Washington, DC)
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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Indeed all praise is for Allah and may peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad, his family and all those who follow upon his way until the Last Day.

To proceed:

As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

I am unsure of a hadith that states we should mention insha Allah.  The ayah from the Quran are enclosed.

And never say of anything, "I shall do such and such thing tomorrow
Except (with the saying), "If Allıh will!" And remember your Lord when you forget and say: "It may be that my Lord guides me unto a nearer way of truth than this." (Al-Kahf 18:23-24)

Sakinah bint Maryam

Sakinah bint Maryam

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Aboo Dihyah Dawud Adib (Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.)
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On the authority of Aboo Hurayrah who said: ıSulaymaan ibn Dawood alayhes Salaatu was Salaam said: ıThis night I will go around to one hundred women, each of whom will give birth to a boy who will fight for the sake of Allaah.ı The angel said to him, ıSay in shaa Allaah. But he did not say it but rather he forgot. He went around to them but none of them gave birth, except from one woman who gave birth to half a child. The Prophet sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam said: ıIf he had said in shaa Allaah, he would not have broken his oath and he would have had more hope of getting what he desired.ı This was collected by Al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree.

Al-Imaam Muslim collected a narration which stated he said ninety women.

Dawud Adib the son of David C.White Sr.

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