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Posted By Topic: Help with getting in Umm-Al-Qura

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11-15-2008 @ 3:47 PM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Esad bin Husejin (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Posts: 40
Joined: Nov 2008
Assalamu alaykum!

Dear brothers and sisters, can anyone help me with information regarding applying at Umm-Al-Qura. I wish to study Qur'anic Arabic, but have only mere knowledge of Arabic. I wish to study as soon as possible, so the next possible term. My questions are:
1.What do I have to send with my application?
2.Until when can I send my application for the next term?
3.What are the requirements for applying to study at Umm-Al-Qura?

Thank you.

Assalamu alaykum!

11-24-2008 @ 11:02 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu abdurahmaan Ibn Ike (from london)
Posts: 5
Joined: Oct 2006
Asalamualaikum aki, this is the link to a good website that will help inshallah.

Hilaal ibn Khabbaab (rahima-hullaah) said:

((I said to Sa'eed ibn Jubayr:

"What is the sign of the people perishing?"

He said:

"If their scholars pass away")).

11-26-2008 @ 3:37 PM    Notify Admin about this post
unspecified Esad bin Husejin (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Posts: 40
Joined: Nov 2008
Alaykum selam we rahmetullahi we barakutuhu!

How are you brother? Thank you for answering this post. I have already visited this site, however it seems to be updated or perhaps I missed some information while reading it. So it was useful. Thank you also for the encouraging words. However, I am not that acquainted with Arabic yet, so I am wondering what aki means, a brief google search showed me only one post claiming it means brother, is this accurate?
Reading my post it seems I haven't been clear enough and I have aditional questions which I got while reading the link you provided. Therefore:
1.Regarding my previous questions I meant a formal link from the university or document stating as much information possible.
2.I live in Slovenia, but our Saudi Embassy is in Austria. Whose minister of Education do I contact and what exactly do I ask for?
3.Regarding the Health certificate, I have not heard of that being issued here in this exact form, if there is not any such thing here, is a physical exam and signed statement enough and what should the doctor state in it?
4.Does the fact, that the Slovenian Embassy for Saudi Arabia is in Egypt pose any sort of a problem?
5.Does the known Islamic organization or personality which gives the recommendation have to be a Salafi?
Because I am not sure how many people follow that here. As I am aware of the majority in the ex-Yugoslav republics only some 10 years ago found out about a different interpretation of Islam, but they still call it Wahabi and mix it with terrorism and the sorts of Al-Qaeda, additionaly they reject it and claim that their type of Islam is the traditional one and do not like being advised, they just generalise others. As the mere knowledge which I have I am not quite sure about the known ones, I can not say myself if there is anything wrong with what they claim.
6. So does anyone know who to ask for the recommendation in this area?
7.How many recommendations are needed?
8. What is the final date till which they accept applications for this round?
9. I have stumbled at while surfing that you have to enter their Arabic institute and study there for a few years and then the best 10% are accepted for further study at various other study programms, however I forgot where that information was. Can anyone confirm this?

Thank you.

Assalamu alaykum!

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