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1) Can a person, normal layman say some thing is haram or halal, knowing that,  that thing contains or is an extract of some thing haram or halal respectively? Does he need to get a fatwa from a Scholar?

2) Can a person, normal layman use his judgement and sound his opinion in certain issues, like the one above, upon clear knowledge or does he have to go to a scholar for every single issue? If he can, then where is it that he is allowed to use his judgement and where is he not allowed to do so?
Please, try to give Evidence where ever possible, even if it is a rule of fiqh.

3) Can a person, a normal layman, say a group of people who follow a certain way, which is the way of the ones who have deviated from the manhaj (and about which way the scholars have said that "the deviant ones follow this way"), that they are a Hizbh or they are a people who have deviated from the manhaj?
Can he advice this group about their deviance in the absence of a scholar?
Can he criticize that group or individual? Can he use words like "Majnoon, Jahel" etc to describe that individual?

4) This is about a business deal, can the manufacturer of a certain product take advance from the customer , tell him that he will manufacture that product in a few days and then deliver it, after which the customer can pay the rest of the money?

5) can a student ask his unmarried female teacher questions in private, like the staff room? keeping in mind that the student is in the land of the Kuffar and in the school of the kuffar?

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