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Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyah said:

?Thus if it [the innovation] is done publicly, then its recompense must be done in public, as well, in accordance with conceivable justice. For this reason, it is not considered backbiting to talk about one who openly publicizes his innovations and wickedness, as has been reported on Al-Hasan Al-Basree and others. This is because when one publicizes that, he justifies himself to be punished by the Muslims. The least of these forms of punishment is that he should be dispraised and dishonored so that the people may avoid and refrain from him and his deviance. And if he is not dispraised and the evil or disobedience or innovation that lies within him is not conveyed (to the public), then the people will be deceived by him. Then it is likely that this will bring some of them to act upon what he believes in. At the same time, it will only cause him to increase in his daringness, evil and disobedience.?



Concerning the statement of Bilal Philips in his response:

?The root of the problem is that I follow the position of Shaykh Al Albaanee in his opposition to the use of abandonment (hajr) against those with  errors. Sh Al Albaanee had said on numerous occasions that "disassociation"  and "abandonment" (hajr) of those doing bid?ah is not permitted in our times  as it will not produce the effect it did during the times of the early  scholars.In their times, the people of bid?ah were few, so abandonment  isolated them and forced them back into the fold. Today the people following  the salaf are few and those following bid?ah are the majority, so abandoning  those with errors will only isolate ourselves and drive those Salafees with errors deeper into mainstream of bid?ah.?

Also regarding the general statement made by Sheikh al Albaani then we sat with Sheikh Obayd al Jabree a month ago and this is what he said:

Sheikh Obayd al Jaabree said:

"Amma Ba'ad, my answer to these statements includes many things:

Firstly, the statements of Sheikh al Albaani are clear regarding the boycotting of the innovator. That it does not bring about any benefit and this being in general is from his perspective rahimahullaah.  This generalization is not to be taken absolutely, rather in some cases as he rahimahullaah said, the innovator is not boycotted, for there is no benefit in boycotting him. And if the Innovators have ability to harm
(they are a thorn against you), and they have power/authority, and significance then this is in agreement with the Sheikh rahimahullaah's saying. As for some other cases the innovators have neither the ability to harm nor any authority or strength. They are many but they do not have strength in front of the Salafi, in this case then one must boycott them. This is what the salaf were upon. For they will (try) and harm
the Sunnah and its strength and the strength of its people. So they (Salafees) should be firm and harsh against the innovators and boycott them, make them feel lowly and humiliated. As for if the ahlu Sunnah are weak and the innovators are many then it is enough for them to clarify the Sunnah."

Inshaallaah this will suffice the sincere seekers to the truth, wishing for his brother what he wishes for himself , Abdulilah Ibn Rabah Lahmami.

Hence, there is no absolute negation at all, rather there is tafseel (detail) to this matter. And further, even in the words Bilaal quoted from Imam al-Albaanee, there is a clear exception to Sheikh Al-Albaanee?s view concerning the general rule. However, it is not appropriate for a person like Bilal to either take a single tape of al-Albani and build his whole manhaj of ta?aawun based upon it, or to take just the view of al-Albani (which is actually different to what he thinks it is in the first place), and then to build his whole manhaj of ta?aawun (co-operation) around it.

And then on 14th December, the following reached us, being the comments of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree upon the ?clarification? of Bilaal Philips, in his response to myself, as transcribed by Abdul-Ilah from the cassette:


..Bilal Philips said:
?So, for example, I do not disassociate myself from Tableeghi brothers. I will discuss with them, and give lectures on the rare occasions when they may invite me - and always my lectures will call subtley to the way of the salaf. Furthermore, I have spoken about the bid?ah in Tableegh in numerous lectures. So the issue is not my supposed "disassociation" from Salafees but my unwillingness to disassociate totally from people who are not 'on the manhaj'. My rejection of their bid?ah and errors is not enough.*?

*We still await proof of this claim that he has gone to the platforms of Jamaa'atut-Tableegh and rejected their bid'ah and errors!

So Sheikh ?Ubayd al-Jaabiree continues:
"Secondly, This person has said, that he calls the tableegh subtlety, I understand from this that he does not criticize their methodology. That he does not criticize their deviance, and that Tawheed is Tawheed Rubobiyyah [only] and this is what they give the meaning of Laa ilaaha Ilallaah as. This is not what the Salaf were upon, rather the Salaf used to warn against innovations, and they uncovered its evils. So how is this call that is Subtle?  The Tableeghis and other than them, if the true methodology is not shown and the futile methodologies are not uncovered then they will not disagree and warn against (him). This is the politics of
getting closer (not clear) and this is what they want. So it upon this brother to call openly/sincerely to the truth. It is upon him to clarify the meaning of Laa ilaaha Ilallaah, as the Book and the Sunnah came with and what the salafus saalih were upon, and it is upon him to show what differs from that amongst the false interpretations. This if he is a caller to the Sunnah. This is the second point??

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Shaykh Ubayd said:
??The third point is that he (i.e. Bilal Philips) mentioned that he attends their lectures, this is not from the manhaj of the salaf, The salaf stay away from the sittings of the innovators, They do not go to them.

They even warn against them (the innovators) and their harm. Upon the one that comes to them and others. From this, Sufyaan ibn Uyaiynah or Thawree that he said regarding sitting with the innovators that the person who sits with them will not be free from any three things " Either he will be free from the misguidance,  or he may fall into it, or others besides him will be deceived due to him (being with the innovator)." All of this is dangerous. Mus'ab ibn  Sa'd rahimahullaah said "Do not sit with the Maftoon (the one who is tried) for he will not leave upon you except two things, either he puts you to trial and so you follow him, or he will harm you before you depart from him."

Mufaddal ibn Mahallal rahimahullaah "If the companion of the bid?ah were to speak to you about his bid'ah at the beginning of sitting with him then you would have kept away from him and left, but he will speak to you at the beginning with the Sunnah then he will put in you his bid?ah and your heart accepts it so when will it leave your heart?" So I say to this person who says that he calls to the salaf and Salafiyyah that he should be away from the innovators and make his rank clear from them. That his love and significance be with ahlu Sunnah, the Salafees.  

And if an innovator attends his gathering, then he should close the path for them and not open the path of debating and arguing with them. For debating with them is not from the methodology of the Salaf. Imam Malik said "Is it that every time a man comes that is more eloquent in arguing than another man we leave that which Jibreel 'alayhi salaam brought to the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam."

So this person must be with the Salafees and add to their ranks and strengthen their power, and for him to differentiate from the innovators and strives to show the Sunnah and warning against the innovations, then he will be upon the correct Salafi methodology. The methodology that differentiates and clarifies.

We may not tell him not to give them salaam and not give shake their hands, it some circumstances this may not be easy, but his love and his inclination must be for the Salafees and ahlu Sunnah. His inclination, love and advice should not be to the innovators amongst the tableeghis, ikhwaanis and other than them. This will strengthen their power and weaken the ahlu Sunnah and others who are not equipped with knowledge and correct methodology will be deceived by his actions." End quotes from Shaykh ?Ubayd al-Jaabiree, by way of Abdul-Ilah Lahmami (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia).


And the above understandings and explanations are precisely what I advised Bilaal in my response to him, but unfortunately, as we have noted before, there is a great disease rampant in the West of da?ees who work ?independently?, feeling there is no need for them to seek the advice and counsel of the Scholars known for the Salafiyyah, firm upon it, and who constantly advise the youth in these matters pertaining to ta?aawun (co-operation) with Ahl ul-Bid?ah and the hizbiyyoon. So they wish to be independent making their own decisions and implementations based upon their own flawed understandings and misconceptions of the stances of the scholars - and then when they are corrected, they respond with the type of response not dissimilar to what Bilal has responded with. Covering his previous tracks and his behaviour by explaining what his positions are now, without acknowledging the many serious mistakes he has made in the past, which need clarification, as is required by this manhaj - so that one is absolved of any blame and so that the people are not misled by previous errors. And as we shall see, from the quotes later, there are many issues that Bilal needs to clarify in no uncertain terms, such as his praise and commendation of the heads and chiefs of innovation - all of which exists in his books which are still circulated and read amongst the people. And especially since, he still holds onto misconceptions concerning the position of Imaam al-Albaanee towards the Innovators and dealing with them.

I must also make it clear that the above words of Bilal Philips were taken to Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree without my knowledge, and I was unaware that the brothers had sought responses from Shaykh Ubayd concerning Bilal?s response to me - just in case Bilal or anyone else for that matter attempt to claim that I sought to escalate this issue with the scholars. This matter was clear to me from the beginning, it is Bilal who needs to correct his misconceptions - which he continues to propagate. There is actually more to the response of Shaykh Ubayd to the statements of Bilal Philips, but the above is all that has been made available to me to date. And the full text and tape of the statements of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree will be made available soon, inshaAllaah.

Just like it is also important to note that our issue with him was not merely that he goes to Tableegh and lectures to them, but that he goes to the likes of Al-Muntada (the Surooree/Qutubee group whom he no ability nor knowledge of correcting, especially since he has agreed with many of their positions), JIMAS, and other unsavoury organisations who wear the gown of Salafiyyah but in fact are hiding the doctrines of Syed Qutb, Mohammad Qutb, Safar al-Hawali and other deviants. And that this has been his practice all along for many years, despite the fact that all of the true Salafi du?aat in the West have been aware of these matters, ever since Imaam al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah) made tabdee? (declared them to be innovators) of these people, in generic terms, labelling them ?Khaarijiyyah ?Asriyyah?.

It is hard to believe that Bilal could remain ignorant of these matters (especially since he claims a strong connection to the recordings of Shaykh Al-Albaanee), and if he was ignorant then it shows that he is not the one to be going on da?wah tours, especially in the current climate of mass confusion about the Salafi da?wah and its manhaj. Rather, he should refrain and learn from the scholars and their statements.

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I also clarified to Bilal Philips that we do not reject giving da?wah to the people of Hizbiyyah (like Tableegh) and others, upon the correct Sharee?ah principles, and mixing with them, limitedly, for the sake of this purpose alone  - in perfect agreement with what Shaykh ?Ubayd has said above - but we took issue and oppose Bilal Philips with his open attachments to the likes of Ali Timimi, Zarabozo, JIMAS and others known for their hizbiyyah and deviation, and going to the platforms of the likes of these people - all of whom are known to be amongst the Harakiyyoon (political activists), upon the manhaj of Safar and Salman and Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq and others. Refer to the above point, which shows the correctness of this concern, by Bilal?s own acknowledgement.

It is well known that when one corrects the people of innovation, there are three requirements that the Scholars mention that are important: 1. Knowledge and insight of the Salafi aqeedah and manhaj and the deviations you hope to correct in them. 2. That you will be listened to and your words will carry effect. 3. That you will make clear the errors without being bashful or shy and without flattering their deviated partisanship.

In addition to that, we fail to understand what exactly is his ?subtle? da?wah that he is giving, and whether this type of ?subtle? da?wah was known by the Salaf, in their correcting, advising and admonition of those who had deviations in aqeedah, tawheed and manhaj. Rather the Salaf were clear in their affair.

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan was asked,
?Are the jama?aat to be associated with or are they to be abandoned??

He replied, ?When the intent behind mixing with them is to call them to adhere to the Book and the Sunnah and to leave the error, for the one who has knowledge and insight, then this is something good. And this is from calling to Allaah. As for when this mixing is for the sake of friendliness with them and companionship with them, without calling them, and without clarifying, then this is not permissible.

It is not permissible for a person that he should mix with the opposers except from an angle within which there is a Sharee?ah benefit, from calling them to the correct Islaam, and explanation of the truth to them so that they may return. As Ibn Mas?ood went to the Innovators who were in the mosque and who stood over them and rejected their bid?ah. And also Ibn ?Abbaas (radiallaahu anhumaa) who went to the Khawaarij and debated with them and repelled their doubts and then amongst them were those who returned (to the truth). Hence, mixing with them is from this angle, then this is desired. And if they then persist upon their falsehood it is obligatory to leave them and shun them, and to make jihad against them for the sake of Allaah?. (Al-Ajwibah al-Mufeedah p.12).

We ask Bilal, in all of his co-operation with the people of hizbiyyah and deviation over many years, and his associations with them, did he ever follow the manhaj that the scholars above have outlined?

Where are the cassettes of Bilal Philips in refutation/correction of JIMAS, or al-Muntadah, or Safar al-Hawaali, or the other groups and sects of hizbiyyah?

Where are his 18 pages responses to the slanderers of Imaam Ibn Baaz, and Imaam al-Albanani?

Where are his 18 page responses to those who rush to takfir and call to rebellion?

Where are his 18 page responses to the Khawaarij of our times ? Al-Qutbiyyah and as-Surooriyyah?

Where are his 18 page responses to those who call for nearness to the Innovators by way of their false principles of unconditioned ta?aawun (co-operation with the innovators) and al-muwaazanah (speaking good of the innovators along with their mistakes)?

Where are his 18 page refutations of those who accuse our scholars of Irjaa??

Where are his 18 page responses to those who slander the Salafis with the terms Madkhalees and Jaamees?

There are NONE!

Rather his 18 page response, and for the first time ever, has only been to hide his own mistakes, and to demonise the Salafis and their du?aat and implicitly their scholars (as will be shown) ? but never before have we seen 18 page responses for the sake of the Salafi manhaj and the du?aat who truly carry it!

And Al-hamdulillaah, the Salafis have been advising and correcting these partisans for years and years, whereas Bilal was intimate with them for years and years. Where is his walaa and baraa? for the Salafis? Why NOW has he chosen not to mix with al-Muntada? Or JIMAS? Is it because he now realises their deviation? Why has he made hajr from them now? Where is his personal understanding of the position of Al-Albaanee regarding hajr - When he holds that boycotting is not to be done in the current times? Or is it that what the Salafis corrected him for, was actually the truth and which he is too arrogant to concede to and to admit, and instead of showing gratefulness he returns it with patronising attitudes and unjustified lies, fabricated claims, and baseless narrations, aimed at undermining those who advised him, all of which is found in abundance in his second reply, and examples of which will be given later.

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It was also extremely unfortunate for Bilal to go into unnecessary speech about this scholar or that scholar allowing photos for certain reasons - and going into detail about the rulings of photos - or his seeking to use Saleem al-Hilaalee's and Shaykh Ali?s appearance on video, to play down the fact that either he or his son were responsible for his pictures on his website.

Since, there is NO justification for this matter at all. It was also unfortunate for Bilal to offer advice to read this book and that book to the brothers whom he was criticising (more on this below). All this long-winded speech is to merely hide his errors and to deflect from the real issues at hand?

Why this patronising attempt - in front of the audience - to appear as if you are so knowledgeable of the manhaj of the Salaf, in knowledge and action - such that you appear to advise some of the youth or reprimand them - when all the du?aat asked you to do was to be careful of sitting on the platforms of the Innovators and not to be an ?independent? da?ee, and not to have pictures of yourself pasted here and there ? and truly what they advised you with was correct and true!

And then in front of a dismayed audience you bring 18 pages of deceit, misrepresentation, baseless narrations in order demonise those who corrected you ? all in order to hide what was with yourself of errors. Allaahul-musta?aan.


And about the likes of Qutb, Mawdudi and others, then I merely mentioned that it is incorrect to compare them to Ibn Hajr and an-Nawawi and others, as Shaykhul-Islaam Al-Albaanee himself pointed out.  Since the errors of the contemporaries are far more serious and great than those of the past, for the simple reason that the contemporaries are ignorant and non-Scholars, unlike the great scholars of the past.

Hence, for Bilal to equate between the two, and then build upon this the principle that we do not reject ?all what is bad?, and then to leave this unrestricted, is incorrect.  Rather, this leans towards the wicked and evil bid?ah of al-Muwaazanah which was revived by the modern-day Ikhwanees such as Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, Salman al-Awdah, all in order to accommodate the Innovators and present their works and methodologies to the people. Anyhow, this only applies to those who overwhelmingly were upon the correct Salafi aqeedah and manhaj and who then err in matters in which they make ijtihaad, while being qualified to make ijtihaad in the first place - so they are shown kindness and advised and corrected. As for those who are not like that but who have clear deviation, then they are blamed and censured - in general - so that the people are saved from their evil - while also being advised and corrected at the same time, so that they return. This is actually the manhaj of Imaam al-Albaanee as is clear from all of his tapes - not just taking from one tape from his many thousands of tapes - but taking all of his words and judgements together so one can clearly see his manhaj and also his implementation of his manhaj, so that there can be no confusion as to what he means in his words.

Just to recall that Bilal Philips stated in his initial mail in November 2001 (not ten, twenty or thirty years ago!):
?At any rate, Muhammad Qutub's book, "Islam the Misunderstood Religion", has useful information for people coming to Islaam from a political background.

Mawdudi's book "Towards Understanding Islam" is useful for da'wah, regardless of his errors. This attitude of rejecting everything
from a "scholar" due to some errors is extreme and rejected by the leading scholars of the salaf and the khalaf.

Sh Al Albaanee spoke out against those who sought to reject scholars like Imaam Ibn Hajar al Asqalaanee, and an-Nawawee due to their ash'aree leanings and interpretations.? (More on this quote later).

These were the simple points I made in my first response, explaining in all of them the rules and underlying principles, exactly as the people of knowledge of our times have explained them and clarified them, and pointing out that brother Bilal had errors either in his presentation of these matters or his acting upon the requirements of these principles - by way of his own admission. It was as simple as that.

And I made these clarifications because the private responses of Bilal, which included references to myself in the absence of my knowledge, and certain claims about me, were made public - not by me, but others. So when they were brought to my attention, I responded. And one should note that those who made apparent and spread across the earth both responses of Bilal Philips were none other than the hizbees, takfeerees, Qutbees and Suroorees ? The very same people the shaykhs asked Bilal to keep away from ? So we see that the words of Bilal found a home in the hearts and minds of the very people the shaikhs asked Bilal to avoid!? So ponder.

So Bilal?s email attacks upon the Salafi du?aat who are recommended by the scholars, can be found on the takfeeree and hizbee websites ? Ponder!

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Also, why Bilal had to go into a detailed explanation about how he only read Mohammad Qutb 30 or more years ago as a non-Muslim and so on, makes no sense. Since I did not even raise this issue in the first place. It is unfortunate that he raised this issue in his 18 page response to me, falsely giving the impression to the readers, that this is a matter which I raised - when I did not - rather it was raised by somebody else.

So it is incorrect for him to address this issue in the course of his reply to me - when it does not even relate to me to begin with - falsely giving the reader the impression that this is a matter for which I deserve correction and criticism.

As for Mohammad Qutb, then he is the one who brought the madhhab of the Khawarij into the Arabian Peninsula. He is the one who spread the refuse of his brother, Sayyid Qutb within the Arabian Peninsula. He was the one who plotted the accusation of Irjaa? against the Salafis as has mentioned by the Shaykh Abdul-Maalik al-Jazaa?iree. He, Muhammad Qutb, is the one who makes takfeer of all the Muslim societies, and calls them societies of ?Jaahiliyyah?. He is the one who was refuted for his false understanding of the meaning of Laa ilaaha ilallaaha by Shaykh Fawzaan in his al-Ajwibah al-Mufeedah on p.67.

He is the one who set up his student puppets within the Arabian peninsula to carry the poison of his brother, Sayyid Qutb, the banner of Khaarijiyyah. He is the one who infused the thought of Irjaa? into his disciples such as Safar and Salman, when they abandoned Istithnaa (making exception by saying InshaAllaah), which is the asl of Irjaa - when they said absolutely that Qutb is Shaheed, i.e. in Jannah for certain!! He is the one who incited these ignorant youth to attack the manhaj of Imaam al-Albaanee and Imaam Ibn Baaz, rather the manhaj of Prophethood in rectification of the affairs of the Ummah.

So it is a great error to recommend these books, even if they have some goodness in them, since the authors are from the generality of the people of desires, censure and rebuke. And if Bilal had actually bothered to learn the affairs of manhaj, around which there has been great controversy for the past 10 years, if not more, then he would have understood these matters ? and instead of taking isolated statements from scholars which gave him ease and lenience, he would have researched into the arena of da?wah and would have observed what has taken place of great deviation and confusion in the affairs of knowledge and action and the manhaj of the Salaf.

Anyhow, it seems that Brother Bilal?s involvement or sympathy with some of those who deviated in manhaj and aqeedah, like Safar and Salman and others, has led himself to make errors in manhaj, both in his understanding (or misunderstanding of the words of the scholars) and in his practical behaviour. Errors that for a person who is heavily involved in da?wah can lead to dangerous consequences for the audience he is addressing or to his readership audience. Especially since the many errors in manhaj that are found in his books have not received the type of clarification that is required.


Bilal Philips states:
?Divine law has to be re-introduced in the many so-called Muslim countries where governments now rule according to imported capitalist or communist constitutions, and Islamic law is either totally extinct or relegated to a few areas of minor importance. Likewise, Muslim countries, where Islamic laws is on the books but secular laws are in force, have also to be brought in line with the sharee?ah as it pertains to all aspects of life.

The acceptance of non-Islamic rule in place of sharee?ah in muslim lands is shirk and an act of kufr. Those in a position to change it must do so, while those unable to do so must speak out against the rule of kufr and call for the implementation of the sharee?ah. If even this becomes impossible, un-Islamic governments must be sincerely hated and despised for the pleasure of God and the upholding of Tawheed.? (p31. The Fundamentals Of Tawheed, Al-Hidaayah Publishing and Distribution 1999).

This is the thawree (revolutionary) manhaj, not the Prophetic manhaj, in rectification - and promoting these types of ideas only supports the ways and methods of the Harakiyyoon (political activists).

For more information on the position of the people of Sunnah and Salafiyyah in this issue, please go to:

>>Qutubi, Takfeeree, Surooree Methodologies<<




Bilal Philips states:
??Allaah?s Messenger (salallaahu ?alayhi wasallam) said, ?When three things appear, faith will not benefit one who has not previously believed or has not derived any good from his faith: the rising of the sun from its place of setting,??? Then in the footnote number 4, he states: ?That is, rising in the West, which probably refers to a time when earth will begin to rotate in the opposite direction causing the sun to appear to rise in the West instead of the East?? (p48. Salvation Through Repentance, Tawheed Publications 1990/1411)

It is not correct to make ta?weel (interpolation) of ahaadeeth in this matter - especially when it is based upon speculation and probabilities. This might be a small matter to some - but to the Salaf it was not, since opening the door to one?s personal opinions in the ta?weel of the Qur?an and the Sunnah, leads to greater evil and constitutes lying upon Allaah and His Messenger. So who has preceded you Bilal?

Click here to read the way of the Salaf in these affairs:

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Bilal Philips sates:
?Other scholars of the twentieth century, such as Hassan al-Bannaa (d. 1946), founder of the Ikhwaan Muslimoon movement. Sayyid Abul-A?laa Mawdudi (1903-1979) founder of the Jama?at Islami movement, and more recently the great Hadeeth scholar of our era, Naasir ad-Deen al-Albaanee have picked up the banner of Islamic Revival and have called for the unification of the Madh-habs?? (p114. The Evolution Of Fiqh, Tawheed Publications 1990/1411)

WE know from Hassan al-Banna, his unity with the Raafidi Shi?ah and his consideration of them and Ahl us-Sunnah to be the same. And as for Mawdudi then WE know his concept of Imaamah (leadership), which is akin to that of the Rafidah Shee?ah and that supreme overall goal, is the Islamic government, and that the acts of worship are only a means to that end. It is oppression and injustice to compare between an Imaam of Salafiyyah and deviants who merely carried and revived the flag of the Raafidah and Khawaarij !.

Click below here for the true Salafi position on some these heads of innovation:

>>Hasan Al-Banna<<



Bilal Philips states:
?? One who studies the biography of Imaam al-Bannaa will find that Allaah blessed him with such clarity of understanding that he was able to bring together conflicting members of the four major schools of jurisprudence, the Salafees and Soofees in the melting pot of pure Islaam??

Then in his footnote to this translation he made, Bilal Philips states,
?Hasan al-Banna (d.1948) was a Muslim scholar who founded the Ikhwaan Muslimoon (lit. Muslim Brotherhood) Islamic movement in the late 20?s in Egypt. This movement soon spread to the Sudan, North Africa, Jordan and Syria and aspired to re-establish Islamic rule in the Muslim world. It was forced underground in most of these countries during the 50?s, 60?s and 70?s only to re-emerge in different forms and under different names. It continues to play a leading role in educating and organizing the Muslim masses in many parts of the world as well as organizing Muslim students doing their studies in the West. -Ed.? (p58. The Mirage In Iran by Dr Ahmed Al-Afghaanee. Edited and Translated by Abu Ameenah Bilaal Philips, Tawheed Publications, 1987/1407)

This might be an old statement, but these books are still in circulation and being read. Hence, some clarity is required, and a recantation made from praising the chiefs and heads of innovation. Particularly, when brother Bilal, whilst misunderstanding the words of Imaam al-Albaanee on hajr, and also presenting isolated words from Imaam al-Albaanee that would suggest to the reader that Qutb and Banna are just like Imaam an-Nawawi and Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajr!


Bilal Philips translates:
?Abul-A?laa al-Maududi. This great Pakistani scholar and leader wrote an introduction?? Then in the footnote number 2 he states: ?? Abul-A?laa translated some books from Arabic and English then wrote his first, Al-Jihaad fee al-Islaam, in 1927. From this point, he became a prolific writer and involved himself with existing political movements..? (p51. The Mirage In Iran by Dr Ahmed Al-Afghaanee. Edited and Translated by Abu Ameenah Bilaal Philips, Tawheed Publications, 1987/1407)

Maududi was the great reviver of the manhaj of revolution, destruction, wastage and torment of the Muslims, which was adapted by Qutb in later years, only to unleash the tribulations and disasters upon them. Again this type of raising of the chiefs of misguided methodologies should be recanted from, since these books are in circulation being read and digested.



On the tape title ?Shi?ite Islaam? (In refutation of the Shi?ites and their kufr beliefs): Side B.

A man asked a question to Bilal Philips, the question was ?Was Prophet Ibraheem, ?alayhi salatu wasaalam, a Sunni? What about such a person what should he be named?? The exact answer of Bilal Philips:

?Well actually you came late, and in the very beginning of the lecture I explained that the bottom line is about Muslim and non-Muslim.

And this is why I clarified that they is no such thing as Shi?ite Islaam and Sunni Islaam.

There is just Islaam and non-Islaam - that?s all it is - And I explained that at length that this is a concept that is being promoted by orientalists and others to create this delusion in our minds that they are different kinds of Islaam, but the fact of the matter is that what was revealed to Adam, ?alayhi salatu wasalam, through all the Prophets to Muhammad, salla Allaahu alyhi wasalam, that is Islaam and there is just one Islaam, nothing else and we are Muslims And I myself, I don?t like these other titles of you know - Ikhwani or Salafee and all .. people calling themselves labelling themselves in such a way as to create divisions among Muslims, we are Muslims first & last Alhamdulilah.

Refer to the well known tape of Shaykh al-Albaanee and his discussion with the questioner concerning the word Salafi and naming with it and the meaning behind it, and calling to what it represents, and in which he refutes these very same misconceptions. Bilal Philips certainly had misconceptions in some basic things pertaining to the Salafi manhaj, which were clarified by Imaam al-Albaanee amongst others. Hence, it is required that when the likes of these ideas were being promoted in public forums, they should be clarified in public to lift the confusion.

Click here to read the correct position of the Salafi and Salafiyyah:

[url=]>>Salafiyyah - Its Meaning and Ascription<<[/url]


Bilal Philips stated after the lecture at Leeds University entitled ?Existence Of God? in 1997. Question from Abu Tasneem Mushaf: ?How do we understand the differences between Safar and Salmaan and the rest of the Scholars??

Bilal Philips answered:
?The differences amongst these scholars are like the differences between the Sahaabah. If we can accept them, which we have to, them we must accept these.?!!

These differences were declared differences in aqeedah and manhaj, and on account of them, Shaykh al-Albaanee made tabdee? of this manhaj (in Dhul Hijjah 1417H) and declared its adherents ?neo-Khawaarij?, and also sought refuge from the ?evil of what they are upon of ignorance, misguidance and scum? - let alone the fact that they were imprisoned after the scholars saw through their revolutionary, takfeeri manhaj. Recently, before Shaykh Ibn Uthaimeen?s passing away, he called these differences ?khilaaf aqadiyy?, i.e. differences in aqeedah! - and advised against their tapes, saying that the good that is in their tapes can be found in the tapes of others and that the tapes of Al-Albaanee and Ibn Baaz should be listened to, not the tapes of the ?thawriyyoon? (revolutionaries). The above is again an illustration that Bilal Philips is not qualified to speak of these types of affairs - and that what has caused this, is his lack of being in touch with the scholars who can inform him and direct him. And this is the issue that we have with Brother Bilal, he should not act independently, like he has being doing for many, many years, as he is not qualified to do so, rather he should keep in contact with the scholars who are specialists in this field, to remain upon clarity in the positions he holds and the viewpoints he expresses. Otherwise, great confusion will remain as is clear to everyone.

Click here to read about Safar Al-Hawaalee, Salmaan al-Awdah and Muhammad Qutb:

[url=]>>Qutubees and Suroorees<<[/url]

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

Bilal Philips again is scheduled to deliver lectures with the hizbee group known as the ?Islaamic Network? which headed by the likes of Abu Aaliyah in December 2001 and January 2002.

This Abu ?Aaliyah who was criticized strongly by Shaykh Muqbil ibn Haadee al-Waadi?ee (rahimahullaah) on a tape that is available at Salafi Publications - And the Shaykh warned against him again before his death, rahimahullaah, after some people tried to praise Abu ?Aaliyah a few years later. The noble Shaykh Muqbil labeled him ?Abu Haawiyah? (Father of the pit) and refuted and warned his evil ? So Abu ?Aaliyah will be written down as one abandoned and humiliated by Al-Imaam Muqbil!.

Abu ?Aaliyah is the same individual who stands upon the pulpit and invites people to the Qutubi Jimas hizb that has been inviting open hizbees and qutubis to its conferences since 1997 (to which Bilal Philips has been attending), the likes of Ali Timimi, Idrees Palmer and others.

This Abu ?Aaliyah and his blind-followers praise and defend Safar and Salmaan and promote them as scholars, defending them whilst upon ignorance of their true state and condition, and utilising generalised statements to downplay and belittle the clear proof that makes their deviation and misguidance evident. There is a refutation of Abu ?Aaliyah on the TROID website. So now we find Bilal Philips once again finding for himself ?grey, misty? hizbees - who have been refuted by the scholars.

Bilal Philips lecture program in Malaysia, July 2001:

?Programme for fundraising dinners in July 2001 mentioning both Imran N Hosein from New York and Bilal Philips from UAE for a ?Hotel Qur?an Project?:

This is a Malaysian web site - Saba is the name of one of the Malaysian states/districts. All the locations Johor Bharu, Melaka, Subang Jaya, Selangor are in Malaysia. Click on the names to get a short biography. So for Imran N Hossein, we get:



Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein was a former diplomat of Trinidad and Tobago. He is presently the Imam of Masjid Dar al-Qur?an in Long Island, New York. He studied Islam under the guidance of the outstanding Islamic Scholar and Sufi Sheikh, Maulana Dr. Muhammad Fadlur Rahman Ansari, at the Institute of Islamic Studies in Pakistan. He also studied philosophy at the University of Karachi and International Relations at the University of West Indies and the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. His published works include, among others, The Religion of Abraham and the State of Israel, The Prohibition of Riba in the Qur?an and Sunnah, The Caliphate, the Hejaz and the Saudi Wahhabi Nation-State.?

Our noble Salafi brother (reliable in his narrating), Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Fransee, who lives in Malaysia states:

?The Imran N Hosein who came to Malaysia and delivered lectures with Bilal Philips in July 2001 is the Soofee now living in New York, born in Trinidad, author of the books 'One Jama'at One Ameer' and 'The Saudi-Wahabi Nation State'... It is not the first time he came to Malaysia. I am 100% sure that the Imran N Hosein who came is the Soofee guy. How is that ? Coz he also went to Singapore (nearby Malaysia) and a Salafi brother over there mentioned that this Soofee came again to Singapore. I myself went several times to Singapore, a city of Tassawuf and grave-worship, and his books are easily found in the 'Islamic' bookshops. Another Singaporean Salafi brother - who was in Malaysia in July 2001 and has spent 7 months in the camp of Sh. Muqbil - also indicated to me that this guy was the Soofee one. Also on the posters for the Malaysian tour, it was indicated that he was from New York. Finally, his photo on the posters matched the photo on the back cover of his book 'One Jama'at One Ameer'  (I have this book at home).?

Again, from the Salafi manhaj, is that one is careful, about whom one is associated with, and for whom one make?s public appearances and so on. This is just another example of Bilal?s ?independent? work, away from implementing the requirements of the manhaj of the scholars he claims to follow. Abu ad-Dardaa said,
?It is from the fiqh (understanding) of a person that he [chooses] those whom he walks with, whom he enters upon (visits) and whom he sits with.? (Al-Ibaanah 2/477).

We believe that Bilal does not have this fiqh, and nor has he displayed it, and he knows it, by way of his own admission. Hence, he needs to correct his understandings of hajr and ta?aawun, as this is door through which evil begins to enter into Ahl us-Sunnah, not necessarily through the doctrines or the ideas, as a starting point, but on account of undue lenience in these issues.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that Bilal Philips? photo again appears on the posters of the Malaysian ?tour? along side the ?soofee? -  Allaahul-musta?aan.


This is only a small sample and the intent here was not to be exhaustive. There is much more. But what is the point in all of this (i.e. what has been mentioned above)?

The answer: Bilal has many errors, many of which are still propagated ? in the field of hajr, the ahl ul-bid?ah, ta?aawun, and we do not see any great clarity or the type of clarification from ones? errors that are required when errors are made of this nature - especially in the field of da?wah work. Remaining silent about this is a means of hiding the truth and earning the wrath of Allaah, by concealing these types of oppositions. Especially when the da?ee or person under question holds great sway over people - due to his popularity or whatever. And all of this is from the angle of wishing clarity and safety for Bilal? And secondly, so that those who might be misled by the orientations Bilal puts across can be protected from his errors.

I would also like to make it clear that I have nothing personal to gain from this. The only concern is that there is in Bilal?s implementation in certain issues which is dangerous for him, first and foremost, and then to the many people who he has influenced since the people who hold him with reverence and respect, may not see through the errors that others can see.

In addition he has some severe misconceptions about the way of the Salaf that he needs to correct by sitting and learning from the Scholars such as Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree? or Shaykh Rabee? or any of the other scholars who have great experience about the Jamaa?aat and the people of deviation and Hizbiyyah, unlike Bilaal Philips, whose lack of awareness and knowledge in this field has not allowed him to take the required precautions and whose mixing with the people of hizbiyyah has coloured his perceptions.

All I did was to convey their understandings (i.e. of the scholars) to Bilaal, to which he wrote his 18 page response. And what I found strange was that this audience, after Bilal released his response, did nothing but rejoice, as is clear from the way they distributed it and spread it over the Internet - while being blind to the fact that the response he was given initially, was a knowledge-based response, in perfect agreement with a sound understanding of the Salafi manhaj and in perfect agreement with what the scholars themselves advise in the likes of these situations, correctly outlining the errors in implementation and orientation of Bilal Philips in certain matters.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM
  Bilal Philips? his False Accusations and Some of his Diplomatic Meanderings

What follows below is a list of retractions or meanderings made by Bilal Philips, in his own diplomatic way, and also a list of his unfounded and baseless accusations (which could amount to slanders). And we ask him to take them back, and to recant from them.


Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):

?POINT EIGHT: As regards my statement concerning pictures, Abu Khadeejah is correct that Sh Uthaymeen considered photographs haraam, though he did not consider the act of making photographs with an instamatic camera included under the forbidden forms of picture making mentioned in the hadeeths. He did however consider the action haraam for other than necessity because the means to a forbidden thing is haraam. I personally did consider the taking of photos permissible in the past as the evidence for its prohibition was not clear to me. However, I now hold that it is prohibited based on the opinion of the majority of the Salafee scholars of our time.?

Alhamdulillaah, the point that I originally made, and which we found fault with, was Bilal?s pictures which have no other purpose except self-promotion. I hardly believe, and I doubt anybody else does, that Bilal?s previous view that photographs are permissible, would allow him - as someone who preaches and writes on Tawheed and quotes the sayings of Allaah?s Messenger concerning the destruction of pictures - I hardly believe, that holding to the view that photos are permissible, is a justification of allowing one?s photos to be taken (and then displayed) for the purpose of self-promotion and glorification. However, this I believe is a diplomatic answer from Bilal.

Since the issue has NOTHING to do with holding whether photos are permissible or not (and this was NOT the issue that was raised before by us). But the issue was that someone who 'preaches' Tawheed and writes on the subject, then it is inconceivable that such a person, even if he holds the taking of photos to be permissible, then it is inconceivable that such a person should not show rejection at personal photos being taken - whilst knowing that they are not being taken for any other reason than promotion (not for passports, not for driving licenses and what is similar to that), and additional to that, take the issue of one?s pictures being placed on ones website on the Internet, and then taking one whole year to remove them. This, as we originally stated, is something that for the one who is upon Tawheed, a Muwahhid, who has been nurtured upon Kitaab ut-Tawheed, and who understands the origins and emergence of Shirk, - rather one who actually preaches on these subjects - and then falls into the likes of this self-promotion, then this is a great calamity. As I said, this is a diplomatic answer from Bilal, which really does not address the actual issue that was raised. In fact, Bilal?s original justification in his first reply, was unconvincing, if not pathetic. You can read my original response to his first justification further below.

Also he has surrounded his retraction (in the sum whole of his document) with a barrage of false claims, unfounded narrations, and propaganda aimed at discrediting and demonising those who corrected him. Let Bilal know that this type of talbees (deception) will not pull the wool over our eyes.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?They have taken it upon themselves to act as the ultimate judges of common Muslims and students of knowledge. They claim to have the criterion by which they can justly expel whoever they please out of the realm of Salafiyyah. Much valuable time is dedicated to slandering those who have been already labeled, or to searching for the past or present mistakes of those on the current hit-list. Furthermore, if anyone disagrees with them on any issue, they issue severe warnings to him and if he doesn?t fall in line, they then proceed to warn against him also, and attribute their actions to the Salafee manhaj, under the name of jarh and ta?deel??

I wonder who he is talking about?

There is no one from the 'students of knowledge' who has been criticized in the West, except that the criticism has a precedence from the major scholars of today. Suhaib Hasan was criticized by many of the Salafi Shaykhs, for his hizbiyyah, attacks against the scholars and allying with Jam'iyyah Ihyaa at-Turaath (the organization spreading Qutubiyyah and Hizbiyyah).

JIMAS likewise, the same with Abu Aaliyah, the same with Abu Muslimah, Ali Timimi, Zarabozo, al-Muntada and others. In fact the criticism of all those [du'aat] in the West, has a precedence from the Scholars, when these scholars were informed and consulted, about the antics of these people.

The only problem Bilal really has, is that he co-operates with the likes of these people, and is not willing to admit that he is co-operating with the people who have been criticized by the great scholars of today, like Shaykh Rabee?, Shaykh Muqbil, and other Shaykhs. To attack the Salafis who present and adhere to the advices and positions of these Shaykhs, is in reality a hidden and veiled attack on the manhaj of these Shaykhs - whom, and all praise is due to Allaah - we keep in regular contact with and seek their advice in our affairs - especially on the affairs of da?wah and the affairs of the people of hizbiyyah and so on.

Bilal in actual fact has a real problem with this connection that the Salafis have with the scholars, and who are upon baseerah (sure-sightedness) concerning the people of Hizbiyyah, and upon baseerah about the manhaj of the Salaf in da?wah and who are upon the straight path walhamdulillaah. Otherwise, let Bilal himself explain who are those people in the West who are masquerading as Salafis and who need to be exposed (as he himself acknowledges, and as he textually stated in his second response).

So who exactly are these people? Is it the likes of Ali Timimi? The likes of al-Muntada? The likes of JIMAS? So who exactly are those who masquerade as Salafis in the West and who need to be exposed? And how should they be exposed? Is it by referring their affair and their condition to the Salafi scholars who are specialists in this field and who have a long history of dealing with the likes of these people and their form of hizbiyyah - such that they can advise others? And is this not what has been done by the Salafis in the West? In reality, this is the problem that Bilal actually has - he has a fundamental problem with this issue of Jarh and Ta?deel - and his attacking the Salafis in the West, is only his own way of attacking this methodology.

Otherwise if he affirms this need, then in the lands of the West how is it to be fulfilled. By referring to the scholars and seeking their advice and judgments on issues pertaining to people and their speech and their behavior and so on. And this is exactly what the Salafis have been doing - when there emerged from certain people, statements or actions, which oppose the Salafi manhaj, or statements of defamation against the Scholars, or statements and actions which accommodate the people of hizbiyyah and the likes. The only sticking point is that unfortunately, those individuals and organizations who deviated are the very ones that Bilal was (and is) co-operating with. Anyhow the above statement of Bilal is full of exaggerations, lies and distortions, and I could expand on each one of those points and request proof, with the isnaad, for each of the claims he has made - and I know with certainty he will not be able to bring anything that relates to the Salafis he is attacking. Since, the Salafis have not made themselves the judges of common Muslims - this is a lie and slander. Nor do they willfully expel people from Salafiyyah. Nor do they spend their valuable time on following the mistakes of the people, or searching for them, for their time is too valuable for that to begin with. But what they do is seek the advice and counsel of the scholars, by keeping in regular contact with them. The likes of Bilal and others know that the Salafis want to connect the West to the real scholars, those who are upon sure-sightedness in their manhaj and in their positions towards the Innovators, and the people of Hizbiyyah. And a result of this will be that popular da?ees who like to work ?independently? and who like to preach their own understanding of the Salafi manhaj, which allows for them great ease and lenience and allows them to implement their ?Fiqh ul-Waasi?? (The Broader Fiqh) ? as a result they will dwindle in the eyes of the people. We know all of this rhetoric only too well.


Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?Now, it has been reversed. Some of these brothers in a recent lecture in the United States went so far as to say about me that I am worse than the Jews and Christians!?

Shanshanah Ma?roofah. Bring your proof with sanad if you are indeed truthful!? Name us the people who said that you are ?worse than the Jews and Christians??! Otherwise you have lied and slandered just to gain the sympathy of the people. And what has all of this got to do with the few issues on which Bilal was corrected and advised? And what has this got to do with me and my answers to Bilal?s confusion on the issues of co-operation with Hizbiyyah, on hajr and the issue of self-promotion by way of photographs? Why all this talbees and fooling of the people?


Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?I advise these brothers of ours to spend their time beneficially, learning the basics, studying Arabic, tajweed, the classic works of ?aqeedah, such as al-?Itisaam, al-Usool ath-Thalaathah, Kitaab at-Tawheed, al-?Aqeedah al-Waasitiyyah, al-?Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah, etc. under scholars in the original Arabic. And, rather than trying to take some quotes here and there from great scholars like Shaykhs Nasirud-Deen al-Albaanee, Bin Baaz, ?Uthaymeen, and Muqbil, may Allaah have mercy on them all, I recommend that they actually listen to and study their tapes. Al-hamdulillah, there are many commentaries of Shaykh ?Uthaymeen on the various books of ?aqeedah, and tafseers, etc??

This is mere patronizing! - All praise is due to Allaah, we have been doing this for many years in the Birmingham and England as a whole. So whilst we were quoting and working from the books and works of the scholars that Bilal has named here, he was promoting the books, names and tapes of the people of misguidance? (see above for proofs of Bilal Philips? true call over the last several years!).

Whilst we were promoting, translating, publishing and recommending the works of the true Salafi scholars - Bilal was busy co-operating with enemies of the Salafi scholars. While we were presenting the clarifications of the scholars concerning the Jama?aat of bid?ah and hizbiyyah in the west and the deviant callers, Bilal was actually co-operating with them.

While we have around 20 brothers or so who have studied in Madinah, and around 20 or so brothers who have studied in Yemen, and through which we have a tight and constant link with the scholars ? Bilal Philips (on the other hand) has been co-operating with the enemies of the Salafi scholars. Then he has the audacity and the arrogance to come out with the nonsense above.

This shows either Bilal?s ignorance, or his being far and distant from the scholars. It is quite sickening to see this patronizing attitude from da?ees who cannot simply admit their misunderstanding of the manhaj, their errors, and their incorrect conduct, and then resort to the likes of this rhetoric, beguiling and bewildering the audience with emotional rhetoric, away from any proper knowledge based discussion.


Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?My close friends are not people of hizbiyyah and I do try to maintain a distance from people of hizbiyyah in general. When I say I do not make hajr from them, I mean that I do not go as far as to refuse to give them salaams if I happen to see them, etc..?


See above for the reality of this statement. So you do make hajr from them (except the salaam!). So where is your (own personal) understanding of the statement of Shaykhul-Islaam Al-Albaanee now, in which you claim that there is NO hajr in our times absolutely?! And where was this hajr from the Suroorees like Jimas, Muntadah and Islamic Network - Did you and do you restrict your relationship with them to just the salaam!?  

Did you attend all those conferences of the people of hizbiyyah and go and visit the organisations of hizbiyyah JUST so you could give them salaams? And was the talks and lectures you did, just something you did on the side? Rather your hajr, may Allaah guide us all to His pleasure, was from the Salafis for many years. And again in this email you single out your attacks upon the Salafis - You retract begrudgingly and only when all avenues of slipping away are removed. You lie and misquote upon us without any proof. Why is it that you have not written such scathing attacks upon the Suroorees like Safar and Salmaan and Jimas and Muntadah? Or is it that you prefer to attack the Salafis and people of Sunnah over the misguided ones?! In the above statement is a clear sign of Bilal?s shakiness in his understanding and implementation of the Salafi manhaj. The perceptive reader will have noticed this all along. Again, leave aside this deceit and fooling with the minds of the people!


The website of the "Ramadhan Foundation" there is an e-flyer for their "Convention on Muslim Unity".


The speakers include Imran Waheed (Hizb ut-Tahrir), Jamal Badawi (Mu'tazili), Yvonne Ridley and Dr. Bilal Philips.

Look who else is involved in this event upon which you were mentioned, may Allaah protect the Muslims from deviation and misguidance:

2005 Convention Supported by:

The Islamic Foundation
Muslim Council of Britain (MCB)
Muslim Association of Britain (MAB)
Hizb ut Tahrir (UK)
Stop Political Terror
Cage Prisoners
AH Institute
Rochdale Dawah Movement
Oldhan Islamic Society
The Muslim Weekly
The Beyond Group

Just read the list of deviated groups!

These are the speakers, may Allaah protect the Muslims from them:

Confirmed Speakers:

Dr Zakir Naik (India)
Imam Siraj Wahhaj (USA)
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick (South Africa)
Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al Ninowy (Syria)
Dr Bilal Phillips (Qatar)
Dr Jamal Badawi (Canada)
Yvonne Ridley (UK)
Dr Imran Waheed (UK)
Shaykh Shabir Ally (Canada)
Shaykh Faisal Abdur Razzaq (Canada)


Muhammad Khalil
Ashiq e Rasool
Hassen Rasool
Hamza and Thabit (Libya)


Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?Subhaanallaah, how things can be distorted to fit the desires! I mentioned in an interview on how I accepted Islaam, twenty-eight years ago, that before I was Muslim I was involved in the university Communist movement. Then I read a book by Muhammad Qutb and another by Maududi, which heightened my interest about Islaam (as a NON MUSLIM). Does this mean I received my Islamic tarbiyah from them, or that I aid their minhaj and mistakes??

Just read the quotes of Bilal Philips himself above to confirm the falsity of this paragraph! Furthermore this is what he wrote in his email response in November 2001:
?At any rate, Muhammad Qutub's book, "Islam the Misunderstood Religion", has useful information for people coming to Islaam from a political background. Mawdudi's book "Towards Understanding Islam" is useful for da'wah, regardless of his errors.?

It seems that Bilal Philips ?forgets? what he says from one email to the next!! Bilal, throughout, has shown no coherence, neither in his thinking, neither in his writing, and nor in his actions.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?This is indeed tahreef (distortion). And for the record, I do not consider Maududi and Muhammad Qutb to be true scholars. I put the word scholars in quotes to stress this point. Though they are not scholars to be relied on for knowledge...?

Is this a retraction or a denial of ever being associated!? Is this just another diplomatic retraction, given the great lavish praises given by Bilal to the likes of Mawdudi and others, or is it just another denial?

Bilal Philips states:
?Other scholars of the twentieth century, such as Hassan al-Bannaa (d. 1946), founder of the Ikhwaan Muslimoon movement. Sayyid Abul-A?laa Mawdudi (1903-1979) founder of the Jama?at Islami movement, and more recently the great Hadeeth scholar of our era, Naasir ad-Deen al-Albaanee have picked up the banner of Islamic Revival and have called for the unification of the Madh-habs?? (p114. The Evolution Of Fiqh, Tawheed Publications 1990/1411)

Bilal Philips translates:
?Abul-A?laa al-Maududi. This great Pakistani scholar and leader wrote an introduction?? Then in the footnote number 2 he states: ?? Abul-A?laa translated some books from Arabic and English then wrote his first, Al-Jihaad fee al-Islaam, in 1927. From this point, he became a prolific writer and involved himself with existing political movements..? (p51. The Mirage In Iran by Dr Ahmed Al-Afghaanee. Edited and Translated by Abu Ameenah Bilaal Philips, Tawheed Publications, 1987/1407)

Previously, they were considered to be great scholars, revivers, blessed with such vision and insight by Allaah, then following on from that, they were placed on a par with the likes of Ibn Hajr and an-Nawawi (which Bilal still holds to this day until we see a retraction), and then he still promotes the propagation of their books, which is actually forbidden (in accordance with the Salafi manhaj).

Then after all of this, when he is corrected and advised and his false understandings and perceptions explained to him, he comes with words and statements of deceit, like the one above, all aimed at covering himself. We know this only too well Bilal, we know this type of behaviour only too well, because we have the experience of the Shaykhs from whom we learn from and with whom we have sat and learnt about the reality of the Hizbiyyoon, and those who lean towards them and ally with them, and choose to attack the Salafis instead of the Hizbiyyoon, and whose history is replete with love for the people of hizbiyyah ? as evidenced by their writings and actions.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

Bilal Philips said in his previous reply,
??"Islam the Misunderstood Religion", has useful information for people coming to Islaam from a political background. Mawdudi's book "Towards Understanding Islam" is useful for da'wah, regardless of his errors. This attitude of rejecting everything from a "scholar" due to some errors is extreme and rejected by the leading scholars of the salaf and the khalaf. Sh Al Albaanee spoke out against those who sought to reject scholars like Imaam Ibn Hajar al Asqalaanee, and an-Nawawee due to their ash'aree leanings and interpretations.?

Many readers may not notice the deception of Bilal Philips here and how he has cleverly constructed his words above to apply the words of Imam al-Albaani in a context and manner which is falsehood.

First he says that the books of Mohammad Qutb, Islam the Misunderstood Religion is good for political people. WRONG!!

The books of Mohammad Qutb are the LAST BOOKS to be given to anyone coming from politics, because he will be led to the madhhab of the Khawaarij, which is what the Qutubi da?wah is all about.

He will read one book, and then go to his other books and then go the books of Sayyid Qutb and so on. Anyhow, he then says ?the attitude of rejecting everything from a ?scholar? due to some errors is extreme and rejected?? then this is deception that is under way by Bilal here. This only applies to those who are real and true scholars not the ignoramous heads of innovation like Qutb and Mawdudi who were upon the thought of the Raafidah, and who were ignorant of Islaam. Bilal Philips has made this statement here, which needs clarification, but he left it vague and general so that he can then build upon it, his actual goal and objective.

He then says,
?Sh Al Albaanee spoke out against those who sought to reject scholars like Imaam Ibn Hajar al Asqalaanee, and an-Nawawee due to their ash'aree leanings and interpretations.?

So now, he enters the idea of Shaykh Al-Albaanee?s rejection of those who reject the scholars like Ibn Hajar and an-Nawawee. We do not reject these two great scholars as they are true scholars, whom Allaah blessed with true knowledge, and who were overwhelmingly free from innovation, and were not known to have deviation. However they erred in certain areas due to certain factors, but they are to be excused for that. Anyhow, Bilal has sought to deceive the reader into thinking that Mawdudi, Qutb and other deviants, are just like Nawawi and Ibn Hajar, and thus their ?good? can be taken, and that their mistakes should be overlooked.

And all of this is deception on behalf of Bilal Philips and playing and toying with the reader?s mind and making generalizations and equivocations that are false ? all in order to build concepts in the mind of the audience, which can then be moulded and shaped to justify or at least play down his own ta?aawun (co-operation) and promotion of the people of hizbiyyah.

In fact the statement of Bilal Philips stated in his last reply (December 2001):
?This is indeed tahreef (distortion). And for the record, I do not consider Maududi and Muhammad Qutb to be true scholars. I put the word scholars in quotes to stress this point. Though they are not scholars to be relied on for knowledge...?

Then this is hardly believable, given what has preceded. Then why recommend their books? And why go to great lengths in seeking out fatwas from Imaam al-Albaanee, giving the impression that Qutb and Mawdudi are just like an-Nawawi and Ibn Hajar and that they should be given the same treatment?

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

I would like to draw Bilal Philips' attention to the fact that he has fallen into the following:

1)     Lavish praises of the people of bid?ah and dalaalah
2)     Calls to innovated affairs (such as incitements to rebellion and revolution)
3)     Promotion of the books of Ahlul-Bid?ah (which are written by innovators and contain within them innovation that will lead the people astray)
4)     Co-operating with the people of hizbiyyah and vain desires, those who curse the Salafi scholars and accuse them with evil and of innovation
5)     His promotion of false understandings of certain affairs of manhaj (like hajr)
6)     False comparisons between the Imaams of Bid?ah and Dalaalah and the Imaams of Sunnah and Salafiyyah
7)     His erroneous implementations, in statements and actions, of the affairs of the Salafi manhaj.

All of this is something that has appeared in the open from Bilal Philips, either written, or spoken or in the form of publications. Now in light of this, it is obligatory for the Muslims to speak about this, in order to reduce the potential harm that may be caused by these open errors.


Additionally, we dispute the claim of brother Bilal Philips that he was not corrected nor advised - And if one analyses the reply of Bilal, he will recognize this. Amongst those who advised him include a group brothers from the University of Madinah, amongst them our brother Abu Hakeem from Birmingham. Even if Bilal Philips claims the advice was unclear, then why did he not sit with the scholars of Madinah (since he was there anyway) to seek clarity upon Muntadah Al-Islaamee? Why did he not ask the scholars for clarity upon hajr (abandonment) of the ahlul-bid?ah? Why did he not sit with the Imaam of jarh wa ta?deel Shaykh Rabee ibn Haadee? Why did he not sit with Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadee, Shaykh ?Ubayd al-Jaabiree and the rest of the mashaykh? Bilal Philips admits in his response his unclarity, so why not seek clarity from the scholars that you claim to love?

Why suffice with some students from the University, when you were only a doorstep away from those who know the misguidance of al-Muntada and Suroor and the other partisans, the most?

In reality, we perceive that Bilal Philips actually has a problem with these scholars, and he dislikes (or disliked) them. Indeed, his involvement with the Qutubiyyah, like Safar al-Hawali and other individuals whose orientation is the same, has perhaps led him to come out with the same rhetoric against the Salafis that many of the hizbiyyoon have brought.

Those hizbiyyoon who call our scholars ?Jaamiyyoon? (Jaamees) and ?Madkhaliyyoon? (Madkhalis) and who mock what these scholars brought of the revival of al-jarh wat-ta?deel, after the Innovators, (those whom Bilal praises in his books, like Hasan al-Banna) destroyed this principle - all in order to allow the co-operation between the innovators, the biased partisans.

This is what we perceive from Bilal, that he has a fundamental problem with those whom Imaam al-Albaani praised for their efforts in al-Jarh wat-Ta?deel, and if not, then let Bilal express his viewpoints on the following: his position on Shaykh Rabee?s refutations of Mohammad and Sayyid Qutb, his position on Shaykh Rabee al-Madkhalee?s, Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalees refutation of the Qutubiyyah such as Safar al-Hawali and Salman al-Awdah and others like Nasir al-Umar and al-Qarnee.

Shaykh Muqbil?s refutations of the Qutubiyyah, of al-Muntadah and all the other hizbees of the current times. Let Bilal explain to us, sincerely, and truthfully, his position towards these scholars (the ?Madkhalees?), because in reality, as I have indicated earlier, when Bilal attacks the Salafis in the West, he is in reality attacking the scholars that the Salafis actually follow, and he is attacking the manhaj of these scholars.

Our brother Abu Junayd Yusuf (from Madinah) narrates to us from Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davies, who said, that Sulaymaan al-Kanadie said to him, after having spoken to Bilal Philips on the phone, ?Bilal Philips told me ?to beware of the Madkhalis in Madinah!??. This was about 2 years ago.

But this narration has come from these two brothers, who state that this was definitely stated by Sulaymaan al-Kanadie. So we ask Bilal Philips for confirmation or corroboration. Is there any truth to this narration?

Please tell us if there is or if there is not, and this is from the angle of making confirmation, as we have been ordered. Have you made the likes of this statement, either to the Sulaymaan under question or other than him, either in wording or in meaning? Since the two narrators, Abu Hakeem and Abu Junayd, are both reliable and trustworthy (may Allaah preserve).
So is Bilal Philips hiding something more than what he has already made apparent?

We would really like to know and we only wish he would leave aside this patronizing attitude, his diverting away from the real issues, his gross exaggerations and untruths, all aimed at focusing the attention of the audience away from the real issues.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

Coming back to what has emerged from Bilal Philips of open errors, then in light of the above, the quote from Shaykh ul-Islaam below highlights some of the principles of the Salafi manhaj in the issue of openly correcting or warning from those who promote or call to innovation or who manifest some sort of evil or opposition which may have a detrimental effect upon the Muslims. By quoting this, I do not intend tabdee? of Bilal or to make examples between him and those alluded to in the answer, but only to extract the principles, that the people of knowledge themselves have extracted from it.

I mean to extract the principles that warning from something that has occurred from an individual, of the promotion of erroneous affairs, in public, is something that is required by the Sharee?ah and is a means of lessening the preponderance of evil, and there are many statements in this regard, but this will suffice.

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah) said:

"This is the reality of the statement of those from the Salaf and the people of knowledge that say: ?Verily, the ones who called towards innovations are not to have their testimony accepted. Nor should they be followed in prayer. Nor should knowledge be taken from them. Nor should they be given women in marriage.? This is their recompense, until they stop what they are doing. Due to this, it must be noted that there is a difference between one who calls towards innovations and one who doesn?t call to it (but yet is still an innovator). The one who calls to it, publicly displays his evil and thus it is necessary to punish him, as opposed to the one who conceals his innovation. Indeed, this latter one is only as evil as the hypocrites - those whom the Prophet (salallaahu ?alayhi wassalaam) used to accept their open proclamations (of Faith) and entrust their secret proclamations to Allaah, while possessing knowledge of the condition of most of them."

Majmoo?-ul-Fataawaa (28/520)

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimullaah) said in his tafseer of Allaah?s statement:

"The woman and the man guilty of fornication, lash each one of them a hundred times. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allaah, if you believe in Allaah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment.?
"Thus Allaah has commanded that they be recompensed and punished while in the presence of a group from the believers. This may be achieved by the event bearing witness to itself or the believers? bearing witness to it. The reason behind this is since if the act of disobedience is done openly, then its punishment must be done openly. This is as is stated in one narration: ?Whosoever sins while in secrecy, let him repent in secrecy. And whosoever sins in public, then let him repent in public.? It does not fall under the category of being concealed, such as the concealing that Allaah loves, as occurs in the hadeeth: ?Whosoever conceals (the faults) of a Muslim, Allaah will conceal him (i.e. his faults).? Rather, if that (public) misdeed were to be concealed, it would be the same as agreeing with an open evil. In a hadeeth it states: ?Verily, when a sin is kept hidden it doesn?t cause harm, except to the one who has committed it. And when it is done publicly and not repelled, it harms the masses of people.?

Thus if it is done publicly, then its recompense must be done in public, as well, in accordance with conceivable justice. For this reason, it is not considered backbiting to talk about one who openly publicizes his innovations and wickedness, as has been reported on Al-Hasan Al-Basree and others. This is because when one publicizes that, he justifies himself to be punished by the Muslims. The least of these forms of punishment is that he should be dispraised and dishonored so that the people may avoid and refrain from him and his deviance. And if he is not dispraised and the evil or disobedience or innovation that lies within him is not conveyed (to the public), then the people will be deceived by him. Then it is likely that this will bring some of them to act upon what he believes in. At the same time, it will only cause him to increase in his daringness, evil and disobedience. So if the faults that he has in him are mentioned, then he will restrain and others will restrain from his evil and from accompanying and socializing with him. Al-Hasan Al-Basree said: ?Do you turn away from mentioning the condition of the evil-doer (faajir)? Mention what he has in him, so that the people may be warned of him!? This has been reported in marfoo? form.

Wickedness (fujoor) is a comprehensive term for every affair that involves disobedience or foul, evil speech, that of which causes the one who hears it to believe that there is wickedness in the heart of the one who spoke it. For this reason, it becomes necessary for this type of individual to be abandoned. If he openly proclaims his innovation or disobedience or wickedness or immorality or his intermingling with someone who does that, such that he doesn?t care about whether the people will speak evilly about him or not, then indeed abandoning him would then become a form of supporting him. If he openly proclaims his evil deeds, then he must be openly forsaken and if he does his evil deeds in secrecy, then he must be forsaken secretly. This is since Hijrah (abandonment) is the abandoning of something based upon the evil that is found there. And abandoning evil is to stay away from what Allaah has forbidden, as Allaah says: ?And stay away (hajar) from the idols? and He says: ?And abstain (hajar) from them in a good manner? and He says: ?And it has already been revealed to you in the Book (the Qur?aan) that when you hear the verses of Allaah being denied and mocked at, then do not sit with them, until they engage in a different topic of discussion. (But if you stay with them), then certainly you will be just like them.?? (End of the words of Shaykhul-Islaam)

So here we see from Shaykhul-Islaam the great importance of censuring error that opposes the noble religion, ?Thus if it is done publicly, then its recompense must be done in public, as well, in accordance with conceivable justice. For this reason, it is not considered backbiting to talk about one who openly publicizes his innovations and wickedness, as has been reported on Al-Hasan Al-Basree and others.? So take note Oh brother Bilal.


The perceptive reader, the one who has followed what has happened within Ahl us-Sunnah, of turmoil and confusion, due to the bid?ahs of Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq and others and who followed up the sad state of affairs of Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq, will see that this behaviour of Bilal Philips, in the face of the youth who corrected him and advised him in two or three matters, is not too dissimilar to Abdur-Rahmaan Abdul-Khaaliq himself, when he was corrected for two or three matters by a student of knowledge. In return, Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaaliq poured his wrath and anger upon those who did not agree with false understandings of hajr, and ta?aawun with the Innovators. In reality, he was attacking the manhaj of Shaykh Rabee? bin Haadee and Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee and the Madinan Shaykhs who exposed and refuted the deceit and deviation of the neo-Bannaawiyyah and the neo-Qutubiyyah.

We see that this is the same that Bilal Philips is doing, he cannot humbly admit his mistakes, correct them and clarify them, and instead has chosen this disastrous path of writing compositions of irrelevance, deceit, misdirection, confusion ? all to divert away from the two or three issues for which he was originally advised. Allaahul-Musta?aan.

Additionally, he raises the Innovators (and to this day we have not seen any recantations from him on this issue), promotes their books, and always seems to be with the groups and organisations who are upon the thought of these people.

We advise those who sincerely want to know the truth, let them read these two books, ?Jamaa?ah Waahidah Laa Jamaa?aat? of Shaykh Rabee? and also ?Nasr ul-Azeez ?Alaa ar-Radd al-Wajeez? also of Shaykh Rabee? in which refutes the lies and slanders and demonisations of Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Khaliq of the Salafis.

AbuKhadeejahSP    -- 07-11-2002 @ 12:00 AM

1.     Repent from your errors and make yourself clear and apparent to the people, as is required from someone who has fallen into what you have fallen into of false understandings and errors.

2.     Recant from your lies and exaggerations and your use of talbees in your reply, in order hide the real issues from the people, and in order to demonise the Salafis who advised you and corrected you. Be with them and not against them.

3.     Go and sit with the Kibar Ulama, the scholars who are upon the correct aqeedah and manhaj, and who have refuted hizbiyyah. Sit with Shaykh Rabee?, Shaykh Fawzaan, Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee, Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree and others from the scholars of this manhaj. Sit with them and study the books of the Salaf with them.

4.     Read the books of these Kibaar and understand the Salafi manhaj and Salafiyyah from them.

5.     Read ?Al-Ajwibah al-Mufeedah? of Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan, ?Manhaj Ahl us-Sunnah fi an-Naqd ir-Rijaal wal-Kutub wat-Tawaa?if? of Shaykh Rabee. Read ?Jamaa?ah Waahidah Laa Jama?aat ? Siraat Waahid Laa Asharaat? (One Jama?ah, Not Many ? One Path Not Tens Of Them!) Of Shaykh Rabee Ibn Haadee.

6.     Listens to the cassettes of Imaam al-Albaani on the issue of Intisaab (ascription) to and Tasmiyah (naming) of Salaf and Salafiyyah. Listen to the tapes of Imaam al-Albaani in his responses to the Qutubiyyah of today, the likes of Safar and Salmaan.

7.     Read the two volume work of Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhailee on the position of Ahl us-Sunnah towards the Ahl ul-Bid?ah, which is recommended by the Salafi scholars to the students of knowledge, as a comprehensive treatment of the subject.

8.     Read the refutations of the major scholars of Sayyid Qutb, and also the refutations by them of Mohammad Qutb.

And May Allaah guide you to sincerity and truthfulness in your all your affairs.

And all praise is due to Allaah, Lord of the worlds.

abdul.azeem    -- 02-09-2006 @ 11:19 PM

                             بسم الله
                             الحمد لله
                          والصلاة والسلام  
                           على رسول الله    
                             أما بعد


Bilal's Claim


The point is that he (referring to Abu Khadeejah) has been on the path to remove all of the people who have SCHOLARSHIP behind them, who are actively in the field of dawah, to remove them, to discredit them etc. in order to promote himself.

We ask Bilal Philips politely in which field is he a scholar that Abu Khadeejah is discrediting him from?

Is he a Scholar of Hadeeth? [By Authoring a book on Usool al-Hadeeth]
Is he a Scholar of Fiqh? [By Authoring Evolution of Fiqh]
Is he a Scholar of Tafseer? [By Authoring a book on Usool at-Tafseer]
Is he a Scholar in the field of Aqeedah? [By Authoring The Fundamentals of Tawheed]

Listen to the attached audio file - Bilal Philips had a session of Video recording which lasted for an hour or more in Bangalore in November 2002 with fanatic followers of Zakir Naik who consider Bilal Philips as a GREAT SCHOLAR!!! like Mr. Naik!!!

In Contrast look at the humility of Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan(hafidhahullah) when he was addressed as a SCHOLAR!!!

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abdul.azeem    -- 03-09-2006 @ 12:30 AM
                             بسم الله
                             الحمد لله
                          والصلاة والسلام  
                           على رسول الله    
                             أما بعد




And I explained that at length that this is a concept that is being promoted by orientalists and others to create this delusion in our minds that they are different kinds of Islaam, but the fact of the matter is that what was revealed to Adam, ?alayhi salatu wasalam, through all the Prophets to Muhammad, salla Allaahu alyhi wasalam, that is Islaam and there is just one Islaam, nothing else and we are Muslims ?And I myself, I don?t like these other titles of you know - Ikhwani or Salafee and all .. people calling themselves labelling themselves in such a way as to create divisions among Muslims, we are Muslims first & last Alhamdulilah.?

[Refer Abu Khadeejah's Post Above]

The questioner from Bangalore asks Bilal Philips of the statement above - Bilal Confirms this!!!

However Abu Ameenah reasons why he did not like the labels - BECAUSE HE DID NOT WANT TO APPEAR AS A FACTIONALIST to the people - Sub'hanAllaah! This same concept was taken by Zakir Naik (his close friend - displaying each other's photographs on the websites of one another respectively) who went further to claim Salafees are Sects!!!


Bilal's Response -


aah! this is a statement I said back in 1991 or 1990 you know! which today if you ask me that's your position..I say no, that's not my position. I dont doubt I could have possibly said that when I was ....trying to give the dawah WITHOUT APPEARING AS A FACTIONALIST .....!!! YOU KNOW (THATS WHY) I TOOK THAT POSITION

So Bilal Philips deserted so many of the Salaf who took this position?

I hope Bilal Philips realizes what level of harm he has caused by making such irresponsible statements for which he has got no precedence. Must be shameful to give such reasons in order to cover up in this dunya!!  And by Allaah I have waited for nearly 4 years now before I put this finally out on the Internet. And Allaahu A`alam.

abdul.azeem    -- 03-09-2006 @ 11:35 AM
                            بسم الله
                             الحمد لله
                          والصلاة والسلام  
                           على رسول الله    
                             أما بعد


Bilal Claims


The group Troid, Troid is now attacking Quraan and Sunnah, attacking the leaders of Quraan and Sunnah and all these know! and these who are the people of Troid? 4 brothers...!!!

We ask Bilal Philips where has Troid attacked Quraan? Where has Troid attacked the Sunnah? If Troid was attacking the Quraan and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) then what was Bilal Philips doing with ALL THE SCHOLARSHIP BEHIND HIM?


However! If he has some deceptive meaning which he knew the people in Bangalore are not aware of then he needs to fear Allaah and be clear when he accuses someone especially in the matters relating to the deen of Allaah!

                 Check The Attached Audio

abdul.azeem    -- 04-09-2006 @ 7:00 AM

                            بسم الله
                             الحمد لله
                          والصلاة والسلام  
                           على رسول الله    
                             أما بعد


Bilal Philip's Tafseer of Shaykh Nasir's (rahimahullah) position on Hajr -Earlier Bilal Philips claimed Shaykh Nasir rahimahullah said that there is NO HAJR in our times absolutely!!! - That was 2001!!!

In November 2002, when the questioner informs Bilal Philips of Shaykh Naasir rahimahullah making Hajr of Zuheir Shuweish, Bilal Philips says,


Yeah! That's not contradicting what I am saying, he(shaykh Nasir rahimahullah) said "generally(its not allowed to make hajr)" but he gave (permission to make hajr) in specific circumstances. Why did he make hajr of Zuheir Shuweish? Why did he make hajr of him...was he a mubtadee? No, Zuheir Shuweish had published his books in a way that he did not ask him to and so and so forth...and there developed personal problems between themselves ...unclear....because I did not give him permission to do so and so and so forth, he had gone off on his own, he made hajr of him. This had nothing to do with deen per say, it was hajr on a  personal know!

So see what Shaykh Ubaid hafidhahullah said long back in his advice to Bilal Philips?

                 Check The Attached Audio

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