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* The book has been checked and corrected according to manuscripts and translated by Br. Abu Sufyaan Uthmaan Beecher hafidhahullah
* Reviewed by Shaykh Muhammad al-'Anjareehafidhahullah
* Just under 100 pgs

To pre-order or for inquiries, e-mail, or contact Br. Abu 'Abdillaah @ +965-6506.2229

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  For sample Table of contents and further updates please click

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  This book is now available in the U.S. via our website,

:::: A Sample of the Contents:

- "Teaching Children Tawheed" by Imaam Muhammad bin ıAbdul-Wahhaab
- Examples from the Qurıaan, the Authentic Sunnah and Statements of the Salaf Related to raising Children:

    * Giving the Children a Good Beginning
    * Establishing a conducive environment for Children in the home
    * Showing Love, Affection and Mercy towards the Children
    * Good treatment towards ones Children and providing for them and fulfilling their Rights
    * Teaching Children Tawheed and the Correct ıAqeedah
    * Teaching Children the Danger of Innovation in the Deen and Protecting them from it
    * Encouraging the Children upon Acts of Worship and Obedience
    * Encouraging the Children upon Seeking Knowledge
    * Supplicating for the Children and Greeting them and Conveying Salaam to them
    * Kindness and Good Manners towards the Children and being patient with them
    * Justice between the Children
    * Cultivating the Children upon Good Manners and Etiquettes
    * Marrying off ones Daughters
    * Dealing with the Children during the Prayer
    * Keeping the Children inside at the time of Maghrib
    * Verily among your Wives and your Children there are Enemies for you

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