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Posted By Topic: A Radd on the True Muqallida!

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Al-Hamdullilahi Rabil Alameen wa Salatu wa Salam ala Ashrafil Anbiya wa Mursaleen, Nabiyina Muhammad wa ala Alihi wa Sahbihi Ajma?een, wa Bad:

A benefit from Sheikhul Islaam athanee:Ibn al-Qayim ? May the Mercy of Allah be upon him ? from his great book: ? I?lamul Muwaqi?een?
?The Dispraise of Allah of those who split up their Deen?
(A rud upon the true Muqalideen)! Ibn Qayim says ? May Allah have mercy on him -:
?Indeed Allah the glorified has criticized those who split up their Religion and became sects/groups: ((Every Group being pleased with that which they have)) [Surah Room: 32], And They are The people of Taqleed specifically, in opposition to the people of Knowledge, For if they differ, They do not split up their Deen, nor become Sects/Groups, Rather they are one group, united upon seeking the truth, accepting it if it becomes apparent, placing it before anything else, So they are the Ta?ifa (Group) , Their Aims  and their Way is One, So the Way is one and the Aim is one, And the Muqalidoon (Blind Followers) are opposite to this, Their Aims Diverse ,And their Ways are at difference, So they are not with the Imams in  the Aim, nor upon their Way?.
[I?lamul Muwaqi?een. vol 3, pg: 524, dar ibn Jawzee, new print]

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