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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Rabee' on the Repentence of a Hizbee

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Aboo 'Aaisha Sa'eed Alam (Birmingham, U.K.)
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QUESTION How does a person who falls into innovation or hizbiyyah (partisanship) make repentance?

ANSWER by Shaykh Rabee' ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee, well-known scholar and retired professor from the Islaamic University of Al-Madeenah

He admits to the deed(s) that he fell into, or the innovation(s) that he fell into. He must also clarify the falsity of his action, as Allaah, the Blessed and Exalted has said [1]:

( Except for those who repent, makes amends, and clarify (their affair) )

So he must mention the innovation that he fell into, clarify its falsity, proclaim his regret for falling into it, announce his abandonment of that action along with his firm intention to never return to it.

These are the conditions of (his) repentance: a true feeling of remorse, abandoning (the innovation), and a firm resolution to never return to his innovation.

And if he had harmed the people, may Allaah bless you, and his innovation had spread amongst them, then he must openly clarify its falsity and spread the evidences that prove the futility of that thing.

There are people who say that they have repented, then it becomes apparent from their actions and positions that they were not really truthful in that. There is no sign of remorse or shame.

I have seen some people saying, "I have repented," and then they continue on in the very thing that they claim to have repented from! This is like the case of the disbeliever who accepts Islaam, but then continues to wield his sword against the Muslims. He says, "I have repented (from disbelief), but my sword is still unsheathed today..." This is obviously a proof that he has not been truthful, and that he has not really repented.


[1] the meaning of Soorah Al-Baqarah (2):160


This was translated exclusively for from a cassette recording with the knowledge and permission of the shaykh, file no. AARM009, dated 1423/9/3.

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