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Our Beloved Sheikh Ahmed Ibn Yahyaa An-Najmee was asked the following question:
Question [2] "What is intended by the word Manhaj?"

Answer: "The Manhaj: It is the path that which is travelled upon by the student of knowledge in inviting to Allaah, this is what is intended."

Al-Fataawa Al-Jaliyyah Anil-Manaahij Ad-Da3wiyyah pg.8.
Salafiyyah is One !
As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Yaa Ikhwaananaa!

I have gathered a number of fatawa of the Shuyookh concerning this Manhaj that I would like to share on this forum and Allah's aid is sought in every righteous deed! Allahumma Ameen!

Su'aal: "Hal Hunaaka Salafiyyatun Qadeematun wa Salafiyyah Jadeedatun Am Annahaa Waahidah?"

Question: Is there an old Salafiyyah and a new Salafiyyah or is Salafiyyah one?

Jawaab: "The methodology of the Salaf is one and whoever claims that there is an old Salafiyyah and a new Salafiyyah then he has indeed LIED, if we ponder over Aqeedah of the Salaf from the time of the Companions up until this time of ours, we find the aqeedah of the Salaf to be ONE. They never differed in matters of Aqeedah and if they differed then that was in their Ahkam and its branches and this is not from the Usool and the Aqeedah. For verily they differed in the Ahkam and the Furoo3. They did not hate one another for their differencing. And this is the way of the Sahabahs [may ALLAH be pleased with them all] And as for the Aqeedah and their Manhaj then it has been one from the time of the companions until today."

[Al-Fataawaa Al-Jaleeya A3n Manaahajid-Da3wiyyah pg.9]

I ask At-Tawaabur-Raheem that He accepts this from me and that He makes it soley for His Face and that He cause all the Muslims to benefit from this! Ameen

Sufyaan Ibn Uyainah used to say: Indeed the Deen is only in the Aathaar and not in opinions the Deen is in the Aathaar not in opinions...

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