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Posted By Topic: The Blazing Meteor truly RETURNS, to the home of Abdul Qaadir!

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Assalamalaikum wa rahmatullah, Those who try to mock ahlus sunnah, those who play games with the salafiyoon, those who try to cast confusion and fasad in the lands, then verily it is a matter of time till their realities become crystal clear to all those with an iota of intelligence. We in the uk have seen his evils and we are sure its only a matter of time until this understanding encompasses all of the uk, insha'allah. And we are referring to none other then this individual who goes by the name of Abdul Qaadir al-Lootunee!

Question: Ya Shaykh here in Britain we have a man whose name is Abdul Qaadir Baksh, who has a site on the internet, he spreads the words of Abul Hasan where he refutes some of the people of knowledge, the likes of Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Haadi Al-Madkhali. And likewise he spreads the doubts of this man (Abul Hasan). So Oh Shaykh, how do we deal with this man in particular and those like him who proceed upon this same path?

The Shaykh Allaamah Ahmed Ibn Yahya An-Najmi said:

Alhamdu lillah was Salaatu was Salaam Ala Rasoolillaah wa Ala Aalihi wa Sahbihi.
It has become clear that Abul Hasan is an innovator and the one who aids him then indeed he is aiding the innovators, maybe this (man) is an innovator like him or greater than him.
So I say that you should advise him, so if he accepts the advise then that is that and if he does not accept the advice then abandon him, warn against him, don?t listen to his speech or read what he writes, this is my advice to you, because Allaah imposed it upon his messenger to convey (The message) and after this he never burdened him with anything else.
So you should inform him that this is a mistake and that you are involving yourself in innovation which is not allowed for the muslim to be involved in. (Word unclear) to fear Allaah and to fear standing before Allaah as neither this person or that person will be able to benefit you, so if he accepts then that is that and if he does not accept then leave him just as other than him from the people of innovation are left and warn against him just as you warn against other than him from the people of innovation.
Wa Billahi At-Tawfeeq.

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