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Posted By Topic: The Egyptian Revolution, Networks of Awthaan, Allaah's Qadariyy and Shar'iyy Hukm and Those Who Resent and Mock the Divine Hikmah and the Qadariyy and

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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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The Egyptian Revolution, Networks of Awthaan, Allaah's Qadariyy and Shar'iyy Hukm and Those Who Resent and Mock the Divine Hikmah and the Qadariyy and Shary'iyy Asbaab

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Abu Abdullah Ekbal Hussain bin Siraj (London, UK)
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Some interesting excerpts from the article:


The Divine Law

Whilst this can be done with scores and scores of revealed texts, we will suffice with just one Qur'anic verse. The advice you will read shortly (from the contemporary scholars regarding current events) is nothing but a continuation of what the great scholars of the past espoused in matters like these, from them Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim, and they in turn took this from what they inherited from the Salaf. These and other scholars of Ahl al-Sunnah simply speak on the basis of what is plain and apparent in the Qur'an and Sunnah, and we will take one example here to illustrate.

And Allah puts forward the example of a township, that dwelt secure and well content; its provision coming to it in abundance from every place, but it (its people) denied the Favours of Allah (with ungratefulness). So Allah made it taste the extreme of hunger (famine) and fear, because of what they used to do. (An-Nahl 16:112)

The exegetes explain this verse to be in reference to Makkah in its origin, but that it is a general rule and pertains to all inhabitations. Thus, amn (security) and rizq (provision) is provided by Allaah, and when His favours are rejected through shirk (polytheism), kufr (disbelief), bid'ah (innovation), and ma'siyah (sin, disobedience), then that amn and rizq turns to khawf (fear) and joo' (hunger, poverty).


This is a clear, explicit, plain, divine law. Whoever mocked and reviled this and the lawaazim (binding necessities), as in what is corollary and follows on from this, then this is mockery of Allaah's qadari, kawnee and shar'ee asbaab, his divine law and wisdom, and this is major kufr, and whover mocked anyone who spoke with these laws, intending by that mockery and revilement of the content of what was said, as in the revealed texts and their lawaazim, then if he knows that this is divine law, and intends to mock it and belittle it, he is a kaafir (this is takfir bil-wasf only) upon whom it is obligatory to repent. And whoever intended mockery of the one who spoke with such content, then he is certainly a god-forsaken ignoramus for whom khayr has not been intended and he is in a dangerous, precarious position.


Now that we have grasped these firmly established divine laws and the fact that the causes of all the calamities such as stealing of resources, plundering of wealth, removal of safety (through neglect or removal of the sharee'ah laws), removal of security and so on, are the actions of the servants fundamentally and that these effects are manifested by Allaah, the Exalted throught whatever means He wishes(colonization, repression, tyranny, rulers and so on), then we need to address a certain faction of people present today claiming da'wah but who are in fact on high-dosage medication (given for free at Ikhwani Awakening websites, blogs and forums). This is done by looking at the advice of the Scholars of the Sunnah, and the responses (of mockery and belittlement) of these people to it.

Viewing the outbursts of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) "Ikhwani Awakening" kids on medication in light of all the above.

In response to this advice of those scholars which was based upon Allaah's firmly established divine laws and how they interplay with human actions, there was an outburst of mockery, revilement and sarcasm from a number of the ADHD-suffering kindergarten kids institutionalized (with dosages of Prozac and Ritalin) over there at the Ikhwani Awakening website. This type of outburst, if directed at the content of the advice, certainly enters into the realm of major kufr, as it comprises mockery and revilement of Allaah's af'aal and His qadari, kawnee and shar'ee asbaab. And at best, it constitutes the grossest of ignorance regarding Allaah's af'aal, His hikmah and matters of qadr, as well as revilement and oppression against the one who gave this advice. In this article we will take up this issue in a little detail inshaa'Allaah.

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Abu Abdullah Ekbal Hussain bin Siraj (London, UK)
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Aboo Haaroon Husayn Ahmad ibn Jamal (West Palm Beach, FL USA)
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Here is a beneficial quote from the article from the (translated) words of Shaykh Al-Albaanee, rahimahullaah, and how appropriate is the advice especially in these times!:


"...Hence, the matter is not connected only to the rulers, rather it has a connection to the subjects before it does with the rulers. The subjects - in the reality of their affair - the likes of those rulers befit them, just as they say, "the worm is from and in the pickle" [a phrase meaning the enemy is from within your own household]. Those rulers never descended from Mars, but they sprang "from us and within us." Hence, if we desire rectification of our circumstances, then that will not occur by declaring an open, vehement war against our rulers and forgetting ourselves. And yet we are from the completeness of the problem of the current situation today in the Islamic world! For this reason, we urge the Muslims that they return to their religion, and that they apply what they know of their religion, "And on that day the believers will rejoice, with the aid of Allaah", Hence, O our brothers, the affair is not as you perceive it, an expression of sentiments, and the raging (fury) of the youth, and revolutions like the foam of soap, it stirs and roars in its land, then you do not see any effect whatsoever from it."

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