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» That he is a chronic liar and that he plays with the Deen of Allaah continued
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Posted By Topic: That he is a chronic liar and that he plays with the Deen of Allaah continued

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30-10-2002 @ 12:00 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Another one of his clear acts of deception and lies, not to just the common Muslim but in
the faces of some of those entrusted with carrying the message of Islaam. An example, is recently (May 2002) some brothers while performing the Umrah visited our brother Abdullaah Al-Bukhaaree - an instructor at Madeenah University - who told them that during the Hajj of this year (2002) he tried to help straighten out the affairs of Aboo Muslimah. So he set up a meeting with him and some of the shuyookh of Al-Madeenah.
Aboo Muslimah did not show up for that agreed appointment.

When the Ustaadh al-Bukhaaree called Aboo Muslimah asking him why he had not made his appointment he said that Aboo Muslimah told him he was sorry
and the reason for his absence was that he had just returned from another meeting with Shaikh Abdur Razzaaq ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbaad and was therefore delayed.

When our noble brother Abdullaah Al-Bukhaaree spoke to Shaikh Abdur Razzaaq later on about the meeting of which Aboo Muslimah had attended, Shaikh Abdur Razzaaq confirmed that there was a meeting scheduled but that Aboo Muslimah never showed up!

In his feeble attempt to stick to his position that the Ulamaa such as Al-Muhaddith, Al-Muftee, Al-Usoolee, Al-Faqeeh, Al-Aabid Al-Imaam Abdul Azeez ibn Abdullaah ibn Baaz, Al-Muftee, Al-Usoolee, Al-Faqeeh, Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al- Uthaymeen may Allaah have mercy on them all, were not Salafiyyoon but rather
Hanbalees,  sticking tenaciously to the Hanaabilah mathhab.

It seems as though Aboo Muslimah ? and Allaah knows best from where he obtained it ? used the 'statements' of Shaikh Naasir regarding the Ulamaa of the Kingdom as being Hanaabilah (Hanbalees) from a two volume set of books entitled 'Al-Haawee min Fataawee Shaikh Al-Albaanee' compiled by one
Aboo Hammaam Al-Misree.

It is well known and documented that Shaikh Muhammad Naasirddeen Al-Albaanee, may Allaah have mercy on him had not authorized the publishing of it and had already renounced that book with the most stern and severest repudiation!

Coming soon inshaa Allaah his Muwaazanah (Counterbalancing between good and evil)

كن مستفيدا أو مفيدا
أو اسكت بحلم

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