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Posted By Topic: A Salafi Warning from Al Halabi's Book the Salaf Methodology

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Zayd Abu Ubayd (Peqin,Albania)
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A Salafi Warning from Al Halabi's Book the Salaf Methodology

ترجمة قمت بها لمقال الشيخ
أحمد بن عمر بن سالم
بازمول حفظه الله
التحذير السلفي
A Salafi Warning
Al Halabi's Book
The Salaf Methodology

Written by
Ahmed bin Omar bin Salim Bazmol

In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent

Praise to Allah lord of both world, & peace and blessing be upon who was sent to the worlds (the prophet), his family & his companions.
I direct my advice to all my Salafi in the world
Applying what the prophet -Peace & blessings be upon him- said: ıreligion is advice, ıfor whom?ı his companions asked, he said: for Allah, his books, his messengers, muslim leaders & the general population.ı
To beware of the book that was written by Ali bin Hasan bin Abd El Hameed Al Halabi
This is known by The Methodology of the Predecessor concerning benefits & corruption (Manhaj Asalaf Asaleh)
This book brothers & sisters contradicts its title, and it gathers several corrupted rulings
For example:
1- Creating rulings & foundations that contradict the way of the Salaf (predecessor methodology) when dealing with innovators & people of desire.
2- Mentions issues that great scholars have had with certain people & replaces the facts.
3- Praising & blessing innovators, however he didnıt mention their names they are known to us like Mohamed Hasan, Abu Al Hasan Al Mıarbi & Al Meghrawi
4- Defending the Al Torath organization in Kuwait & Al Bir organization in Dubai Constantly, in a very ill way.
5- Using inappropriate language with Salafi youth while he describes them meanwhile he protects innovators, for instance: he called them: blood suckers, flies, that they end their days in dispute, dream it & wake upon it & all they think about is who is the next innovatorıetc. All that because they have protected their religion from the ideas of Mohamed Hasan, Al Mıarbi, Al Meghrawi & who defends them, so is that what they get !!!!!!!
6- The book consists of wicked rulings & principals to start issues in-between Salafis & between Salafis & their rulers.
7- the book was written in a very cruel way to Salafis, however, very soft, sweet & merciful towards innovators.
It was written on a sick way to hide facts & trick people in a philosophical way, indeed the prophet ıpeace & blessings be upon him- was truthful when he said: ıexpressions can be magicalı
After this O brothers & sisters should we read this book?
After this shall we defend this man?
Till when we shall be quiet, as if he was a spoiled child
Does he think that we are cowards or that we fear him?
Does he think after that we shall just see what is unjust & be silent?
I swear by the lord of the sky & earth
We shall never be silent from an unjust
We prefer the righteous path more than him.
So protect your religion, knowledge & methodology so that Al Halabi Does not corrupt it, for he has affected others.
I ask Allah to guide this man back to the righteous path, or destroy his evilness.

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