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Posted By Topic: Winter Conference 2010 Re-scheduled! NEW DATES

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07-12-2010 @ 8:49 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Joined: Sep 2002

National Winter Conference 2010 Birmingham
"And hold on all of you
together to the Rope of Allaah and be not divided"


Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis
Abu Idrees Muhammad
Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq
Hasan as-Somaalee
Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Waahid

Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee
Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiree
Shaikh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee
Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhalee


Lectures: From 12pm till 10pm Daily.

Stalls: Enquiries welcome

Telephone: 0121-773-0033


Venue: Salafi Mosque, Wright Street, Small Heath, Birmingham B10 0UG

Admission: FREE

Bookstore open entire weekend.

All welcome to attend - A great weekend for the whole family!

Book in at a local hotel, visit:
All proceeds will go towards the da'wah and the new mosque project.

Wassallaamu alaikum.

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Posts: 846
Joined: Sep 2002
SalafiPublications on WiZiQ

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom

SalafiPublications LIVE

- Listen to the conference on your home or mosque computer
- Register now with WiZiQ to get a front seat at the conference
- Better than Paltalk
- No filthy ads or pop-ups!
- Free and easy
- Web-based so nothing to download

Click here now to register in time for the conference:


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Saqib Punjaabi (from Yorkshire )
Posts: 141
Joined: Dec 2006

Coach from Sheffield

Please contact,

Ali: 07506-742-157
or Abdi-Fattaah: 07984-271-876

$5 pound deposit to secure a seat.

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Those who want to stay in the Masjid overnight, must register by
calling the Salafi Bookstore +44 (0)121 773 0003.


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Umm Mujaahid Naheeda bint Abdul Khaaliq bin Muhammad Faadil (Birmingham, UK)
Posts: 72
Joined: Jul 2005

21-12-2010 @ 11:08 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Umm Mujaahid Naheeda bint Abdul Khaaliq bin Muhammad Faadil (Birmingham, UK)
Posts: 72
Joined: Jul 2005

Assalaamu alaikum

The winter Conference's Crazy Kid's Club schedule (room 8) is as follows:  

Saturday 1st January


12:00-1:30      SCIENCE

2:00-3:30     ISLAMIC STUDIES & ART  (Topic Jannah)

4:00-5:30     SCIENCE

6:00-7:30       ISLAMIC STUDIES & ART  (Topic Our Parents)

Sunday 2nd January

12:00-1:30      SCIENCE

2:00-3:30     ISLAMIC STUDIES & ART (Topic Tawheed)

4:00-5:30     SCIENCE

6:00-7:30       ISLAMIC STUDIES & ART (Topic Worship)

Following suggestions, we have included an open play Nursery/Playgroup session (Sat 10:00-11:30) where a variety of activities will be on offer for infants to enjoy along with moms.  

Although these will not be fully fledged lessons as with the Crazy Kidsı Science and Islamic Studies/Art, our teachers will be close by to offer a guiding hand.

Our initial response has been quite positive, with excited kids awaiting eagerly for this yearıs Salafi Winter Conference.
Start Booking!

Assalaamu alaikum
Umm Yahya, Naweeda
23-12-2010 @ 1:52 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Posts: 846
Joined: Sep 2002

Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzaan and our noble brother and student of knowledge Abu Badr Usaamah will not be able to attend this event due to the severe weather conditions and flight re-arrangements and cancellations. QaddarAllaah maashaa' wa'fa'l.

Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzaan conveys his salaam to all the brothers and sisters and has affirmed that he will attend again at his earliest opportunity, inshaa'Allaah.

May Allaah facilitate another date for them to join us, ameen.

24-12-2010 @ 12:58 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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We are sincerely apologetic to all those who have made plans.

Please understand that this was not an easy decision for us, but even some of the UK speakers would have found it difficult to attend. And we received messages that the weather would be too cold and maybe treacherous in some parts of the country.

Please watch this thread for updates regarding alternative dates.

Salafi Publications.

24-12-2010 @ 6:04 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Friday 31st December
Saturday 1st January
Sunday 2nd January

Please spread the news!

From your brothers at:
Salafi Publications.

29-12-2010 @ 5:37 PM    Notify Admin about this post
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Joined: Sep 2002

Please spread the word far and wide!

31-12-2010 @ 9:01 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Masjid as-Salafi (Birmingham,UK)
Posts: 9
Joined: Oct 2010

National Conference in Birmingham 2010-11

"And Hold on all of you to the Rope of Allaah and be not Divided"


12.15pm Friday Khutbah: Abu Hakeem or Abu Khadeejah

7pm Tele-link: "The Importance of Following the Sunnah" Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzaan Al-Haajiree

9pm "How the Salaf Raised their Children with Respect and Honour" Abu Khadeejah


11am French Language: "Al-Itisam: Holding to the Sunnah" Mahdi al-Maghribee

2pm "Benefits from the Biography of al-Aajurree" Abu Abdillaah Hasan as-Somaalee

5pm Tele-Link with Ash-Shaykh Rabee Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

7pm "The Bravery of the Salaf in Rebutting Falsehood - More Virtuous than Jihaad!" Abu Khadeejah

8.30pm "How the Salaf Dealt with Disputes -1" Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

10pm Open Q&A Session: Abu Hakeem, Hasan as-Somaalee and Abu Khadeejah


11am Somali Language: "The Excellence of the Scholars"

12.30pm "How the Salaf Dealt with Disputes -2" Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis

2pm "The Methodology of the Salaf in Holding on to the Rope of Allaah" Abu Idrees

6pm "Chapters from Kitaab at-Tawheed" Shaikh Ubaid al-Jaabiree

8.30pm "Ahlus-Sunnah are United in Speech and Manhaj" Abul-Hasan Maalik

9.30pm Closing remarks from Abu Hakeem and Abu Khadeejah.

    Masjid as-Salafi
     United Kingdom

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Umm Musa bint Muhammad (New York)
Posts: 260
Joined: Sep 2008
asalamu alaykum,
jazakumullahu khayran for using wiziq, the lectures are so wonderful without
having to worry about banners or popups, and in addition, there is a nice
section of recorded lectures, this is a wonderful benefit for all the
salafiyoon, may Allah help us and increase us in this khayr,

barakAllahu feekum jamee'an
04-01-2011 @ 1:46 AM    Notify Admin about this post
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Maashaa' Allaah! What a nice conference!

Get the audios from


07-01-2011 @ 12:01 AM    Notify Admin about this post
Abu 'Abdillaah Ozan ibn Bedir ( U.K.)
Posts: 10
Joined: Feb 2009

Assalaamu 'alaikum

I hope that this post will serve as a glimpse into the Salafi Winter Conference in Birmingham U.K. 2010
for those brothers and sisters that, for whatever reason, could not attend. And maybe as a reminder for those that did and may have missed a part of it.

Friday 31st December

The Dawrah started with the Friday Khutbah which was delivered by our brother Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid - 'Be Aware Regarding the Rights of the Women'. A very important and great advice for the men to take heed of, in order to fulfill the rights of those women who Allaah has given the authority to take care of.

Although the Scholars were not able to be present in person, and this is from the decree of Allaah - Qaddar Allaah ma shaa fa'al, the Scholars love and affection was undoubtedly present for all to witness, as their willingness and readiness to present lectures via tele-links showed.

The first link was with Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramzan Al-Haajiree. When we spoke to the Shaikh at short notice, out of the love he has for the Salafiyoon he agreed to give his lecture via tele-link. He asked "Are the brothers and sisters present in the Masjid?"  We replied, "Yes O Shaikh."
Showing the concern he had for the Muslims, he agreed to fit us into his busy schedule. The Shaikh explained the reasons why he could not attend in person, a thorn in the side for those who were quick to use his absence as a stick to beat the Salafis with.

The Shaikh entitled his lesson 'The Importance of Following the Sunnah' and maa shaa Allaah he delivered a fantastic lecture, as his words echoed around the Masjid; explaining towards the end an analogy highlighting the modern day off shoots of Ikhwaanul Muslimeen, saying how the Ikhwaani Da'wah had given birth to her daughter, the Qutubi Da'wah, who in turn had given birth to her daughter, the Suroori Daw'ah, showing how they have developed and mutated over the generations.

Our elder brother Abu Khadeejah Abdul Waahid delivered a lecture entitled 'How the Salaf Raised their Children with Respect and Honour', and how our community yearns and is in dire need of this wisdom of our beloved Salaf. The crowded Masjid as-Salafi, parents at the forefront, absorbed the knowledge disseminated, example after example of our beloved Salaf.

Saturday 1st January

On Saturday the first lecture was with our brother Mahdi al-Maghribee at 11am. His talk was 'Al-Itisam (Holding to the Sunnah)' and was conducted in the French language.

Our brother Abu Abdillaah Hasan as-Somali based his lecture on the 'Benefits from the Imaam al-Aajurree'. Beginning with a brief summary of the biography of this great Imaam, our brother Hasan continued and summarised the first few chapters from the Imaam's book Ash-Sharee'ah.

We linked live via the telephone to our beloved Father, our Shaikh, the 'Aalim, Rabee' Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee who delivered a beautiful advice, 'The Life of the True Believer'. We suffered difficulty in hearing the words of this Great 'Aalim, hafidhahullaah, due to the bad quality of the line which made it very difficult to translate. Brothers in the jam packed Masjid were very patient trying to listen and benefit. Our brother Bilaal Hussain, who was present in Makkah with the Shaikh, attained a copy of the lecture for the next day (Sunday) which was clear and understandable maa shaa Allaah,  walhamdulillaah Shaikh Rabee's golden advice was not lost, but rather it was translated and re-run in the Masjid where our brother Abu Khadeejah translated it.

'The Bravery of the Salaf in Rebutting Falsehood - More Virtuous than Jihaad!' was the next lecture by our brother Abu Khadeejah. This was a lecture full of beautiful examples from our Salaf in how they dealt with those upon falsehood, example after example.

Our brother and elder, Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis, began the first of a two part series lesson covering the topic of differing, 'How the Salaf Dealt with Disputes'. He explained the legislated differing, the permissible and the impermissible blameworthy differing. Bringing a wide range of examples and many benefits from the Book of Allaah and from the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, and from the Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them all, and from those Imaams who followed them in Righteousness. Giving the audience a glimpse into how the Salaf dealt with each other with honour, good manners and respect when differences occurred, making it clear that the differences that appeared were within the branches of Al-Islaam and NOT in the fundamental beliefs of it, as we find many deviants claiming.

Sunday 2nd January

The first lecture on Sunday was at 11am in the Somali Language which was entitled 'The Excellence of the Scholars' and was delivered by our brother Abu Suhayb as-Somali.

Our brother Abu Idrees Muhammad chose to bring benefits from Sharh us Sunnah of Imaam Al-Barbahaaree and Imaam Al-Laalikaa'ee and entitled his lecture 'The Methodology of the Salaf in Holding on to the Rope of Allaah', which in turn was the theme of the Conference. It was a beautiful lecture filled with great reminders from our scholars; closing with the message that the real harshness is not in criticising the various groups and sects that are opposing the Sunnah, but rather the real harshness is in not defending this Religion, the Sunnah which our Salaf fought and some, even gave their lives for! Allaahu Akbar.

Alhamdulillaah, by the grace of Allaah The Almighty, we had a live tele-link with our Shaikh 'Ubaid ibn 'Abdillaah Al-Jaabiree. We continued with the explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed of the Great Imaam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul Wahhaab, which the Shaikh has agreed to carry on from the regular lessons that our Shaikh 'Abdullaah Al-Ghudayyaan was giving before he passed away, (rahimahullaah) - may Allaah reward him with Jannatul-Firdaws.
We started the chapter - 'It is from ash-Shirk that a person seeks worldly gain by his deeds'. Showing how one can fall into seeking worldly gains with the deeds of the hereafter.

Also, our brother Abul-Hasan Maalik from the USA participated in disseminating knowledge at this conference with a tremendous lecture - 'Ahlus-Sunnah are United in Speech and Manhaj' clarifying and illustrating how the Saved Sect are, and how they hold onto the narrations of the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam; showing us how they were united right from the very beginning up until this very day.

Abu Khadeejah ended with a short piece of advice; advising us all with co-operation upon Birr and Taqwaa as our Lord, Allaah The Almighty advises. Reminding the brothers and sisters that had attended to seek knowledge, to stick to the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of the Messenger sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

This Dawrah 'Ilmiyyah (Seminar of Knowledge) was truly that, a Seminar full of knowledge, maa shaa Allaah. And All praise belongs to Allaah The Mighty and Majestic

Finally, I'd like to thank our brothers at Maktabatus Salafiyyah, may Allaah reward them with good, for, once again, attaching the Muslims to the 'Ulema (Scholars) - directly through the tele-links and through the lessons that the lecturers delivered, as they conveyed words and explanations from the Scholars, past and present; solidifying the connection between the Salafiyyoon and the Scholars. And this is what we have seen and benefitted from over the years; SalafiPublications have been attaching the Muslims, here in the UK and across the world, to the Scholars for nearly two decades now, walillaahil hamd, and may Allaah keep them ardent in that.

Also last, but, definitely not the least, may Allaah reward all those who helped to make this conference take place; all those who helped out in all the various capacities, with their time and effort. Truly Allaah will not cause an atoms weight of good to be lost and may Allaah protect and guide us all to that which He loves and is pleased with. Allaahummaa Aameen.

Walhamdulillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen

Ozan ibn Bedir

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Abu Abdurrahman Erol (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Posts: 10
Joined: Feb 2009
Salaamu 'Aleykum wa Rahmatullah

Will the remaining lectures on salafiaudio be also available?

Abu Abdurrahman

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