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Posted By Topic: The weakness in the hadeeth for the Dua at break fast

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Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Lamont Battle (Doha, Qatar)
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The weakness in the hadeeth for the Dua at break fast

Shaykh Ali Reda (may Allah preserve him)

Shaykh Ali Reda (may Allah bless him) said, A brother from Qatar called me  then sent the question through the web. He asked me about the hadeeth, Whenever the Prophet (peace blessings be upon him) broke fast he would say, The thirst is gone and the veins are moistened and the reward is certain inshallah.

He said, some of the scholars have graded it as being Hasan, and among them are Shaykh Al-Albani. However he had doubt about this isnad. In this chain there was a narrator that no one acknowledged as being trustworthy other than Ibn Hibban. Moreover only two narrators narrated on him. Therefore this narrator is Majhoul Hal.

I (shaykh Ali Reda ) answered him by saying, With Allah is the success. Yes, Shaykh Al-Albani (may Allah rest him in Jannah) graded it as being Hasan in Irwa Al-Ghalil #920. And he mentioned that Ad-Daruqutnee graded it as being Hasan to.

Al-Albani held the isnad of this hadeeth as being Hasan. And Al-Hakims grading of the hadeeth as being Saheeh is what supported the narrator,who was Majhoul Al-Hal. The Majhoul Hal narrator is Marwan ibn Salim Al-Muqqafi.

Shaykh Al-Albanis speech is strong and in fact Ibn Hajr agreed with Ad-Daruqutnees view of the hadeeth being Hasan [ refer to Talkees Al-Habeer 2/202] Ibn Hajr didnt mention a single comment about this hadeeth.  

Nonetheless in conformity with the science of hadeeth and according to his own terminology, Ibn Hajr said that   Muqqafi is Maqbul in other words if his narrations agree with others . Otherwise he is Layyenul Hadeeth. [ At-Taqreeb page 81]

After researching for another narrator whose narration agrees with Muqqafi I came to the conclusion that the Isnad is Layyen and not Hasan.I looked in other books which Shaykh Al-Albani didnt mention. Books like Targheeb At-Tarheeb by Al-Asbaahanee, Sharus Sunah by  Al-Bagawee and others. In the end I didnt find anyone who shared in the narration or narrator with Muqqafi.

Imam Al-mizzee mentioned this hadeeth by way of ibn Munthu. He commented at the end of the hadeeth This hadeeth is ghareeb. We only recorded it from Hussain ibn Waqid. Hussain narrated this hadeeth from Al-Muqqafi. This only supports a second narrator on Muqqafi, but not a different narrator.

In conclusion my soul isnt at ease to affirm the authenticity of this hadeeth. Allah knows best

Tn (may Allah pardon him) says, Shaykh Muqbil(may Allah shower His Mercy on him) and Shaykh Yahya (may Allah bless him) both hold this hadeeth to be weak.

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