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» Question: what to do if you forget how many days of Ramadaan you have to make up?
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Posted By Topic: Question: what to do if you forget how many days of Ramadaan you have to make up?

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03-06-2009 @ 6:12 PM    Notify Admin about this post
Oem Saalih ***** bint Mohammed (Netherlands)
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Joined: Jun 2009
Salaamoe aleikoem,

I have an very urgent question on behalf of my sister.
The last three years she have been careless with fasting the missed days (due to menstruation) of Ramadaan. Now she regret and wants to make Taubah. What does she have to do in this situation?

Does she have to make up the missed days of three months of Ramadaan? And if so, how many days does she have to make up? She don't know how many days she have missed of Ramadaan.

Does she have to do something else besides fasting the missed days?

Are those questions ever been asked to the Ulamaa?
Could somebody prossably ask an Aalim about this questions?

I hope someone may help her with this situation. (Please only respond with dalil).

(My English isn't very good, so my apologies for that. I hope that my words are clear enough)

Baraka Allahoe fiekum.

Wasalaamoe aleikoem

Oem Saalih

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