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Posted By Topic: 'Majlis Ramadaan' -Gatherings in Ramadaan -Shaikh Uthaimeen (rahimah ullaah)

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Umm AbdurRahmaan S.bint Ahmed ibn Suleimaan (U.K)
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Gatherings in the Month of Ramadan is a series of lectures recorded in the English language. (Prepared and delivered by Shahzeb, Abu Ayesha) containing issues relating to the month of Ramadan - specifically  fasting. These lectures include the rulings pertaining to fasting, it's virtues, it's wisdom etc.

These lectures are largely compiled from the works of our Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Ibn 'Uthaymeen (born 27th Ramadhaan 1347 A.H./1926 C.E. - died 15 Shawwaal 1421 A.H. / 10 January 2001 C.E.), primarily from the book 'Majalis Ramadan - Gatherings in the month of Ramadan' where the Shaykh compiled 30 lectures/lessons to be read on each day of Ramadan. May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa ta'aala) have Mercy upon his soul, aameen.

Lecture 1 covers:
     The definition of fasting
     How/when fasting was legislated
     The importance of the intention to fast
     Virtues of fasting found in Qur'an and Sunnah
Lecture 2 covers:
     The obligatory and recommended manners of fasting
Lecture 3 covers:
     Fasting - It's wisdom and it's rulings
Lecture 4 covers:
      What does and does not nullify (break) the fast
Lecture 5 covers:
      I'tikaaf (seclusion)
     Taraweeh (night prayer) in Ramadan
     The last ten nights
     Laylatul Qadr (night of power)

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