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Abu Muawiyah Safdar Mohammed Khan (Birmingham )
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The Sunnah with regard to Iftaar (Breaking the Fast)  (Translated by Dawud Burbank)

Fataawaa Noor `alad-darb: Shaikh `Abdul-`Azeez ibn Baaz -rahimahullaah:

(Q.): Is it from the Sunnah when breaking the Fast, or when giving food to someone to break the Fast, that he should eat dates, and drink water, and then get up to pray the Maghrib Prayer; and then after that he eats whatever he wishes from food and drink?

(A.)Yes, since this is that which can bring about some benefit. So he should hasten to break the Fast upon whatever Allaah facilitates, from fresh dates, or dry dates, or water. Then he goes off to pray with the congregation, so that he does not miss the Congregational Prayer. Then he can return and have his dinner, and so on. As for if they are a group who are upon a journey, for example, then they may eat, and have their dinner, and then pray; and if they delay their dinner, and bring the Prayer forward - after they have broken the Fast, then there is no harm. As for within cities and towns, then a person should eat whatever food Allaah makes easy for breaking the Fast, then they should go off to the Prayer, so that he does not miss the Congregational Prayer.

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