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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Alee al-Halabee in Comparison to the Major Scholars: His Manhaj, Usool and Positions

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The Persistent Opposition of Shaykh Alee al-Halabee to the Rulings, Refutations and Warnings of the Major Scholars Against the Callers to  Takfir, Ikhwaaniyyah, and Co-operators and Allies of the Innovators

Shaykh Hishaam al-'Aarif states:
A phone conversation took place between me and Alee al-Halabee on Wednesday 25/8/1429 [16/08/2008], through the brother Khaalid Hammaad Abu Saalih. So from what I asked Alee al-Halabee was "What do you say about Muhammad Hassaan?" He said, "Salafee, and better than you". I said, "And what do you say about Abu Ishaaq al-Huwainee?" He said, "Salafee". I said, "And what do you say about Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee?", he said, "Salafee". I said, "And what do you say about al-Maghraawee?", he said, "Salafee". I said, "And is it for you to oppose the Scholars in these rulings of yours?" He said, "These are [matters] I am content with!!! I am not a muqallid. And I give advice!! And Muhammad Hassaan has repented from what he fell into." I said, "He made a theatrical repentance for you. Otherwise, why were you in need of asking him on the phone such that you should make him repent".

And these answers, if they point to anything, then they point to Alee al-Halabee's persistence in his [own] judgements in opposition to the Major Scholars. And from what he said to me was that he carried a series of advices from Shaykh Rabee - may Allaah preserve him - to Abu Ishaaq al-Huwaineee, and that he delivered them to him personally. So I said to him, "And has al-Huwaynee acted upon these advices?". He said, "Yes, and he recanted". I said to him, "And who said from the scholars that he has recanted? That which we have seen is that he as increased in evil. We do not want to hear from you that he has recanted. We want to hear from the  Major Scholars that he has recanted".

Refer to the website (under the supervision of Shaykh Hishaam al-'Aarif:

As for al-Maghraaweee, then he fell into takfeer, and has not since made any repentance or recantation, rather he wallowed in statements of takfeer. As for al-Huwaynee then likewise he has takfeer with him, alongside praise of the Qutbees and Hizbiyyeen in Egypt and raising the slogans of Sayyid Qutb of "Haakimiyyah". As for al-Ma'ribee, then he came with his evil plots and plans, and evil principles designed at opening the door for the Ikhwaanees and Qutbees as well as attempting to remove the firm barrier between Salafiyyah and the methodologies of the Hizbiyyeen with such evil corrupt principles as "mujmal and mufassal" and "al-manhaj al-waasi'" and so on.

All these individuals have been amply refuted and exposed by the Major Scholars. The Major Scholars had already advised such individuals, in private, and by advices, and had patience with them for considerable amounts of time, and ultimately warned against them after all of that failed and such individuals persisted upon their falsehood.


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