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Posted By Topic: Al-Bur'aee Blasts al-Ma'ribee al-Bid'iyy - A Wake up Call For the Muqallideen, and Muhqibeen

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the following is posted on SPUBS...

Refer to the following:

Brief Notes:

1) Al-Bura'ees Exposition is called "The Beginning of Deviation"

2) He explains why he is refuting Abul-Hasan, that before he did not see from him what he observed afterwards

3) Explainst that al-Ma'ribee had been lurking around for about 8 years in order to bring his new "dustoor" of da'wah

4) Explains that al-Ma'ribee wished to destroy Shaykh Rabee'

5) Explains that al-Ma'ribee did not come out in the time of al-Albaani, Bin Baz or Ibn Uthaymeen because he knew their manhaj was the same as Shaykh Rabee's

6) Explains that al-Ma'ribee did not come out during the time of Shaykh Muqbil, has he feared he would be finished and when the Shaykh passed away, al-Ma'ribee said, "The time of fear has now passed".

7) Al-Ma'ribee's book as-Siraaj al-Wahhaaj Fee Bayaan il-Minhaaj was the dustoor of this new da'wah, and in this book al-Ma'ribee used generalised speech, which no one would disagree with, and which he could then later explain in the specific way that he desired - and if anyone challenged him, he would be able to say, don't you know that the scholars agree with this book.

8) Al-Ma'ribee does not have any desire for receiving advice, and is not prepared to accept it

9) He refutes the claims of al-Ma'ribee's followers who say al-Ma'ribee is oppressed and has been wronged and so on

10) That al-Ma'ribee included the Ikhwaan and Tableegh within Firqat un-Naajiyah at a time when he knew of their falsehood

11) That al-Ma'ribee taught the book "Milestones" of Sayyid Qutb to his students and certainly not from the angle of criticising it (!!!!!!!!!!!)

12) Al-Ma'ribee's lie upon Shaykh Muqbil that he includes Ikhwaan within Ahl us-Sunnah

13) In the manuscript version of his book as-Siraaj al-Wahhaaj, there are many statements later scrapped and removed, which Shaykh Rabee' actually observed and looked (when he corrected his mistakes) and they contained a clear affirmation of al-Muwaazanah, this was at a time when al-Ma'ribee knew about the bid'ah of al-Muwaazanah

14) Al-Ma'ribee's insults and attacks against the Scholars, amongst them "ignorance", "evil intentions", "so and so Shaykh is a khalafee", "the state of the Mashaayikh is a disgracefu, humiliating one", "deception", "they are bringing about a corrupting generation", describing Ahl us-Sunnah with "taqleed", that the Shaykhs have "corrupt usool" - and many others

15) His specific mockery, and insults and making jokes and fun out of Shaykh Rabee'

16) The result of is mockery and belittling of the Scholars is the same as the result that is desired by the Innovators

17) Al-Ma'ribee called for sending mercy upon the Innovators, yet look at his harshness towards Ahl us-Sunnah. He speaks of the principle "we correct the mistake but do not destroy the person", yet look at his insults, attacks and assaults against the Shaykhs who merely advised and corrected him, in the correct Sharee'ah manner, with such gentleness from the beginning. In his cassetted "Sitting in Aden" he prays for those from the Ikhwaan that Allaah gives them the highest place, gives them the ranks of the martyrs, and at the same time he reviles and curses Ahl us-Sunnah with every type of falsehood. Also compare between the du'aa he made for those from the Ikhwaan and between how he spoke of those who refuted al-Maghraawee, that they are mischief makers, destroyers of the deen, the lowly ones and so on.

And numerous other points

After all this what can be left to say about the Muqallidah and the Mumayyi'ah, the Du'aat of Baatil and the Dajjaajilah of Luton, who continue to defend this vile khabeeth, mubtadi' dall, mudill - when his affair is as clear as daylight? May Allaah guide them back to their senses, away from this Ikhwaanee Impos

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