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Posted By Topic: Removing the Smoke Screens and Diversionary Tactics of Aboo Usaamah adh-Dhahabee part two

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It can not be denied (by anyone with understanding) that there is always a nexus between those of contemporary times who have the beliefs of Ahlul Hadeeth wal Athar and cling tenaciously to their minhaaj, that they will be in consonant with the people of the past who adhered to the same beliefs and methodology.

Likewise, the people today who have strayed, they also have a connection to their counterparts of days gone by. Those who have adopted the variant paths and who have disobeyed the Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu'alaihe wa sallam by using their incisor or canine teeth to hold on to his Sunnah and the Sunnah of his Companions, instead of clinching on to it with their molars.

One of the traits of those who went astray is that they supported each other, defended each other, aided each other or were silent about the evil or harm that emanated from those who were in violation of injunctions or commandments. This was because they had the same goals and objectives.

As Aboo Alee ad-Daqqaaq said: ?The one who is silent about the truth (doesn't speak it when he knows it) is a dumb shaytaan and the one who speaks falsehood is an eloquent shaytaan!?

Some of them today have tried to get slick when caught, will quickly pull out of their smoke screen bag of tricks or suitcase of diversionary tactics statements like:

?I didn't mean that?

?I don't remember saying that?

?That was five years ago when I said that?

?I was exaggerating when I said that?

?I meant that in the linguistic sense or meaning, not in the shar?ee or legal sense of the word?  

The person, who makes erroneous statements or commit acts of treachery must make a clear repentance. Stay away from the people of desires as a sign of their tawbah. Another sign of their true repentance is, realigning oneself with the people of truth and guidance, sitting with them, aiding them, supporting them, honoring them, speaking in their defense and loving them.

For there is no doubt, that the Salaf would make a judgment of an individual by his companionship. Since a man is with whom he loves as our Messenger sallallaahu ?alaihe wa sallam informed us.  

Abood Dardaa?, radiyallaahu ?anhu said:

? It is from the fiqh (understanding of a person) that he [chooses] those whom he walks with, whom he enters upon (visits) and whom he sits with.?

Taken from al-Ibaanah (2/477).

Imaam al-Awzaa'ee, rahimahullaah said:

?Whoever hides his innovation from us will not be able to hide his companionship from us.?

al-Ibaanah (2/476)

Muhammad ibn Ubaid al-Ghulaabee rahimahullaah said:

?Ahlul Ahwaa (People of Desires) hide everything except their intimate friendship and companionship.?

al-Ibaanah (2/482)

Allaah the Most High has said: ?You will not find a people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger, even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people)??

Sooratul Mujaadilah 58:22

The Messenger also warned against the people of innovation, from befriending, supporting or taking from them saying:

?Whoever innovates or accommodates an innovator then upon him is the Curse of Allaah, His Angels and the whole of mankind.?

Reported by Imaams al-Bukhaaree and Muslim.
We also find the Noble Companions and the Taabi?een after them warning from the danger of innovations upon the Ummah and its people.

Ibn Abbaas, radiyallaahu 'anhu said: ?Indeed the most detestable of things to Allaah are the innovations.?

Reported by al-Bayhaqee in as-Sunan al-Kubraa (4/316)

Sufyaan ath-Thawree said:

?Innovation is more beloved to Iblees than sin, since a sin may be repented from but innovation is not repented from.?

Reported by al-Laalikaa'ee (no. 238)

Al-Fudayl bin 'Iyaad said: ?I met the best of people, all of them people of the Sunnah and they used to forbid from accompanying the people of innovation.?

Reported by al-Laalikaa'ee (no.267)

Al-Hasan al-Basree said: ?Do not sit with the people of innovation and desires, nor argue with them, nor listen to them.?

Reported by ad-Daarimee in his Sunan (1/121)

Ibraaheem bin Maysarah said: ?Whoever honors an innovator has aided in the destruction of Islaam.?

Reported by al-Laalikaa'ee (1/139).

Al-Fudayl bin 'Iyaad said: ?Whoever sits with a person of innovation, then beware of him and whoever sits with a person of innovation has not been given wisdom. I love that there was fort of iron between me and a person of innovation. That I eat with a Jew and a Christian is more beloved to me than that I eat with a person of innovation.?

Reported by al-Laalikaa'ee (no.1149)

And again he said:

? Whoever honors an innovator has assisted in the demolition of Islaam?

Al-Layth bin Sa'd (d. 175H) said: ?If I saw a person of desires (i.e. innovations) walking upon the water I would not accept from him." So Imaam as-Shaafi'ee then said: "He (al-Layth) has fallen short. If I saw him walking in the air I would not accept from him.?
Reported by as-Suyootee in al-Amr bil 'Ittibaa wan-Nahee anil Ibtidaa'.

Shaikh Saalih Aal ash-Shaikh, may Allaah preserve him said:

?Muslims are of two groups: Salafees and Khalafees. As for the Salafees, then they are the followers of the Salafus Saalih. As for the Khalafees, then they are the followers of the understanding of the Khalaf and they are (also) called Innovators. Since everyone who is not pleased and satisfied with the path of the Salafus Saalih, in knowledge and action, understanding and fiqh, then he is a khalafee, an innovator!?

Let us now place the words of Aboo Usaamah adh-Dhahabee on the ?manhajee microscope? and investigate them in light of the above.

Two years ago, when a brother (who has now - inshaa Allaah - cleared himself from the people of desires) invited Aboo Usaamah to speak in his area and after informing him that Muhammad al-Jibaalee was going to be one of those present on the dais, Aboo Usaaamah replied to him this way that email:

?As for Dr. Jibaly (HA) he's my man, and I would love sharing the platform  
with him, and bussing it up with the brother! I have nothing but respect and  
Madd love for him, and I see him as one of the true pioneers of this Dawah  
and it's establishment here in America!

As for the brother Abul Hasan [Maalik], I'll remain silent on the issue!  Suffice it to  
say that he was/is one of the brothers that tried to destroy me along with  
the brother [ Aboo Tasneem Dawud Adib] that you schooled me to his shanangans in the "It's personal  
Akhee" emails that have transpired between us!

I'll go into the details when we meet Insha Allah, and plz make dua to Allah  
that I get out of my chest what I have deeply rooted in it for those two  
brothers, because it's not good, nor Islamic!"

Does the statement ?nothing but respect and Madd love for him ?? ring a bell?

If it does not, then let?s go back to what our brother Moosaa apprised us when he said:

?Aboo Usaamah Khaleefah Ath-Thahabee Al-Amreekee said to me in an e-mail:

"...I have MADD respect for you and CRAZY love for you Masha Allah.  One of the main reasons that I feel like this for you MooMoo, is that I know whatever you say to me, or whatever position you take is because of your love for Allah, His Deen, and myself Insha Allah. There are never any dunya motivations in our relationship and I sincerely pray to Allah to continue to protect and foster and develop our relationship..."

He draws the readers attention by typing the word 'madd' with majuscules to demonstrate his great love for this individual!

And what is it that a salafee would have that is so "...deeply rooted..." in his heart for other salafees and make him have "...nothing but madd respect and love..." for some one who has madd hatred for Shaikh Rabeee? This is just like Aboo Muslimah who shows his hatred for the clear salafee by warning the people against them as being enemies of the Muslims, while having great love and respect for people like the Soofee Zaid Shakir!

Thus, the love for the people of the Sunnah disappears when they come to Aboo Usaamah with the Sunnah (i.e. advice and admonition) but the love and elevation for the people of Innovation remains regardless what they do or say!

Moreover, in the refutation of Shaikhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah upon the Ittihaadiyyah he said:

?...Punishment is obligatory for anyone who ascribes to them, defends them, praises them, magnifies them or their books, or is known to aid them, or dislikes speech against them, or begins to make excuses for them that he doesn?t know what this speech is?  Alternatively, who says: he has compiled this book?  And the likes of these excuses of which no one utters them except an ignoramus or a hypocrite, rather the punishment is obligatory for everyone who knows their condition and does not aid in standing against them, for indeed standing against these ones is from the greatest of obligations, because they have corrupted the minds and the beliefs [undermining] the people from scholars and the rulers, and they spread corruption in the earth, and divert from the Way of Allaah...?

[Al-Fataawah 2/132]

In a khutbah entitled ?Benefits from Soorah Yoosuf? on tape two side (a) delivered in the old masjid building in East Orange, NJ  the latter (Aboo Usaamah) said:

?...The Messenger of Allaah, sallallaahu ?alaihi wa sallam gave the khutbah on a Friday and he came to a ayaah and it was the sajdah, one of the places where Allah orders us to make the sajdah, so he got down off of the mimbar and he made sajdah and the people made sajdah with him. So this is the Sunnah of al-Mustafaa, alaihi was salaatu was salaam.  If the Imaam or the person who is reading the Qur'aan makes the sajdah then the one who is listening or who is...(a few words are unintelligible right here)...reading doesn't make the sajdah it's not from the sunnah to make the sajdah.

Then in the khilaafah (caliphate) of Aboo Bakr, he got up on the mimbar, gave the khutbah and when he came to the sajdah, he got down and made sajdah. And in the khilaafah (caliphate) of 'Umar, radiaAllahu anhumaa, the same thing happened, he read a ayaah with the sajdah and he got down and made sajdah. And I Abu Usaamah in the khilaafah (caliphate) of Abu Muslimah, make a sajdah?...

Did you brothers and sisters see the smoke? It is very dark, thick and black but it is being blow away by high speed fans of the minhaaj of the Salaf.

Up to this day he has not retracted that statement. And how could he? For in his estimation Aboo Muslimah is the most knowledgeable that graduated or did not graduate from the Islaamic University of al-Madeenah as he stated a few years back!

For those who do not know, the word khaleefah has two basic meanings regarding 'leadership':

1-He is the one who takes someone's place who has died as Aboo Bakr did with the Messenger of Allaah,  alaihis salaatu was salaam.

And this is why it is not permissible to call someone the Khaleefah of Allaah because Allaah has not, can not and never will die.

2-He is taking the place of someone who is absent as Alee did for the Prophet, alaihis salaam when the pagan tribes came to kill him.

Aboo Usaamah continued throwing his incendiary bombs of distraction and planting his land mines of diversion with a lecture in July of 1999 entitled ?How to Behave in Times of Fitnah? where he compared the situation of Shaikh Rabee?s expose` of Aboo Muslimah to the two noble companions Alee and Mu?aawiyah encouraging the masses of the people to take a ?neutral? position!

If both ?sides? were truly salafee, then the many authentic narrations employed by Aboo Usaamah in that series would have been apropos. Those narrations that mention breaking off your sword on a rock, or getting a wooden (ineffective) sword, or staying in your homes, or the like.

But since, both sides were not truly salafee, that is, Shaikh Rabee had already said (with proofs and evidences) that Aboo Muslimah was a lying hizbee and he (Shaikh Rabee) said to his (Aboo Muslimah?s) face: ?We have seen the likes of you (Aboo Muslimah) before!?

We see and hear him (Aboo Usaamah) after the verdict upon Aboo Muslimah, making ithbaat (affirmation) of Aboo Muslimah?s salafiyyah. This is exactly what the people who are victims of the new Irjaa with the People of Innovations do. No matter what a person says or does, he retains his salafiyyah.

Aboo Usamaah brought the narration from Imaam al-Bukhaaree?s saheeh (after clarifying that this narration was regarding Alee and Mu?aawiyah, radiyallahu ?anhumaa) where the Prophet said:

?The hour will not be established until two great forces from my Ummah meet each other and start to fight each other. There is going to be a great and tremendous slaughter between them and both of their da?wah is the same?.

He (Aboo Usaaamah) went on to say, ?Both of them are claiming the same thing. Both sides. What are they claiming? Both sides are claiming to be Muslim; both sides are claiming to be on the Haqq. So this thing that happened with Mu'aawiyah and Alee, radiyallaahu ?anhumaa, Wallaahe, it is as if it is happening today. Both sides are at odds with each other and both of them are claiming the same thing. Both of them are claiming salafiyyah"

Thus, Aboo Usaamah regardless and irrespective of the clear, decisive verdict upon Aboo Muslimah that he is a hizbee he maintained his salafiyyah. Just as he (and his partners in crime have done with Abool Hasan al-Ma'ribee! What Aboo Usaamah should have done was to encourage the people to join the jihad with the sharpest swords (of refutation) and spears (of warning) they could find so that the 'khaleefah' of East Orange, NJ be expelled from his 'castle',thus ending his kakistocracy!

He continued: ??what does the Muslim do in the time of the fitnah when he can?t discern the Haqq from the Baatil? Here we have a person who love and we honor and we respect. He is a person who has done a lot to establish the da?wah by Allaah, Subhaana wa Ta?aalaa?s permission and by the Tawfeeq of Allaah. And we see with our very eyes and we are able to detect with our intellect the good that has come as the result of a brother?s efforts. So we love, honor and respect the brother[Aboo Muslimah]. But at the same time, some of the shuyookh that we also love, honor and respect and who we see as being the people of al-Jarh wat Ta?deel and who we see as being people who have been endowed with knowledge and insight, people who know the maqaasid (aims) and the ahdaaf (objectives) of the religion."

Here Aboo Usaamah admits the level of insight, acumen and comprehension of Shaikh Rabee and those who are similar to him.

He went on: ?the Ulamaa and the students of the Ulamaa, they are the ones when they when they give Islaamic verdicts ? they give fatwas ? the fatwas are going to bring some benefit to the? ibaad (worshippers) and the bilaad (lands). They bring benefit to the people and where the people live at. The verdicts of the scholars because their verdicts are couple and accompanied by knowledge and insight, experience, deep knowledge not surface knowledge, is going to clearly be a guiding light for the people.

So on one hand, we have those people who we respect talking negative about people who we also respect. That's a fitnah!?

Therefore, I ask the question of you the reader. Why would someone desire to redirect the people away from those fataawa (verdicts), making the people go down a road that is dark and gloomy! Why would someone change the one-way street sign, turning it in the opposite direction?

Here in the State of New Jersey, it is a crime to remove or alter the directional street signs. If a person changes the direction of the one-way sign, this is a disorderly person?s offense and the ?changer? of the sign will be subject to a fine.

However, if a death occurs as a result of that alteration, then the person who removed the sign or changed the direction of the sign will be charged with vehicular manslaughter and also be responsible for every, single accident that occurred on that street!

In conclusion, I ask you all the question; How many 'deaths' has Aboo Usaamah caused? Is Aboo Usaamah guilty of altering or changing the directional street signs causing the people to make a detour from the well lit, well paved roads and headed them down a boulevard that is paved with substandard concrete, dim lights?

كن مستفيدا أو مفيدا
أو اسكت بحلم

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