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Posted By Topic: The corrupt understanding of Abu Usaamah in retracting from falsehood: Part 2

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In light of what has preceded from deep rooted ignorance and wide spread confusion that has emanated from the Paltalk lectures and ?bayan? of Abu Usaamah Khaleefah Adh-Dhahabi, we had taken up the task to write responses to his catastrophic speech and out-and-out defense of one of the biggest trials that the Ummah has faced in recent times, the trial of Abu Usaamahs teacher, Abul-Hasan Al-Ma?ribi.

From the many affairs that Abu Usaamah has ducked and dived are his retractions that are always filled with double-talk and defense of himself mixed in with an occasional general and ambiguous statement like: ?If it was understood as such and such then I retract? without ever stating what the statement was in the first place. One is left wondering what is he retracting from and where did he go wrong? This is a neat trick by Abu Usaamah to attempt to save face and at the same time try to appease the ?critics?.

For example Abu Usaamah said in recent E-mails: ?I saw and heard things from Shiekh Rabee' (ra) that don't allow me to accept everything that he's saying about Abul Hasan, Ali Hasan, and Saleem Al-Hilaaly (may Allah protect them).?

He also said:  ?Wallahi, if Shiekh Rabee' (ra) wanted to destroy QSS, all he has to do is warn against us in one statement and then it's all over the Internet and the streets of Bubbaville that we're all off of it!

The Shiekh doesn't have to be aware of the evil of a statement like that because he's the Imam of jarh and ta'deel and the brothers will push whatever he says without question.?

In this speech is clear-cut disrespect of Sheikh Rabee, and defamation of his honor that he has in him deficiencies and shortcomings that cause his refutations of the people to somehow be unacceptable. Then Abu Usamah, being the politician that he is, came to Philadelphia and in the last 30 seconds or so of his talk offered a pitiful, sickening, pail of waste that he and his sympathizers call a ?retraction?. He politicked therein stating:

?We want to take this opportunity real quick Ikhwaan to make this brief statement very quickly and that was recently there was an E-mail that was sent around in which it could have been understood or suggested that we don?t have respect for Sheikh Rabee? and we say the crazy statement ?Sheikh Rabee? is a man and we?re a man he says his thing and we don?t follow what he say and everything like that. We wanted to make it clear in public if anyone understood that then we seek refuge in Allah subhana wa ta ?Ala from that. If I ever said something like that then know that my mind has gone astray, something has happened, give me advice and we?ll come off of that??

It becomes a must that we shed light on the lies of Abu Usaamah and contradictions to further clarify that this man is not from the square dealing, but rather he is one who twists and plays with words, and we ask Allah to uncover his veils of deception.

Firstly it was not a thing that was merely ?understood? Abu Usaamah it is a word and you are its reciter.  You said ?if? you ever stated something like that as if it never occurred and was simply a figment of all who read its imagination like a mirage in the distance. Your lie that if you were ever advised that you would come off of it. As I hold in my possession a tape with a conference call of about 11 brothers, from them our beloved brothers at Salafi Publications, Abu Khadijah, Hasan Sumali, and Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis, and also present on the line were our brothers Dawud Adib, Abu Uwais, and some of the brothers at Dar-Alhadeeth Abu Muhammad Al-Jamaiky and Abdul-Azeez Abu Zubair. On this tape the brothers and I went into detail into the issues that we saw that you erred in, and we asked you to retract and correct them and all you did was try to bring argument after argument as weak as the web of a spider!

Also to show this statement of yours is false is what transpired between you and the brother Musa Richardson in Mecca, the one who you used to say about him: ?...I have MADD respect for you and CRAZY love for you Masha Allah.  One of the main reasons that I feel like this for you MooMoo, is that I know whatever you say to me, or whatever position you take is because of your love for Allah, His Deen, and myself Insha Allah. There are never any dunya motivations in our relationship and I sincerely pray to Allah to continue to protect and foster and develop our relationship...? But after his sincere advice to you to leave off that evil speech of what you said to him and in the E-mail about seeing things in the sheikh you said to him: ?...Moo, I gotta run, but I'm disturbed and disappointed at your accusation. I love you Akhee, but still what you're saying is offensive and bogus!" How fast the tables turn when the advice that one seeks actually comes.

Along that point I want to make it clear that the statement of Abu Usaamah that noone has advised me is an outright LIE! First I mentioned our advice on the conference call [it is recorded], then a brother by the name of Khaleel Al-Jamaiky from Canada wrote Abu Usaamah and advised him and Abu Usaamah responded to him proving that he did receive advice, then our brother Jalil Meekins E-mailed him and advised him about his statements of which he responded by calling the brother ?an ultra Salafi?, then the brother Abu Aaasiyah also E-mailed him and advised him and the correspondence between them can be found in Abu Aasiyahs refutation of Abu Usaamah, and then Musa as has proceded. So here we see no less than five people that advised him and it is recorded on either cassette or in print, so this is merely a game that Abu Usaamah tries to use as the poor oppressed one.
And the last point we take is that indeed your mind has gone astray as we see from your own admittance.

He went on to say in the lecture in Philly: ??SO WITHOUT GIVING ANY EXPLANATION WHAT I MEANT, HOW I MEANT, we are against that position, we?re against the position, ?we don?t have to follow him, he a man and we?re a man, Wallahi In Sha Allah we will never say something like that, and if that is what was understood, WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION, we retract that statement ?IF? it was understood like that even though that wasn?t the implication, and we wanted to make you witnesses over that.?

Ma Sha Allah Abu Usaamah you state a thing and then forget that it is recorded and being circulated for all to see! For how can this man say ?Wallahi In Sha Allah we will never say something like that? and swear as he does it?!

Then comes the manhaj of retraction and repentance that we have come to know from Abu Usaamah over the years. He says ?if? it was understood and ?without explanation what I mean and how I meant?, and ?we retract ?if? it was understood. This is play that we normally would get from a game show host! This again shows a man who hasn?t been given tawfeeq in his studies. This tragic display is similar to his ?retraction? some years ago when he ascended the minbar in Philadelphia when he was the Imam and denigrated the rulers of the Muslims, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, May Allah protect it and its rulers. He slanders therein:

?You are all aware of the astronomical and extortionate amounts we are paying for one gallon of gas - about a dollar 50, 65, 70 cents for a gallon of gas... and that's from their politics and games! What's the point? The point is that Allaah has given the Imaams of the Muslims the great big Iman, this black gold - that if they wanted they could use this gold as a weapon against these infidels and bring them literally to their knees calling - but what do we find the imaams of the muslims doin'? Bickering and fighting amongst themselves, going to the devils and asking the devils to solve their problems, 'What do you wanna do Mr Devil with the situation' - so we have the states that are in the khaleej or the gulf, Saudi Arabia being the main one.. trying to help the Devil to keep the prices up so that their infrastructure here can get blessed, and then we have the other smaller poorer countries saying, 'Nooo! let's do something else' - and the people are arguing and fighting amongst themselves - Why?! - Because ALL of them put took the Book of Allaah, tabaraka wa ta'aala, behind their back and they put the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah, salallaahu alayhi wasallam, on the side - And with all of that there is no point of meeting for those people.. the devils are gonna be coming for them.. 'how we gonna do dis?'??

After kicking, fighting and defending himself on this for years, he finally put up a political, and ambiguous ?retraction? that has become his signature mark. It has undoubtedly missed him that retraction in the manhaj of the salaf is as clear as the sun of noon.

Allah says in the Qur?an: ?Except those who repent, and make reparation, and ANNOUNCE [to the people what they used to conceal from the truth]. And those I will forgive. (Al-Baqarah:160)

Ibn Katheer said in commentery of this ayah: ?They return from what they were once upon and they repair their deeds, and they clarify to the people what they used to conceal [from the truth].?

As-Sa?di said: They return from what they were upon from sin feeling sorry for what they did and determined to not return [to the sin]. And they repair what they had corrupted from their actions and it will not be sufficient that they just leave off the evil until they implement righteous deeds afterwards, and that also is not sufficient for the one who conceals [his previous wrong] until he openly clarifies what he concealed [from the truth] and shows opposite to what he concealed and these Allah will forgive.?

Khateeb Al-Baghdadi in Al-Kifaayah (pg.229) brings his chain of narration on Abdur-Rahman Al-Mahdi who said: ?We were with Shu?bah ibn Al-Hajjaaj and he was asked, ?O Aba Bistaam whose narrations are left?? So he said: ?Whoever lies in narration, whoever has an abundance of error, whoever errs in the narrations that are agreed upon and he remains upon his error and does not retract, and whoever narrates on the trustworthy that which they do not recognize.?

Then Khateeb said: ?And it is not sufficient that he in retraction simply ceases in narrating that hadeeth in the future, rather it is obligatory upon him to openly clarify to the people that he had made an error and that he has returned from it.?

This statement of Al-Khateeb reminds us of the story of the repentance of Abul-Hasan Al-Ash?ari. Ibn Nadeem said: ?Al-Ash?ari was upon the belief of the Mu?tazilah then he repented from his statement about Al-Adl and the creation of the Qu?ran in the Central Mosque in Basrah on the Day of Jumuah. He ascended on a chair and called in a loud voice, ?Those who know me, know me, and those who don?t, then I know myself, I am so and so the son of so and so, and I used to say that the Quran was created, and that Allah will not be seen with the eyes, and that the actions of evil I am its producer, and I am repenting and throwing all of that off.? Then it is stated that he began to write in refutation of the Mu?tazilah and clarifying the corruption of their creed after spending perhaps 40 years of his life holding those beliefs.

This is the retraction of the Salaf. The statement that I am so and so the son of so and so and I used to say this and now I throw that off, publicly, as he used to make the batil public, not the statement of one of us, ?without explanation what I meant or how I meant? for this is not a retraction but rather sport and amusement. And why don?t we see Abu Usaamah coming out against those who defame Sheikh Rabee?  As we see form the correct repentance of Abul-Hasan Al-Asha?ri that he after repenting he began to use his pen and tongue as weapons against those he was previously with. It is because as is clearly seen he never repented nor retracted but rather defended his position as is on the tape of the conference call and the so-called bayaan after this ?retraction? in Philly, and it is also because he is still with those in opposition to the Sheikh, specifically Abu Usaamah?s sheikh Al-Ma?ribi. We see another example of his applying his manhaj of retraction when he states in the Paltalk lectures: ?What we know about the Sheikh is that he will make the taraaju? (retraction) whenever he makes mistakes at all?? I say: ?We challenge you with Allah, the Angels, and all of mankind as Witnesses, to produce these retractions of your Sheikh whenever he has erred!? This is a blatant attempt from you to make the people heedless of the realities of your teacher and that he has not left the corrupt principles that he has established nor retracted, unless he retracted according to your standards!  

Sheikh Muhammmad bin Haadi mentioned in his refutation of Al-Ma?ribi that a true retraction and return must be point-by-point, clarifying the error and then making the haqq known. Not merely ?if? it was understood like that then I retract!!

In conclusion we mention what our Sheikh Fawzee Al-Atharee about the repentance and retraction of the likes of Magrawi, Ar?ur, and Al-Ma?rabi, of which has been inherited by Abu Usaamah, that the the likes of Ar'oor, al-Hawali, al-Awdah, al-Ma'ribee, al-Farsee, al-Qarnee, al-Maghraawee (he mentioned all these specifically) do not repent truthfully, because they fear loss of fame and loss of
recognition. Despite the fact that they know their errors. So they merely delay their tawbah.

And the Shaykh called this, "a type of deficiency in the intellect and in
the deen".

The Shaykh then went on for quite a while to explain the difference between
the truthful tawbah and the false tawbah. And during this explained that
the tawbah of al-Ma'ribee and al-Maghraawi and al-Ar'oor was a false tawbah
(tawbah kaadhibah), and he contrasted this with truthful tawbahs from the
Salaf like that of Abul-Hasan al-Asha'ri and others.

The Sheikh also mentioned to us in Canada that the people fear to retract publicly because they fear to lose followers and respect, when in reality it would only raise them in degree. He mentioned that Abul-Hasan Al-A?shari is one we love and mention with praise and honor but had he remained upon the way of the Mu?tazilah and not retracted he would be mentioned today with the mention of the Mu?tazilah from dispraise and refutation. So we say to Abu Usaamah to leave off this play and retract from your open defamation of Sheikh Rabee, and spreading the corrupt principles of your teacher Al-Ma?ribi, and defaming the Salafis and leaving off the people of hizbiyyah, rather defending them. Indeed Allah is a Watcher of all that you do.

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Assalamu alaykum:
Bismillah alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salamu alla rasullillah sallallahu alayhi wa alla alayhi wa sabhi wa salam wa bad:

This is not pertaining to the issue of Abu Usaamah, but I would like to know in which book can I find the proof of this repentence of Abul-Hasan Al-Ash'ari (rahimallah)from the asharite aqeedah? I was trying to explain to a brother who is upon asharite aqeedah that Abul-Hasan Al-Ash'ari had repented but he couldn't believe it. wa jazallah khair.

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al-Hamdu-Lillaahi Rabbil-'Aalameen was-Salaatu was-Salaamu 'alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa.e wal-Mursaleen, wa ba'd

Our brothers at have prepeared an excellent article in this regard:

Refutation of the Ash`arees
The Creed of Abu Hasan al-Ash'aree
Author: Abu Hasan al-Ash`aree
Source: Al-Ibaanah An usool Ad Diyaanah (prepared by Mustafa al-Mansour)
Article ID : AQD060002  

Which is as stated taken from Abu Hasan al-Ash`aree's own book "Al-Ibaanah An usool Ad Diyaanah" in which he affirms the aqeedah of Ahlis Sunnati wal Jama'ah.(Also refer to Al-Maqaalaat)

Also you will find a chapter on him in the excellent book "Usool us Sunnah" of Imaam Ahmad published by our brothers at Salafipublications which discusses his turning away from the deviation of Ahlul Bidah.

Ibn Katheer said,
?And al-Ash?aree was a Mu?tazilee but he repented from that (whilst) on top of the minhar (pulpit) in Basrah, and then he publicised the scandals/disgraces of the Mutazilah.? Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah, 7/178.

Hudhayfah ibn al-Yamaan radiallaahu 'anhu said. "The people used to ask the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam about the good, but I used to ask him about the evil for fear that it would overtake me ..."

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Assalaamu alaikum,
this was the letter sent from myself to Abu Usaamah and under it is the response of Abu Usaamah.
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatohu,

I pray all is well with you and your family! Akhee, the reason for this email is that I read an email by you that I found quite troubling! Especially coming from a man who is known as a caller to the dawah tu-salafiyyah and looked up to by many. I wish to give you advise, because it is a apart of our manhaj to advise our brothers/sisters if they fall into error. As the noble Imaam Barbahaaree(rahimahullaah) stated in his tremendous book "Explanation of the Creed", point# 79 "It is not permissible to hide sincere advice from any of the Muslims, whether pious or impious, in matters of the Religion. Whoever hides that has acted deceitfully towards the muslims. Whoever acts deceitfully to the Muslims has done so towards the Religion. Whoever acts deceitfully towards the Religion has behaved treacherously towards Allaah, His Messenger and the Believers." So this email is in no way to belittle, defame nor slander you in anyway but rather it's a means of me seeking piety and showing my brother in al-islaam where he has errored.

The first problem I found with your email is this statement;

"This brother is from Philly.  He use to be my man before he became Ultra Salify and 'better' than everyone else in his Salifiyyah and understanding. "

Akhee, I'd like to take this opportunity and refer you to Soorat Al-Hujuraat ayat 11, which Allaah (SWT) says;

" O ye who believe! Let not some men among you laugh at others: it may be that the (latter) are better than the (former): nor let some women laugh at others: it may be that the (latter are better than the (former): nor defame nor be sarcastic to each other, nor call each other by (offensive) nicknames: Ill-seeming is a name connoting wickedness, (to be used of one) after he has believed: and those who do not desist are (indeed) doing wrong. "

Why would you give your Salafi brother a name such as "Ultra Salify"? Who from the ulama past or present has proceeded you in giving the muslims such names? As well, the meaning of the word 'ultra' is extreme, so what is extreme salafiyyah? For verily Salafiyyah is the haqq and other than Salafiyyah is baatil, so how can one be 'extreme' in their salafiyyah? If it is possible for you to give me a definition of 'Ultra Salify' please do so! For verily, calling your brother this without JUST cause especially after you do recognize him as being Salafi, constitutes backbiting and not the one of the permissible nature! As for saying the brother is 'better' than everyone else in Salafiyyah and understanding, if the brother has come out and said that he thinks he's better than everybody in Salafiyyah and understanding then you have all right to make such a statement! But if he hasn't come out and said this, then you have gone into the matters of the unseen which is not permissible for verily this is an attribute of Allaah (SWT). As well, this also constitutes backbiting and not of the permissible nature!

The second problem I had with your email was this statement;

"He's in Egypt.  He use to be with Sh. Usamah Al-Qoosee, but after all of the kalaam that has circulated about the Shiekh the brothers from Philly have dropped him like a hot potatoe simply because Shiekh Rabee' (ra) has critisized him."

This statement is FALSE, and a slander against the brothers in Philly! It was Shaykh Falih(hafidahullaah) who STRONGLY criticized Shaykh Usaamah and said to stay away from him until his situation was CLEAR. So when I read this I was thinking to myself why would you mention Shaykh Rabee (hafidahullaah) when it was Shaykh Falih (hafidahullaah) who was doing the criticizing? The conclusions that I had come up with were;

1) that you were misinformed and is ignorant of what really was said and who said it,


2) you have a personal problem with Shaykh Rabee (hafidahullaah)

Unfortunately, after I continued to read I found out it was the latter!

My third problem with your email was this statement;

"I saw and heard things from Shiekh Rabee' (ra) that don't allow me to accept everything that he's saying about Abul Hasan, Ali Hasan, and Saleem Al-Hilaaly (may Allah protect them)"

Akhee, please remember the hadeeth of Aboo ad-Dardaa;

"...All in the heavens and earth and the fish in the depth of the water seek forgiveness for the scholar, and superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like the superiority of the full moon at night over the rest of the stars. Verily, the scholars are the heirs to the Prophets..."

Akhee, a man that holds your position in the field of dawah should be more careful in the way you speak about the ulama. Those who look up to you and respect you as a noble and trustworthy brother  may also be ignorant in the affairs of the manhaj may take what you said about the Shaykh and say we don't take from Shaykh Rabee because Abu Usaamah said "such and such"! Unfortunately akhee lately it seems as if the personality in Islaam is more important than the principle of Islaam, especially amongst the youth! You should give Shaykh Rabee his rights and not insult him, for verily you have questioned his manhaj, and his trustworthiness, and it's not a part of the manhaj to revile our scholars. Al-Haafiz Ibn Asaakir (rahimahullaah) said;

"The flesh of the scholars is poisonous. And Allaah's way of humiliating is well known. And whoever reaches the scholars by defaming them, Allaah will test them by causing his heart to die"

Imaam At-Tahawee (rahimahullaah) says in his tremendous book 'Aqeedah';

"We do not speak about the Ulamaa except with good and kindness".

If the haqq comes to you, even if it's from someone with a questionable character it is to be accepted even if it's for us, against us or against the ones we love, because the haqq is the haqq. As was the case in the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah where Shaytaan told him about the benefits of Ayaat al-Kursee. The Prophet ((sallallaahu alayhi wasallam)) said;

"...He has told you the truth, but he's a liar..."

So if Shaytaan is giving Abu Hurayrah the haqq and it was to be accepted, what's stopping you from taking the haqq from Shaykh Rabee?  Secondly, you know as well as I do, that Shaykh Rabee doesn't just wake up in the morning and make jarh wa ta'deel on so and so.  To even think that Shaykh Rabee would make jarh wa ta'deel on anyone without proper research would be an injustice to the Shaykh! If we don't have anything of benefit to say about our ulamaa then we should keep our tongues locked between our jaws, for verily it only brings a bigger fitnah! Another problem I had with this statement is that it was only a few months ago you had said some evil things about the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, the same place that was kind enough to sponsor you to learn your deen and its language! You retracted your statement wal hamdulilah but you had wanted the Ummah to forgive you because your tawbah was public. So if Shaykh Rabee has said and done some things (according to you) does he not deserve the same mercy you recieved?

The next problem was with this statement;

"Wallahi, if Shiekh Rabee' (ra) wanted to destroy QSS, all he has to do is warn against us in one statement and then it's all over the Internet and the streets of Bubbaville that we're all off of it!"

To even think this is an injustice to the Shaykh! For verily Shaykh Rabee doesn't kick anyone off the manhaj, people's speech and actions kick them off the manhaj! What the Shaykh does is verify it with adillah! So if QSS were to 'fall off' in all honesty akhee would this be the fault of the ulamaa or QSS themselves? Especially after what The Glorified and Exalted(SWT) has said in Soorat Al-Imraan ayaat 182;

"This is because of that (evil) which your hands have sent before. And certainly Allaah is never unjust to (His) slaves"

Our scholars including Shaykh Rabee have encouraged the Ummah to seek knowledge. It is not their fault if people choose to follow what the scholars say blindly without researching where they found their adillah! As The Most High(SWT) said in Soorat Al-Israa ayaat 36;

"And follow not (O man i.e., say not or do not or witness not) that of which you have no knowledge. Verily! The hearing, and the sight, and the heart, of each of those one will be questioned (by Allaah)."

To conclude akhee, FEAR ALLAAH the way he should be FEARED and I pray you take my sincere naseeha, as naseeha and not a radd. I also pray that you will rectify what you had said, and be humble. I pray that our Ummah will separate that which is personal from that which is scholastic in issues of the dawah tu-salafiyyah. I also pray that we will be of those who let not our emotions take precedence over the haqq, for verily this is the way of the hizbees! I pray that we are of those who love and honour our ulamaa! I pray  if we are not pleased with our ulamaa that we advise them in private with ilm, sincerity and good adhab! Lastly I'll leave you with an hadeeth from Aboo Sa'eed al-Khudree, for verily the reminder benifits the believer! He said Allaah's Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said;

"The example of a believer with regard to eemaan is like the example of a horse with regards to its tethering stake; it roams around and then returns to its tethering stake, and the believer is negligent and then returns to eemaan. So feed the pious with your food and treat the believers well."

Wassalaamu alaikum,

Khaleel al-Jamaykee

Akhee, thank for your your advice and I haven't taken what you've said as a Radd, but instead I appreciate what you're saying.  wsa

Aboo Shaahir as-Salafee

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