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Posted By Topic: Is this the implementation of Rifqan Ahl us-Sunnah bi Ahl us-Sunnah O People of Hizbiyyah?!

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Alhamdulillah Was Salatu Was Salamu Alaa Ashrafil-Anbiyaa. Wa Ba'd:

This morning we were forwarded an email message by a brother who had received an email through a mailing list. He brought it to our attention because it was concerning Salafitalk.Net and asked us to respond. As you will be aware, it is a  policy on this board not to address what is spread or posted on other boards of lies against the Salafees, as we consider this to be a waste of time and resources, and this is what Ahl ul-Bida' want, for the Salafees to be occupied with them, while they know that they have got nothing to stand upon and are upon falsehood.

In this instance, we will make just make a few brief points regarding the people of secret hizbiyyah, hate, and jealousy, to show that there are hypocrites with the hypocrisy in action,  who conceal hizbiyyah and they hide behind the book of the respected Shaykh, Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad and the advice he wrote for Ahl us-Sunnah.

So here is the text of the email sent to us:
As Salaamu Alaikum: I received an e-mail with a QSS link that had an audio of Sheikh Abdul Salaam Burjis saying it was ok to circulate Sheikh Abdul Muhsin's book. I posted your link that had comments about the book. I received a very nasty reply and asked the brothers at for assistance. I was advised to notify you of the mail I received. This is the reply I got.
Jazaakallaahu khayran brother for letting us know. Then the brother quoted the text of the email he received from the mailing list:
As-salamu 'alaykum. is either a US government organization or are to stupid to understand that they are not on the minhaaj or our salaf as-saalih. Many of them I know personally, are too dumb to understand, and will blind-follow shaykh Jackass if they could get a telephone hookup with him. AND, they will probably name him "al'Allama Shaykh ibn abee Jackass Al-Atharee" and claim that he's from the kibaar al-'Ulema. Look at the list of individuals who they have claimed are innovators. This hideous claim of theirs is one that is easy to see through. May Allaah continue to destroy that weak stupidity and make the da'wah of An-Nabee (sallallaahu alayhi wa salaam) uppermost in the land. Alhamdulillaah the shaykh's book is being spread FAR AND WIDE!!!
Let us now take a look at the rifq in this email:

1) 3 examples of rifq in the first line (accusation of being a US government organization, and too stupid, and expelling us from the salafee manhaj - which is tabdee' of our manhaj). This is indeed good implementation of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin's advice, is it not?

2) 3 more examples of rifq in the second sentence (many are too dumb, will blind-follow, and will blind follow "shaykh Jackass" if they can get a link up with him). The reference to "Shaykh Jackass" appears to be a reference to a real person. Is this excellent implementation of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsins advice?! The Shaykh is indeed free of these evil people who use his book to hide themselves and their evil behind it!

3) More rifq, arfaqu than what came before it, (they will probably call him "al'Allama Shaykh ibn abee Jackass Al-Atharee"). Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin has nothing to do with these sick and nasty individuals, these hypocrites in their speech and action, liars, seekers of baatil, whose hearts have been sealed and hardened against the advice in the book of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin, which they do not even benefit from!

4) Next sentence, "look at the list of individuals they have claimed are innovators". On Salafitalk, only those whom the Salafee scholars have declared Innovators with jarh mufassar are listed as far as we know. Sayid Qutb, Hassan Banna, Maududi, Qutubees, Suroorees and Takfeerees and like Safar and Salman and Adnan Aroor and Abul-Hasan al-Maribi and others.

5) The last sentence, "Alhamdulillaah the shaykh's book is being spread FAR AND WIDE!!!". The only ones who truly benefit from the good that is in the book are the true Salafees, who opposed the Innovators like Adnaan Aroor and Abul Hasan al-Maribi and who distinguished between a the situation of a scholar making a wrong ijtihaad and being pardoned for it, and between a deviant Ikhwaanee who came to demolish the Salafee manhaj and subsequently exposed and warned against for  this. We acknowledge the good in the book, as it was written as naseehah, and realise that those who make genuine errors in their ijtihaads are to be dealt with using softness. We do not take some of the errors in this book that have been pointed out by others from the people of knowledge, and we realise that the book is on the subject of Ahl us-Sunnah making genuine errors and how to deal with them (not for a deviant who persists in his deviation after being advised and corrected). We put everything in the book in its proper context and place. As for these hizbees, they do not benefit from what is actually inside the book, the contents and advice in the book. They only benefit from the title and the front cover. The above is a clear example. This is why some of the scholars said that the people of bid'ah distribute this book, and those who intend fitnah spread this book, using it incorrectly, without even benefiting from the benefit that is in it. How truly they spoke, and isn't the above a perfect example of this fact.

6) Our position at Salafitalk is that Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin wrote a good naseehah about how to treat a Salafee scholar who makes a genuine mistake in itjtihaad and does not persist in it after being corrected.  Some scholars praised the book. The last chapter on jarh and tajreeh has mistakes in it in which are to be avoided and these matters are left to the other scholars to explain, some of which has already been done by Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee and Shaykh Faalih. The people of bidah and hizbiyyah have benefited from this book only to support their deviation, not to actually truly benefit and implement the advice itself (which is clear in their actions). They have used it to confuse sincere people and to cover up the deviation and misguidance of Abul-Hasan al-Maribi which has become as clear as the sun at noon. This position of ours is taken after reading the statements of ALL the scholars, those who spoke good of it and those who pointed out its mistakes, and warned against its distribution. Most if not all of these statements are found in this thread here, may Allah reward those who posted in it.

This individual who wrote the above has made it very clear from the beginning in his speech that he is not sincere, and that he seeks something crooked. For answers to what was raised in this email you will find all the sayings of the scholars and some really excellent clarifications from our brothers at in the link quoted above, they have done a good job of giving the true picture and reconciling the statements of all the scholars.

Shaykh Rabee: So explain to the people that this book in its reality is against them, if Allaah wills, irrespective of whether Shaykh al-Abbaad actually intended this or not, and I hope that he did intend this, that it is against them because they are the ones who transgress against the foundations of the Salafee manhaj, and upon its Shaykhs. They are the ones who came with destructive, corrupt, stagnant principles in order to shelter the Ahl ul-Bida' wad-Dalaal, adn they committed whatever they committed of things that I and others have explained.

And this short glance (at this matter) should be sufficient, so distribute it so that the people may gain insight, and corroborate it by looking at what you find in it of revilements which do not apply except to them, such as al-jarh wat-ta'deel with baatil, and revilement upon the scholars, and with that which is worse than tabdee such as accusing the people of "ghuthaa'iyyah" and that they are "the lowliest of people", and that they are "shrimps (i.e. low, insignificant people)" and the essence of what they say in these (Internet) sites. Explain this matter to the people may Allaah bless you, Allaah will nullify their plot and their scheme, and distribute this cassette in every place, may Allaah grant you success in what He loves and is pleased with.
Questioner: Our Shaykh, may Allaah preserve you, with all frankness, a risaalah has come out with the title, "Rifqan Ahl us-Sunnah bi Ahl is-Sunnah), and many of the followers of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee and the followers of al-Eed Shareefee al-Jazaa'iree are distributing it. And I have read a chapter from it called "the fitnah of at-tajreeh and al-hajr", so by Allaah we do not know how, so what is your direction (to us)?

Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee: This (risaalah) is not to be treated the way those desire it, the Shaykh desires something and they desire (other) false things. I say the Shaykh desires something but they desire false things, those followers of Abul-Hasan or other than them who stirr in the murky waters, they always distort the speech and texts of the scholars, just as they said concerning the bayaan of Shaykh Ibn Baaz before how many years, that it was in reference to the people of Madinah, yet it was a general naseehah to the du'aat and nothing more or less than that. However, the Shaykh himself, his refutation upon them was that he said, "That those, they stirr the murky waters". Shaykh Ibn baaz, so we ask Allaah that he grants success to Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin to issue a bayaan which falsifies the claims of those.

Questioner: And how O Shaykh do we behave with those who spread (this) and say that this is a refutation upon Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Faalih and who reviles the scholars who spoke against Abul-Hasan...

Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee: Say to them "You lie", Say to them, "You lie", the Shaykh does not desire this, the Shaykh desires a general naseehah, and you are distorting the speech from its proper places.

Questioner: Meaning, and spreading the likes of this risaalah, what do you see concerning it?

Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee: By Allaah, if there is harm in its distribution, then do not distribute it.

Questioner: May Allaah reward you O Shaykh.

Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee: Hayyaak Allaah.

Questioner: May Allaah be benevolent to you.
Quoted from the thread linked to above.

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