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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee on Jarh and Ta`deel and Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee

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Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee on Jarh and Ta`deel and Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee

This is some useful information for those who remain upon the Ikhwaanee manhaj of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee - may Allaah guide them - and who are using some speech of Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee speaking only in general about al-Jarh wat-Ta`deel in order to support what they are upon of the false principles of al-Ma`ribee, or allegiance based upon his fitnah and its by products.

Shaykh Muhammad distinguishes between Jarh in riwaayah (narration) and Jarh in diyaanah (what the people are upon in terms of their deen),  and he explains that the jarh in diyaanah to protect the religion will remain until the day of judgement, and it is fard kifaayah, if some do it the obligation is lifted off the rest, and he mentions the conditions required for making jarh, which are knowledge (of innovation and deviation the basis of and reasons for jarh), and al-wara' (piety, caution), not exceeding the bounds etc.

All of these are general principles which are correct and true and accepted by all. However, the intent behind the followers of al-Ma`ribee in quoting and narrating this - is just like we have mentioned in the thread on Shaykh Rabee and Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin - is to bring general truths to serve as a decoy in order to hide the specific falsehood they are upon.

An illustration of their psychology behind the use of these words of Shaykh Muhammad is as follows:

In using this speech of Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee, their intended purpose is to say, "Look here, Shaykh Muhammad is speaking about the danger of jarh, and the danger of exceeding the bounds, and that not everyone is fit for it, and it has conditions and so on, so its best we keep out of it and you keep out of it, and woe be to those who indulge in this issue and this subject of jarh without being equipped and capable, it is a very severe affair..." So all of this so far is a general truth and no one opposes it, but they intend by this to put across the message of specific falsehood that they are concealing behind this general truth which is: " stop talking about the issue of al-Ma'ribee and other people, because this is a matter of taking people's honour and speaking about their deen so fear Allaah and flee from this jarh and criticising and backbiting people...and you people who followed the scholars in convicting al-Ma`ribee you are upon evil and upon backbiting and you are exceeding the bounds, and you are indulging in jarh in which you have no right..." however, they do not verbally or textually state this, but it is implied.

And this is the greatest of falsehoods because those who have convicted al-Ma`ribee and made Jarh upon and declared him Innovator, Strayer, Ikhwaanee, Surooree, are those who fulfil the conditions of al-Jarh and are known for al-Wara' and their large number (over 30 from the people of knowledge) makes it impossible for them to have concurred upon oppression. So the students of knowledge and the salafees in every place conveyed that from the people of knowledge, and this is what grieves those who remain upon the Ikhwaanee manhaj of Abul-Hasan today.

Well here is Shaykh Muhammad al-Madkhalee himself (audio files) convicting al-Ma'ribee of being upon the Ikhwaanee manhaj, and his position on khabar ul-ahad being the greatest of falsehoods and other affairs.

On Khabar ul-Ahad

Concerning Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee

Exposing the Realities of Abul-Hasan al-Ma'ribee

Here is a partial summary that was made in September 2002 by us, when we first heard one of the recordings above:


This is just a brief, very quick point by point summary of the Shaykhs words (the words may not be exact, but in meaning they are) - you can refer to the recording below for full details:

1. Allaah has taken the oath from the scholars that they will explain the truth to the people and not conceal it.

2. And I am from the students of knowledge. It is upon us to offer some advice about Abul-Hasan and some points for which he has been criticised.

3. We had already advised him previously, but this was only based upon whatever knowledge we had about him.

4. I came across a cassette by Abul-Hasan, and after listening to it I realised he did not leave any room for anyone to be just regarding him, let alone defend him (i.e. meaning that he had exceeded all bounds).

5. And in this cassette of his he affirms the various destroyed innovated sects, all of which oppose Ahl us-Sunnah, such as the Tableeghis, Ikhwaanis and Jihaadees. He placed them amongst Firqat un-Najiyah, Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah. So I became amazed by this. So when I heard all of this and defence of Ikhwaan especially, I could not believe that these words come from Abul-Hasan.

6. If this speech had come from anyone else who did not know he could be excused but as for Abul-Hasan, then by Allaah, and by Allaah and by Allaah, he is not excused. So it is obligatory upon him to repent to Allaah, and to explain this explicitly, and to admit he erred and opposed Ahl -Sunnah.

7. And I say it is not permissible to listen to his cassettes or listen to him, for he has led many people astray. And whoever listens to this cassette, he will realise the truthfulness of Muhammad bin Haadee, and I am Muhammad bin Haadee. And I say that on account of these words of his, that he is a Jaahil and astray from the way of the Salaf.

8. And I thank the brothers who made me listen to this cassette and those who made this sitting possible and recorded. As warning is required. I warn all of my brothers, in every single place, from listening to this man. Or to sit with him, until he repents to Allaah with a sincere, correct, open, truthful repentance.


The point being made here is that these people play games with the speech of the Scholars. Know that just like the followers of Safar and Salman, and Ar`oor and Turaath and others brought their subtle deceptions and attachments to the general words of the Scholars in order to give support to their specific falsehoods which they concealed (after the truth in the matter became so readily apparent), then those put to trial by the Ikhwaanee manhaj of al-Ma`ribee in these times are upon the same way. Their roots are the one and the same, and their behaviour is one and the same, and the methods they use to legitimise their orientation are also the same. May Allaah guide them.


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