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Posted By Topic: Shaykh Ahmad bin Sufayl Explains the Opposition of the Salafees in Yemen to al-Ma'ribee

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Despite the Jarh Mufassar against this Innovator being established there still remain the vile and lowly souls who take every opportunity to spread more confusion amongst the unsuspecting and unaware, their latest attempt being to try and use the speech of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad hafidhahullaah, to discredit Shaykh Rabee' and exonerate this Ikhwaanee Innovator, al-Ma'ribee. As for the speech of Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin, then in accordance to what he sees and holds, namely that Abul-Hasan is still within Ahl us-Sunnah, then he holds that the level of warning and occupation with him was not desirable. So in accordance to what he sees and holds, this is correct. Namely, if a person made errors but recanted sincerely, that he is not to be subject to warning and excessive refutation, and this is also the manhaj of Shaykh Rabee. The two Shaykhs are united in their usool, and if Shaykh Rabee' had also observed others, refuting and warning and making tabdee', and being occuppied with someone about whose mistakes he did not believe were serious enough to expel him from Ahl us-Sunnah, then he too would have said exactly as Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin has said, as advice. We will expand more on this later inshaa'Allah, in a separate post.

However, the additional knowledge that is found with at least 25 others from the people of knowledge, including all the Shaykhs of Yemen, Shaykh Rabee', the Shaykhs of Madinah and others, indicate that the man is a deviant strayer, who came to defend the Ikhwaan and the groups of Jihaad and to separate and split the Salafees, and who laid down usool to achieve this end. Thus it is obligatory to take this information, as it comes from trustworthy reliable people.

These are extracts from the article compiled by Ahmad bin Sufayl which can be found here:

Shaykh Muqbil bin Haadee
The Shaykh said, "I fear for our da'wah from Abul-Hasan", narrated from him by Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdullah al-Imaam. The Shaykh said, "If Allaah cures me and I return back to Yemen, I will pull out the the stick (the staff) for Abul-Hasan", narrated from him by the brother, al-Mubaarakh al-Haymee, and he, rahimahullaah, also advised with warning against Abul-Hasan, his unique personal guard narrated that from him, the brother al-Mubaarak Ahmad Irbis, and also Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee, he also narrated this speech.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee
He said, "He is great strayer (daleel), deviant (munharif), innovator (mubtadi')". I say in addition to what is in the discourse, that Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab al-Wasaabee also said, "Abul-Hasan is a hypocrite (in action), with a skilled tongue".

Shaykh Muhammad al-Imaam
He said, "I swear by Allaah the Mighty, that Abul-Hasan deviated from the Straight Path, and he wages a war against the Salafee Da'wah". I say in addition to what is in the discourse, that (Muhammad) al-Imaam also said, "Verily, Abul-Hasan plotted against the Salafee Da'wah and its adherents", or he said, "and split its adherents".

to be continued...


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Shaykh Abdul-Azeez al-Bura'ee
He said after accompanying al-Ma'ribee for many years, "Abul-Hasan is a Jaahil", and he said, "No one defends Abul-Hasan except a Saahibu Hawaa".

The Shaykh and Muhaddith Yahyaa bin Alee al-Hajuree
He said, "He is a Makkaar (plotter), Dajjaal (extreme liar), Maadee (materialist person)".

Shaykh Abdullaah bin Uthmaan adh-Dhimaaree
He said, "He is a person of the tongue (i.e. a slick speaker), he used to oppose Shaykh Muqbil and he (the Shaykh) would silence him." I say, that Shaykh Muqbil is known for accepting advice, even if it was from the lowest of the students of knowledge. And he would not silence anyone except the one who had evil manners, like Abul-Hasan al-Misree.

Shaykh Ahmad bin Umar bin Sufayl
He said, "Abul Hasan is upon innovation, and upon a Taaghootee organisation".


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